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Established in 1930, Superior Receipt Book Company is a multi-generation family business dedicated to maintaining quality products and exceptional service from one generation to the next. If You Knew What Longboarding Was You'd Head To Cape Town If there is one thing South Africa is, it's big. A qualified and certified pool maintenance specialist is always a good resource to have in a property management company’s cache. Not every state or county requires pools be maintained by a certified pool operator (CPO), but properties that mandate it from their service companies or require it from in-house technicians are covering their bases. Maintaining proper sanitation and chemistry balance is critical and shouldn’t be taken lightly, especially during warm temperatures a peak usage. Chemically unbalanced pools and spas or hot tubs will quickly get the attention of the health department. Bonnie Whelan, regional director of national accounts for Wilmar, taught Pool Operator Certification (CPO) courses for about 20 years and says maintaining proper water chemistry is not as simple some may think but it’s not that hard to learn.

DPD test kits are a requirement of most health departments but simple 5-in-1 test strips can also be used to quickly test sanitizer and chemistry levels that can change rapidly during high temperatures and bather use.
A lot of times, Whelan says, do-it-yourself pool maintenance goes awry when it gets handed down as technicians come and go at properties. Because they may not get checked as frequently as necessary, spas and hot tubs are at a bigger risk for contamination.
To help maintain safer swimming environments, properties should advise residents to forego using water amenities if they are sick or recently have been sick.
For properties that want to take care of their water amenities, Whelan recommends designating certain staff to rigorously maintain these areas.
If you like what you read, please consider subscribing to our weekly newsletter and receive a summary of the week on Property Management Insider every Saturday. 4 Tips for Leveraging Property Maintenance to Improve Resident RetentionMaintenance teams play a critical, yet often overlooked role in the lease renewal process.
The right service will keep a property’s pools and spas in tip-top shape throughout the pool season or year-round. An improperly maintained pool or spa can become costly and a liability for the property, say pool and health experts.

Pool operators should be mindful of proper balances of sanitizer, ph, calcium, total alkalinity and Cyanuric acid levels based on the number of gallons of water in the pool. The warm water temperatures, if not maintained, serve as a breeding ground for spreading germs. Providing a showering station for washing off perspiration before entering the pool, spa or hot tub could be a wise investment, Whelan says. And even for those properties that handle pool maintenance in-house, ongoing training and pool operations certification is essential.
According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), people who get in pools and spas can spread germs that cause sickness.
And even if a pool service is used, having, at least, one maintenance team member designated as a CPO is good insurance. Proper pool chemistry helps eliminate the spread of sickness through human fecal matter, which contains germs like Cryptosporidium, Norovirus, and E.

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maintenance management training uk

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