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TORONTO -- A Hamilton woman who bought a lottery ticket more than a year ago and then lost it received a cheque for $50 million on Tuesday, becoming the winner of what officials called the biggest unclaimed jackpot in Canadian history. Jones bought a ticket at a Shoppers Drug Mart in Cambridge, Ont., in 2012 during a stressful time at work, a purchase she said wasn't part of a regular routine. Instead, the gaming agency received more than 435 claims for that draw and in the process of reviewing them it found that Jones had the winning ticket.
OLG said there have been about 5,500 cases over the past two years where people have tried to claim winnings without having their tickets. After finally receiving her winnings, Jones said she was still deciding what to do with the money. The winner of a $40-million Lotto Max jackpot said the first thing she has planned is a trip to a buffet with her loved ones.

The 51-year-old mother of three and grandmother of five gleefully danced on stage at the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Prize Centre, multimillion dollar cheque in hand.
After checking the winning ticket on Saturday, Carreiro mistakenly thought she had won $40,000. Originally from Portugal, the former factory worker plans on buying a new home, a new wardrobe and a dream honeymoon to Hawaii with her husband of 30 years, before safely tucking away her winnings.
CALGARY — A Calgary man who won $40 million seven months ago and then kept it secret from his own children says he will donate his entire winnings to charity. Crist, whose wife, Jan, died of lung cancer in 2012, said that he didn’t know which charities he planned to give to specifically, except for Tom Baker Cancer Centre. Crist didn’t tell any of his four children that he won the $40-million until Monday and they will now help him with the charities.

Crist, the retired CEO and president of electronics company EECOL, says he never expected a call — which he received while playing golf in California — telling him he’d won the largest lotto prize ever in Calgary. Crist’s prize is also the largest won on a lottery subscription within the Prairie-North lotteries region. After an extended holiday in Southeast Asia in the new year, he will turn his attention to the donations, starting with the Tom Baker centre. That investigation included interviews with Jones, using the OLG transactions database to verify her purchase, checking surveillance video which showed her buying the ticket and referencing her credit card statements.

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lotto max winner numbers bc

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