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Friday’s Lotto Max draw for May 31, 2013 resulted in one lucky ticket purchased in Quebec. As one of the most popular lotteries in all of Canada, Lotto Max crowns dozens of big winners each year.
Since the names of Lotto Max winners are reported publicly, big winners get a lot of the wrong kind of attention.
One of the most common complaints of Lotto Max winners is that they get hounded by the media. When former Ontario school teacher Craig Henshaw won a $21.4 million Lotto Max prize in 2011, he had to hide out in a hotel room for over a week to escape the media.
When a large amount of money is dropped in your lap, it can feel like there’s a giant target on your back.
It is hard to spend money on anything that you want for yourself when family or friends are having financial problems, but if you give them money to help, then they might expect more in the future.
After his marriage was ruined because of all of the younger women he was meeting up with, Keith fell right into a trap set by con men who were using young, beautiful woman as bait. In a perfect world, a person would be able to do whatever he or she wanted with his or her own money.
In an unusual twist a Regina couple claimed their July 13, 2012 Lotto Max Canada prize of $21.7-million 9 months late. What is clear is that Scott and Linda Sinclair received their $21.7M and the story of Doreen  Stewart will most likely fade into oblivion.
Maria Carreiro a Toronto native was the most recent LottoMax winner, winning a staggering $40,000,000. She won the $40,000,000 while playing the LottoMax jackpot draw on Friday April 5, 2013.At first she thought she has won only $40,000, twice asking the clerk to scan the ticket. Carreiro says she plans on going on a long trip to Hawaii and buying a new house for herself and daughter.
In March 2013, the University of Tuktoyaktuk conducted an online survey to gauge lottery players’ behavior. Lotteries are a positive thing as the collected funds are used for charities and education, but lottery addiction will always be an unfortunate aspect. Gregory Nikolopoulos was picking up a bag of nachos when he bought his winning lotto max ticket. According to Nikolopoulos, he was having his morning coffee while checking the lotto results online when he learnt he had won the $50M jackpot. His wife Tammy said when her husband told her about the good news they rushed to get home and were lucky enough to catch the last two seats on the first flight back. According to the lucky family, they still have not decided what to do with all of the money.
According to Rush, six years ago he had a vision of digits pop into his head and with the encouragement from a friend, he started buying lotto tickets every week without fail. Rush was buying his cat’s food when he decided to check his growing pile of lottery tickets. Rush also said that, being the car enthusiast he is, he wanted to splurge on his dream car, a 1965 Corvette.
Joan and Wade Lidkea were faced with a tough decision this Thanksgiving – whether to spill or not to spill. When Joan told Wade she had the winning numbers, she said he didn’t believe her and that he even cracked a joke about it. Winning the Lotto Max jackpot on a long weekend wasn’t easy for the very lucky couple. Deana Bergeror had gone to the store to buy an ice cream treat for her fiance, Jeff Bourret, when he asked her to buy two tickets since the lottery jackpot had reached $50M.
On Sunday, Deanna received a call from her mother telling her that someone from Orillia had bought the winning ticket and that IT COULD BE THEIRS!
After Jeff had double checked, he hurried home and they both went to the store to have the ticket validated. The engaged couple plan to get married in two years, take a trip to Hawaii and buy a couple of new vehicles.

