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We have just added to our popular editable PowerPoint newspapers with this Old Times newspaper design.
This spoof newspaper template could have many uses, including college and school projects and fun cards to send news to your friends and family.
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I?m new downloading templates, I would love to know if there?s a way to save them as integrate themes, cause I have open the file and its like just a normal ppt file, as well have save them as thmx and pot, but it shows it as only one template the first one and not the complete set.
Forgive my inexperience, but I’ve already built quite a lengthy Powerpoint presentation using original themes. Hi, this works just fine for ANY version of PowerPoint, including Office for Mac 2004 and later. Please feel free to use the template for your blog but please just adhere to our guidelines i.e.
This was a great help with my daughters last minute history homework project on the industrial revolution. This is an awesome template, would do good for any history projects I have upcoming, Keep up the good work.

The latest issue of Time magazine features an interview with Steve Jobs by British actor Stephen Fry, in which the Apple co-founder discusses the iPad, his career and his life. In an hourlong talk with Jobs, Fry said the CEO showed "unaffected and engaging" pleasure in showing off a Winnie the Pooh iBook that will be bundled with every iPad. Fry asked Jobs if he believes the iPad is the high point of his career, and if the CEO intends to go out on top, given his recent health issues. Fry also asked Ive about features missing from the iPad, such as a forward-facing camera for video conferencing. Also in the April 12 issue, author Lev Grossman offers a history of the tablet computer, and how it influenced Apple's iPad.
In addition to appearing on the cover of the magazine a number of times, Jobs was named a finalist for Time's Person of the Year last December. In addition to covering Apple and iPad news, Time also has big plans for the device set to launch on Saturday. This week it was also revealed that Time has partnered with Brightcove to allow HTML5 video to replace Adobe Flash content. I really wanted to create something like this as a periodical for my church, and I thought i had to create from scratch.
The comedian noted that Jobs did the interview in his trademark black turtleneck sweater and Levi's blue jeans, and at one point leaned back and propped his feet up on a table.

In January 2009, Jobs took a leave of absence from Apple due to health-related issues, leaving Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook at the helm. Schiller said while many have criticized the iPad as being "just a big iPhone," he actually views that comment as a compliment. Making the top seven, Jobs was credit for turning Apple into a groundbreaking leader in the technology business.
The company has planned a digital version of its weekly magazine for tablet computers such as the iPad. Because the iPad does not support Flash, publications such as Time and The New York Times have embraced HTML5 so that iPad owners will be able to view video content. I work in a call center, and am putting together a weekly newsletter for my team to help motivate, and show case talent! It has helped with so many of my projects, especially with my William Shakespeare project!! I created the newsleter, and saved it as a pdf file, to make it easier to email all the team mates!

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magazine articles about time management books

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