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As a college student, you have a fantastic resource on campus called the Counseling Center (some campuses name it the Wellness Center, Psychological Services, etc…). Reading books focused on self-help and self-development can be a great resource to combine with counseling. Finding a good resource like a good counselor, healthy friend, religion, a family member is always a good place to start.
May is National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month: Do You Talk to Your Teens about Pregnancy Prevention?
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At the counseling center, you get to work with professionals who are dedicated to helping students just like yourself with learning how to love yourself.
But if your always worried about what you don’t like about yourself, you will fail to see your partner for what they are. There is always going to be something missing, or something that needs to be there to fill that void of one not loving oneself. Toxic people breed toxic attitudes, just like most healthy people I would assume breed healthy attitudes. You are the only person with your combination of treasures and talents combined into one individual. If so, be fair to the partners you want to attract and help yourself discover HOW TO love yourself.

Two confident and comfortable people are much more likely to fully enjoy their intimacy together. Trying to love someone who doesn’t love themselves, can be quite taxing on ones own emotional well-being.

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love yourself futuristic

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