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So when I posted pictures of the quiet books on my personal Facebook page, the responses were overwhelming.
Well, here are my tips, tricks, and suggestions for how to make a quiet book, including lots of quiet book ideas to inspire you! Think about your child's interests and think about how you can incorporate those interests into a quiet book page.
Sketch out the pages that you want to make, marking what colors the pieces will be or what supplies you will need for each page.

After you have sketched out your pages, you will have a better idea of how many zippers you need or how much velcro you need, etc.
Perhaps one of the most surprising things about making a quiet book was how time consuming it actually was. If you are making quiet books for more than one child in the same house, make duplicates of pages that you think might be ones they fight over. Put your child's name on the front cover if you are making quiet books for more than one child.

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make your own quiet book

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