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When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. The best - 28 combinations with Unique Threes using the full pool of 49 and with coverage maximized to give only 54.25824% of Sixes uncovered.
The other designs shown with excessive repeat subsets don't even come close, even when a few extra plays are allowed for the Covers or Wheels with Guarantees.
One must be wary here because 13,983,816 possibilities is not the same as that many random draws. I hoped with the forum format that there would be some constructive input from others but that has not been the case so I will in due course construct a different portal with a greater emphasis on presenting the information, rather than looking for input from others.

The abjectness and absurdity of this Cover is further revealed when it is realized that just 12 of the combinations maximized for coverage give the same uncovered percentage!
For 28 of the combinations maximized for coverage of the Sixes the uncovered percentage rises to a whopping 91.15284%.
Those that are within 10% proximity are definitely not Covers or Wheels with Guarantees and effectively this proves wrong that Covers or Wheels with Guarantees are superior for this number of combinations as advocated by the likes of Professor Iliya Bluskov and Gail Howard. Far from increasing the chances of getting a Five with a repeat of 54 of the Fives it decreases your chances not to mention the 624 Fours and 916 Threes repeated. There is a correlation with the difference in the figures being explained through nearly 9% of the possible draws giving multiple wins which when averaged out increases the Win percentage.

Practically all Lotto games around the world will be covered and the annual subscription will be a nominal $5.00. The section of the mathematical community that espoused this Cover as being beneficial in Lotto and still continue to do so, should bow their heads in shame.

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lotto numbers generator code

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