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Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of our lives it seems like there’s no time to sit down with our families and really talk, but here is a great solution: family meetings. My husband and I were reluctant to start family meetings because we feel that we already have a lot of communication with our kids. I scheduled our meeting on Sunday afternoon when everyone is home and it’s a quiet time in our house. On my poster, I included a sentence saying why we were having the meeting and had blank spaces for the kids to fill in topics they wanted to discuss. Establish that no one can interrupt, insult, or tease another family member at the meeting.
I assigned the job of secretary to my most active, impulsive child so that he would be more invested in the process and have something to occupy him. I asked everyone to repeat back what they heard each other saying to reduce misunderstandings and hold everyone more responsible. The structured family meeting serves a good purpose by providing a structured, planned time when we model good parenting for our kids and help them see how families intentionally communicate, solve problems and plan events. O Greatly Merciful Lord, Who gives food to the birds of the sky and to all living things on the earth, Who watches over the flower that sprouts amidst the rocky cliffs; nourish, bring up, and protect well our children also.
I just wanted to say that my dad started formal Wednesday night family meetings with my mother and us, when we were teenagers. We discussed everything from schedules, school activities, college, curfew, and allowances.
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A family meeting is a regularly scheduled time for the whole family to speak together in a purposeful way. We eat dinner as a family almost every night and spend most evenings and weekends together.
I researched family meetings and considered the possible pitfalls and planned how I’d handle problems.
I used part of my time to go over the upcoming week and month’s calendar of events for each of us. Another time, we might like to follow up with a fun activity, which would be chosen by everyone during the meeting. We communicated honestly and seemed to make some progress at seeing another person’s point of view. It’s a great way of keeping everyone in the loop so they know not only about Grandma’s birthday next week, but about how teasing can be too much for some family members and how to handle it.
Grant health and everything good to my Father and Mother, so that they may take care of us and everyone in our household.
Help us, O Lord, to plant in their souls what is good and useful for the Holy Church and the nation, and what is well pleasing to Thee, that Thy holy name may be exalted through them.
These meetings improve communication, build problem solving skills and increase the feeling of involvement for older kids. When situations arise, we have informal family meetings to address them and clear problems up. This was how we brought love into the meeting, reduced complaining, and introduced the ground rules. Some of the problems were things that the whole group didn’t need to discuss and we simply stated they were not of general interest.
A quick game of Uno, a walk, or some other simple activity would conclude the meeting in a positive way and reinforce the bonds of love within the family.

My precocious secretary attempted a little power grab during the meeting – maybe he thought that having the meeting made us sort of equals, but we handled that right away. Fill them, O Lord, with the enlightened wisdom and holy understanding which come down from Thee. The game was well received due to its delightful gameplay, cute lead character, and innovative level design. We use a parenting style that is more like a benevolent dictator rather than a democracy so I wasn’t sure this would feel comfortable for us, but after several of my friends recommended it, we tried it. It brought back memories of my childhood when every family meeting ended with my father raising his voice to announce that our family was not a democracy!
Edna’s oldest child is an adult, her youngest child is in heaven after a lengthy battle with cancer, and her middle children are adopted boys from Ukraine. It’s a great strategy for larger families, but can be adapted successfully for smaller families too. One way they solved a problem was to say they could have mercy on the person bothering them, remembering we all have faults.
Command Thine Angels as always to be their enlightened guides and counselors in all good works. She brings a unique perspective on parenting to her role in Family Life Ministry and draws upon her varied life experiences, 16 years of teaching, and the Orthodox faith to lovingly help other parents. Maybe that is the biggest fear we parents might have about family meetings: do they make us seem like we can be outvoted? I told my son that the family meeting’s purpose was to help us communicate and solve problems.
It gives the kids a chance to let us know what they’re thinking and feeling about issues so we can guide and direct them, not to suddenly make them co-parents with responsibilities they’re not ready to handle.

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