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Find out how Famous Footwear keeps its omnichannel strategy in step with customer needs by learning about website visitors, then using geotargeting and relevant experiences that sync with in-store promotions. Run your business with unprecedented agility with help from the Monetate Success Team.
Famous Footwear has always been dedicated to making sure marketing campaigns areconsistent for both in-store and online shoppers. The Making Progress website was developed as a way to collect feedback on a new audio blog, Making Progress.
Offering “brand name shoes for less,” that onestore rapidly expanded and eventually grew into a national chain. Oftenwe’d ask ourselves internally what we thought would resonate with ourcustomers, and what might make their shopping experience quick andeasy.
How does creating this experiencefor Famous Footwear shoppers factor into website testing and optimization?Syncing up our in-store and online experiences for customers is one of ourtop priorities.

Have you uncovered any surprising results?We’ve been using geotargeting to promote our events to specific visitorsbased on their proximity to a store. We’re already learning so much aboutour visitors, particularly about their online and in-store experiences andshopping behaviors. We want customers to find what they need quickly whenthey’re interacting with our brand, even if it’s just a store locator on thewebsite. For instance, we can now let peopleknow within a certain mile radius when a Famous Footwear location isopening in their area. We candevelop a better picture of what our visitors want, and can respond to thatalmost immediately.
Sure, we’re focused on conversions online, but if a visitor comesto our website and then goes into a Famous Footwear store to make apurchase, we consider that a success, too.Creating the omnichannel experience really comes down to ongoingcommunication between different departments to make sure we’re tellingthe same story across the Famous Footwear brand.
We also used this feature when we had a “FashionNight Out“ event at our New York City location during Fashion Week.Our special events team utilizes this feature.

One of the ways weensure omnichannel consistency is basing our online campaigns on thein-store marketing calendars.
Their goal is to oversee allof these store events, but we could never communicate directly withconsumers in those areas. For example, if we know our stores will bepromoting an athletic sale in February, it’s key to reflect that promotiononline as well. You can easily style your own look for a party or an eve.There are plenty of websites where they provide different categories.

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making a website apple mac

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