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If you like to handle your music and photos with iTunes and iPhoto, Webbla is the right application to handle your bookmarks. Webbla is a modern bookmark manager for Mac OS X Leopard that helps you in organizing your bookmarks visually. Instead of remembering your bookmarks by title, Webbla gives you a new way to remember them visually. Customizable web browser scripts make it easy to open bookmarks in different ways with all applications supporting AppleScript.

Over standard html bookmark files you can import and export your bookmarks to and from Camino, Firefox, OmniWeb, Opera, Safari and more. Webbla support Spotlight, Cover Flow and Quick Look, so you can easily find and preview your bookmarks with the Finder.
What I want is a sweet combination of ease of use, and depth of character; defined as enough features to make me feel good, not so much that I feel confused. Personalizing your bookmarks with tags or keeping them in different categories will help you to come back to them easily.

Easily tag and search and organize into folders, but also get visual reminders of what exactly you were looking at.

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make website mac os x

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