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LPN is a licensed practical nurse and as a licensed nurse, you have to be licensed by your state to work.  Each state has different requirements. One of the most important aspects of choosing the right school for LPN is the school must be accredited.
You can also visit Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) to inquire more about the state accredited LPN universities that you did not find online.
This step is one of the most important steps for your LPN career as you can’t take your state certification if your degree is not from an accredited school.  You will need high school diploma to enter some LPN programs. The reason is once you become LPN; you can study for two years and taking classes completely online to become a Register Nurse. New York State is in the midst of a nurse hiring boom, with nearly 80% of hospitals expecting to increase nursing staff.
Completing an LPN-BSN program not only enhances the care you will be able to give patients, but also earns you more money. But wherever it is you work as a graduate nurse, it’s much easier to secure the RN job of your choice if you have a BSN. For many entry level nurses, an LPN (licensed practical nurse) is a stepping stone to becoming a Registered Nurse (RN).  LPN to BSN programs are good value for those who want to take full advantage of the many opportunities and higher salaries available to nurses with bachelor’s degrees.

There are six LPN to BSN Schools in New York where you can study on campus for your Bachelor’s degree. Once you know for sure that LPN is something you want to pursue, it is time to find accredited LPN schools nearest you. LPN programs required you to take and pass 70 hours of hands-on training.  What this mean is you must get hands-on training in a present with a register nurse to become LPN. Most LPN I’ve come to know is mothers who have children at home, and they really wanted to better themselves, so they opt to become a nurse. You can also opt to go all the way to the top such as going to four-years colleges to become a bachelor in Nursing (BSN).
And a big emphasis is being put on hiring nurses with a Bachelor’s degree or higher – so now’s the time to seriously consider upgrading your skills and getting into an LPN to BSN Program in NY.
And you’ll also have made a rewarding career move that will give you access to greater job responsibilities, including supervising other nurses.
Initial admission requirements are the same as those that apply to any four-year college or university: you must have a high school diploma or equivalent. To qualify for online study, you’ll need your LPN license and proof of passing the NCLEX-PN examination.

However, you will want to confirm this with a local LPN school of your choice before signing up with them to make sure.
However, in most schools, you must have a decent GED score to be admitted to its LPN program. Some programs may also require you to take the SAT or the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) which evaluates basic grammar and math skills. After finishing a year of schooling, which includes classroom study and clinical training you will get your LPN diploma.
You will also need proof of a current LPN license and at least six months experience working as an LPN. However, before you’re allowed to work as LPN, you must pass the state exam which is called NCLEX-PN. Your exact salary would differ in line with a number of factors, including where in New York State you are working.

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lpn programs in schenectady new york

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