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According to Customer Engagement Index by [24]7 almost half of consumers will stop shopping with a company and move to a competitor within one day of having poor customer service. When Bain & Company surveyed 362 firms in 2005 (eleven years’ ago!), they found that only 30% organize the functions of their company to deliver superior customer experience. Perhaps even more importantly, they found that 80% of companies think they deliver great service, whereas only 8% of customers believe they have received great service.
In our recent customer service benchmark study, we identified how 250 companies manage customer support emails. 4 out of 10 companies do not have an email address or phone number clearly visible on their website. These companies, what we consider “best in class”, were able to deliver high quality support that ticked all the boxes for delivering great service. By implementing these tips into your customer service procedures, you too can become best in class! The average response time for the best in class companies was 3 hours compared to the overall average response time, which was 17 hours and 28 minutes.
To respond to all customer support emails, start out by setting up rules in your customer service software or email client, to allow you to automatically forward a request to the correct department. Best in class customer service companies let customers know that a support request has been received and is being handled.
Our study found that 66% of companies do not use auto-responders or acknowledge that an email has been received.
Set up an auto-responder in your customer service solution or email client, and in the acknowledgment, use an email template that includes customer support working hours, a unique ID for tracking the request and supporting links to a self-service knowledge base or online FAQs.
From all 250 customer support emails, only 22 companies followed up to see if we were happy with their response – that’s only 8%! As so few companies follow up on customers, this is an easy opportunity to get ahead of the competition. Only 22% of companies were able to answer the email in full upon first reply (Tweet this!), and the best in class companies all scored 100% for first contact resolution, meaning that all questions were answered in full.
Whether there is a single question or several questions within an email, good customer service is about answering your customers in full. When asked “What are the most frustrating aspects of poor customer service?” 47% of customers cite having to contact a company multiple times for the same reason, making it their biggest frustration.

If you cannot answer all questions, respond with the questions you can answer and then include a note that you will follow up on them with regards to any outstanding issues. And while it might not always be possible to answer the email in full due to clarity or confirmation, the best companies were able to answer as much as possible, and support their answers with links to help sections to read more on their website.
For customers, finding a company’s contact details is step one to getting their problem solved.
Every single company that made it to the best in class list had an email address or phone number clearly visible on the home page of their website, making it very easy to contact them, as opposed to hiding it down somewhere inside the website.
Another key finding from the study found that the best in class companies are not limited to one country. This is even more surprising when you consider the customer support emails we sent were in English.
The companies that deliver great service are able to do so because they have the right tools and processes.
Customer service software allows you to set up internal and automated processes that will help you acknowledge, track, manage and report on all customer service requests, which in turn helps you to answer and respond to more customer requests.
If you do not have a customer service solution in your organization, now is the time to get started.
Based on the findings from our recent research, we’ve outlined seven best in class customer service tips taken from a study of 250 companies.
If you’re looking to get started with the a customer service solution, a solution that is used by the best in class companies, then sign up to SuperOffice Service, which is now available for a free 30 day trial. Alternatively, the full report, which highlights key findings and trends, can be found here.
Steven Macdonald is an online marketer based in Tallinn, Estonia, Steven has more than ten years experience in the online marketing field and is driven by creating success stories.
Yes, when it comes to provide "best in class" customer service, you need to consider the following things. Driven by a passion for customer relationship management, SuperOffice is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of CRM solutions to the business to business market. All companies were scored based on speed, quality and tone, and we scored each response out of 100, where 1 was poor and 100 was excellent. For these companies, providing excellent service is not just a buzzword, it’s the lifeline to their organization’s success.

We’ve got you covered as we’ve highlighted 7 common tactics from the top 10 best in class customer service companies below. This means that the right department at the best in class companies received the request at the right time, and was able to handle it accordingly.
Based on these findings, its’ clear that the best in class customer service companies have the correct support procedures in place. So when a customer contacts your company, whether through a web form or an email, make sure that an automated reply is sent to the customer to acknowledge the receipt of the email. Ten percent of customers cite “waiting too long for a response” as one of the biggest frustrations when it comes to customer service. Just like an automatic acknowledgement, you can set the follow-up to be sent 3-4 days after your response to see if the level of service was satisfactory. However, 41% of all companies do not have contact information visible on their website (Tweet this!). Making the email address or phone number visible also adds an element of trust, as the best in class companies show the customer that they are not afraid to hear from them.
This approach, that speed matters more than quality, can lower the quality and the incentive to deliver a great service. As was mentioned earlier, these companies put the customer at the heart of their organization.
The rest of the tactics can only help you become best in class if you have the right tool to begin with. If you got something valuable from this research, please remember to tweet about 7 Ways to Provide “Best in Class” Customer Service.
Our software supports the individual user in achieving stronger sales, marketing and customer service productivity. A high quality answer is always better than a low quality answer, even if the high quality response takes a little longer to compose.

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