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With the ever-increasing prevalence of online shopping via mobile devices, more and more retailers are adapting optimizing email campaigns for portable devices. Web pages look much different on smartphones than on desktop browsers, and there isna€™t as much room for frills. Users on mobile devices are on-the-go, and so ita€™s important to ensure consumers can move around the site and complete their purchase quickly and easily. At the same time, though, mobile users want to browse like all shoppers, so retailers should not compress the process down so much that users feel forced to buy too quickly. In addition to these design elements, having a responsive eCommerce website design is vital for improving the sitea€™s overall mobile-friendliness.
For other ways to increase customer retention and revenue, download our guide on Key Business Metrics for Online Retailers. Built for youOur websites are built specifically to your needs, we can deliver a solution perfectly tailored to you. Fast turnaroundWhile some web designers can take up to a year to create a website, we will turnaround your site from start to finish in just EIGHT WEEKS. Cost effectiveOffering navigation friendly, attractive, value for money websites, giving you a great web presence for a fraction of the cost of what most web design companies would charge. Go mobileOur websites are also built to be search-engine and mobile friendly so your customers can find you even on the go, on whatever device they may be using. Work without limitsBusinesses were once confined to attracting customers in their local area. Content, whether its text, video or info graphics, needs to be informative, relevant and original, in order to engage with your customers.
Web titles form the important role of helping search engines drive targeted traffic to your website. Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other.
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But are they doing enough to optimize the mobile eCommerce experience of their websites, once users get there?According to Pew Internet 58% of Americans have smartphones, and 42% have tablets.

For the best display output use larger font sizes, simple page layouts, and be sure the most important information is placed above a€?the fold.a€? Keep in mind usersa€™ more limited bandwidth by minimizing unnecessary animation and videos. Site navigation should be simple and have few levels of sub-pages or steps that users have to move through to find items or make a purchase. Some of the best landing pages have minimal images and include only a set of links to the rest of the shopping experience, much like a table of contents or sitemap. After a user has searched the site and selected their purchases, it becomes even more important to facilitate a simple shopping cart and checkout experience.
Instead, shoppers should be able to browse freely, but once theya€™ve decided to purchase, it should only require a few clicks. With a responsive website design, a single version of a website auto-adjusts to fit different devices and screen sizes. Based in Bromley and with 8 years’ experience helping small businesses with their marketing, we will use our expertise and local knowledge to help you promote your business exactly as it should be. We do it all for you, in 60 minutes we will get the information we need to build your site, without you having to write any copy yourself. We will meet with you in person to get a full brief of what you do, in order to recommend the right package to suit your individual needs. However, with our ‘Geo Site’ you can target clients in any location you choose, allowing you to grow your business to new heights, in areas you never thought possible. We pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring style is consistent, colour palettes harmonize and there are no grammatical or typing errors in the content. It requires detailed planning, to offer your customers consistent classification and clear clarification of content. Content is about building relationships and the creation of regular content is at the core of effective digital marketing strategies, which results in an improved ROI for your business and promotion of your brand. Your title tag is the most important one on your page and crucial to your search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy.
Nothing is more off putting to potential clients than to find a website which has not been updated for a year or silence on your social media platforms. With the upsurge of smartphones and tablets in the market, website administrator can no longer ignore traffic coming from mobile devices.
Google GoMoMeter offers a useful tool that analyzes mobile site design and makes it clear where design changes might be needed.

Bigger buttons are also ideal to make it easier to click on the smaller displays of portable devices. Also, give customers a clear and easy path to get back to the websitea€™s home page, should they get disoriented and want to start over. Adobea€™s 2013 Mobile Consumer Survey found that a€?[mobile] conversion rates are directly impacted by streamlined paths to purchasea€”conversion should occur within three touch events.a€? Simply put, dona€™t force users to click too many times to make a purchase. We know that your time is taken up running your business, so you don’t have the time to build and maintain your website. We have the know-how and experience to market your business leaving you to concentrate on the running of it, without having the constant worry of attracting new customers.
Our visually stunning websites, with clear headings and easy to scan text will impress and engage with your customers. The overriding principle of navigation is functionality and works best when it is simple and direct, with obvious choices to locate different pages.
As by design the screen of mobile devices is very small compared to that of computers, it is a better idea to have altogether a different theme for mobile devices. Adding to this, in a comparison of conversion rates between desktops, smartphones, and tablets, Mobify reported that mobile conversion rates scored significantly lower - below 1% across industries.These figures suggest that retailers who hope to maximize their eCommerce sales should strive to make it easy for shoppers to access, navigate, and buy from their website using devices like smartphones and tablets.
Be sure that the companya€™s name and contact information is displayed prominently a€“ and in the same place on every other page, too. In fact, Google reported that 67% of customers are more apt to make purchases when the a site is mobile-friendly.So, what can online retailers do to create more user-friendly websites for devices?
Place the shopping cart and checkout buttons in a clearly visible spot at the top of each optimized page. Focus on the ease of the mobile home page Navigation from the home page should be easy, with a clear and simple layout. However, ShopVisiblea€™s 2013 year-in-review report found that mobile devices were responsible for 30% of website traffic but only 15% percent of online orders.

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