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She spent a couple of days making pastepaper and then these wonderful little accordion books.
And, if I didn’t want to paint my books, I could always put black book covers on first! Featuring a story about a cat and mouse who make friends, this make-it-yourself mini book offers tons of reading (and coloring!) fun. She uses some of the offcut to add a nice bit of contrast to the cover.Each is individually handmade they could be used as a card, keepsake, small journals, or scrap books as a small gift.

All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. Chickens are usually found in groups so bring some wheat with you and try to lure them back to your house to breed them or if you forgot some wheat AGAIN then *sigh* just kill'em.
Now you have to find a squid which is very easy as squids are found in nearly every river, pond or ocean in the world of minecraft so finding water = finding squids. So once you have got your book, feather and ink sack, take them to a crafting table (or your inventorys crafting grid) again and craft a book and quill using another shapless recipe and you have made yourself a book and quill that has up to 50 pages and around 256 characters per page.I hope you liked this tutorial and found it helpfull, soooo untill next time good bye!

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make a book from instagram

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