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But, for 14 pages in the middle of the 32 page book, Corduroy goes on a Mannequin-esque late-night quest for a replacement button that leads to him pulling a button off a mattress which causes a loud noise and raises the suspicions of a security guard. In this tattered old book, which Ezra inherited from my childhood, a little old man lives by himself on a tiny island. Then, when he is an adult, she sometimes drives across town with a ladder tied to the roof of her car in order to break into his home, pick him up, and sing him the song. The guard finds the once again inanimate bear lying around in the mattress department, and just carries him back to the toy department.

Except that while there was something just vaguely creepy about a mom breaking into her grown son’s house in order to sit on his bed and sing him a song, the prospect of a dad doing that to his grown daughter is somehow more alarming.
But scattered in the rotation are a few books that he’s picked out from the shelf of picture books, and he loves flipping through them and hearing parts of the story. As the baby ages into a toddler, then a kid, then a teen, she continues to sneak into his room at night, pick him up, and sing him the song while he sleeps. The same storm beaches a houseboat on his island, fully furnished, with a stocked pantry, a woodburning stove, and a cat with several kittens.

He worries that the houseboat’s owners will come looking for it, but they never do, and he lives happily ever after with his new cats.

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love you forever book cover

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