Andrea and her husband had decided to not do anything just yet and continued to live normal lives. Whatever Happened To 2009 Mega Millions $75.6 Million Winner Joe Denette?Do You Really Have To Reveal Your Identity?
While you shouldn't take this app seriously, it could amuse your cat for hours and maybe make you rich. This is the West Virginia Lottery's animated take on 'Twas The Night Before Christmas' with different wording to sell their scratch-offs. When a $1 million scratch ticket was recently sold in Bridgewater, the winner remained out of sight. In happier times, Marie Holmes (center) collecting her Powerball check at the North Carolina Lottery headquarters in February 2015.
Just months after Marie Holmes won the largest Powerball jackpot in NC's history, she was arrested on drugs charges. Mary Woody shown here with partner Ray, is sitting pretty on a Harley, but it won't be for long.
A Georgia great-grandmother has never ridden a motorcycle, but she was still delighted with her prize. Halloween is over, but this tv commercial for the Australian Gold Lotto is still scary funny. If you want to start winning the Australian Gold Lotto now, then get this System today for only $39.95. There's no prize for seeing the 3 differences in these photos, but pat youself on the back anyway if you spot them - you're a winner in our books! Wayne and Desiree Home are now the proud owners of a 28-foot boat called Southern Toy, funded by their £1 million windfall.
A group of UK National Lottery winners have revealed the most special purchases they've made with their winnings, 21 years after the Lottery launched in the UK.But instead of the fancy cars and houses you might expect from people who have suddenly found themselves wealthier than they ever dreamed, their most meaningful buys are a lot more surprising. The Beeville woman continues to receive dozens of calls after everyone in town thinks she hit the jackpot. Forty-eight employees at the Baie Verte Peninsula Health Centre are the winners of the $1 million Lotto Max from September. The winning ticket was bought at this QuikTrip in the 900 block of West Park Boulevard in Plano. When one of the group of 10 Irish Lotto winners uncorked a bottle of champagne, she managed to spray it over her face by mistake.
All original content copyright © 2016, Ken Silver, PO Box 22-183, 1 Ganges Rd, Khandallah, Wellington, NZ. The winner of this ticket has not yet stepped forward to claim his or her $50,000,000 prize.
However, many of these winners find that their good luck in lottery has led to bad luck in other aspects of life. There are several examples of people who have won the lottery only to find that their lives become ruined if not derailed, and if you happen to pull in a big score, you should be aware of what you might be in for. In an effort to get a story, a lot of members of the media will come to your home, follow you around and harass you in public. Winning the lottery can make it feel like everyone who is nice to you has an ulterior motive. It is easy to become paranoid because there are people out there who will try to manipulate you into giving them money, and it can be very hard to figure out who is being sincere. Moffat lost his wife and his pub that he ran before winning the money, and he found himself on the wrong side of the law when he was busted for driving under the influence of alcohol. They claim that they just kept putting off checking the ticket and that the entire experience has been very shocking. Still in disbelief, once Maria returned home she asked her daughter to check the ticket again.
The obsessed have a burning desire to purchase tickets knowing full well that the odds are stacked against them. A confidential addiction hotline was established in 2007 by the Province of Ontario and is open 24 hrs a day 888-230-3505.

One lottery player, Wu Yadan, turned to the hotline after realizing even when she won she lost. A lot of winners will spend the money quickly and find themselves back in debt and buying lottery tickets. One thing they know for sure is, they’re buying a boat and are attending the next super bowl with friends!
Staying positive for 6 years and continually playing the lottery every week has finally paid off! To his amazement, the last ticket he scanned turned out to be the winning ticket of the January 16 Lotto Max jackpot. Having just claimed their wedding present worth $50 Million, they’re officially the newest multimillionaires from Orillia. When Deanna saw they had the winning numbers, she immediately took a photo of the ticket and sent it to her Fiance to be sure. She checked the ticket at a self-serve counter in a shopping mall to find out the biggest surprise of her life. Now it’s all out in the open and the couple said they will start with helping families, friends and of course, charities.
Many of the text messages came from former students and teachers who he worked with, many requesting Craig to pay their student loans or credit card bills. Keith won about ?9 million in a lottery in the United Kingdom, but he trusted people too much. After winning about $25 million in the Lotto Max, Erb took up a number of causes that are important to him.
Moffat blew through his money on cars, houses and other expensive purchases that he did not need. However, the couple did not claim the prize until nine months after the draw on April 10, 2013. In an interesting twist, Stewart also claims that her former employer was someone other than Scott and Linda Sinclair. So here daughter checked the results on the internet and confirmed the winning numbers for her mother.
He believes winning will change his life, even while realizing the chances are astronomically against him and that the dream will bury him alive. They are disenfranchised and desperate for the big prize, hoping that one day their luck will change.
There are instances of callers looking for assistance after putting themselves in debt buying lottery tickets.
She ended up in debt — again — mostly because any prize money she won she simply used to buy more lottery tickets. Lottery addicts only pay attention to jackpot winners and do not consider the millions that never win. Luckily, his son was home with him at the time, so he had someone to share the joy and excitement with. But wonder no more, as Andrea and Bill Groner finally decided to reveal their $50 Million secret! Since marijuana legalization is important to Bob, he decided that he would spend over a million dollars in a big campaign to try to get it legalized.
Yet, there are also many that are looking for advice on how to win and break their losing streaks.
Though she still plays, Yadan does not believe she exhibits the out of control behavior she did a few years ago. The media has eaten him alive because he wanted to support legislation to make marijuana okay in Canada. Coincidences in lottery appear to be the norm, just ask Seguro Ndabene, a 5-time Canadian Lotto Winner.

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