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This man won $27 million (170 million yuan) in a local lottery but this is not what made him so newsworthy.
Male citizens in Thailand enter a special lottery at the age of 21 where they draw cards to determine whether they will join the military forces or not. I wonder if the Minnesota Lottery is the only lottery that not only takes photos of their winners, but also posts these portraits online with people’s full names and trophies.

Recently in one American family, the head of the family lost his job.But, one week later his wife won a house $2 million worth in a lottery.
The results of the latest lottery draw are now on-line – click on the link to see if you’re a winner, and Good Luck! If a black card is drawn they are given a free pass not to sign up but if they draw a red card they must join and then they are assigned a branch randomly.

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lottery winners dead

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