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We have just released our second Making Miracles film following the story of 4 mums and the development of the charity in the past year.
On Friday August 21st we presented our first equipment donation to the CEO of Medway Hospital and the Lead Consultant of Antenatal Care. If there is an event you can not see listed but would like to take part in on behalf of Making Miracles. In 1997, Marie Osmond introduced Adora Belle, a wide-eyed character doll she personally sculpted, and is now very pleased to present an even younger Belle . Dressed in a variation-on-a-theme of the original Belle, "Adora Belle Baby" wears a baby pink satin poofy dress with white lace overlay, and lovingly holds her Annete Funicello, white plush baby bear.
Destined to become a must-have for the Marie Osmond doll collector, "Adora Belle Baby" is certainly an adorable baby doll. Adora Belle Baby Tiny Tot is truly a collectible doll with original head by sculptor, Marie Osmond. Adora Belle Baby Tiny Tot is hallmarked on the back of her neck with Marie’s signature and is hand numbered. Adora Belle of the Ball, 2002 Retail Exclusive, embodies all the excitement and preparation of choosing a gown, coiffing the hair, getting made up and dressed up for one of the biggest events of her young life. Adora Belle of the Ball is truly a collectible vinyl doll with original head by sculptor, Marie Osmond.
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Adora Belle Spring Fling (Peach) is truly a collectible vinyl doll with original head by sculptor, Marie Osmond. Adora Belle Spring Fling (Peach) is hallmarked on the back of her neck with Maries signature and is hand numbered. Adora Sprinkles Belle is hallmarked on the back of her neck with Marie's signature and is hand numbered. Adora Start Me Up Belle is hallmarked on the back of her neck with Marie's signature and is hand-numbered. Adora Tutu Cute Belle is hallmarked on the back of her neck with Marie's signature and is hand numbered. Another favorite ride is his new Radio Flyer wagon that his Nana and Papa bought him after falling in love with it at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. We will be away for at least one month if everything goes as expected, and longer if needed. Thanks again and again to each of you who have loved us unconditionally and provided for our every need. We so appreciate all of your prayers, emails, cards, flowers, visits, financial support and other gifts you have so freely given to support our family during this time. Just a quick update to let you know how the Lord is orchestrating our miraculous road to recovery!!!! If you’re waiting for things to be perfect or fixed or better or modified from your existing state before you really experience contentment, it will never come. Unlike a baby, we as adults have the control to put a halt to bad choices and get ourselves in better shape physically, psychologically, and spiritually. My challenge for each person reading this blog is to take a moment to apply the brakes to your life.
After seven weeks of being in Nashville, we are finally settled back at home in Chattanooga so Shayli, Sharayah, and Shanel could start the school year. Shayli, Sharayah, Shanel, Shaw, & Shafer take a break at sunset on the walking bridge in downtown Chattanooga. We want to express our sincerest thanks once again for the unbelievable outpouring of love and support from so many. Wow…the occasional cool breeze in the late evening has gotten me excited about fall, my most favorite season of the year.
Then only days later, our same dear pastor friend in Nashville emailed us again and said that a couple from his church wanted to provide our accommodations for the week at a nearby resort. It was God and God alone who worked out all the details for our family to experience the joy of receiving such gifts. After a great conclusion to our time at Disney, Shafer awoke on Saturday morning with his feeding tube (G-tube) completely pulled out of his stomach! We were able to meet up with some of our good friends from Atlanta who were rained out of the Magic Kingdom and enjoy some great time.
Every minute of every day, every show (the kids favorite by far was the Festival of the Lion King), every meal, every encounter with the Disney characters, every ride, every everything was truly magical. And a special thanks to the other surgeons who have placed feeding tubes, dialysis catheters, and performed various routine procedures on Shafer.
The list would not be complete if we did not mention a few of our surgeons and doctors from our medical team in Chattanooga. The entire team in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) in Chattanooga will always be dear to us.
Yes, we have seen our son go from ICU in complete kidney failure with the odds stacked against him to months of dialysis, to having a kidney transplant and recovering to laughing, playing, dancing, and experiencing life almost like any other 2-year-old. There is a time to laugh and a time to cry and we have spent time on both ends of the spectrum.
Not only have we celebrated Shafer turning two, we had his baby dedication service at our church on September 18.
It was simply beautiful seeing Shayli, Sharayah, Shanel, and Shaw sharing their testimonies through song at such young ages. Then he said it again and again after kisses, after squirting lotion on his hands, after wiping his face, after giving him his Mickey blanket, and the list goes on. And Kevin assured me he didn’t teach him the phrase, so I knew where Shafer had learned to say such a tender thing. At this special time of the year we are especially thankful to be at home relishing these memories with Baby Shafer, Shaw, Shanel, Sharayah, and Shayli. He has almost reached the 50th percentile for both height and weight, so we are overflowing with gratitude for this significant milestone. From seeing Santa and the lights at Opryland Hotel, to visiting Mamaw and Papaw’s farm, to putting the ornaments on his own sports Christmas tree, to wrapping (and unwrapping) gifts for friends and family, it was nothing but fun for Shafer this year. As I reflect on all that has happened over the last 26 months, I stand amazed at what a loving, wonderful Heavenly Father we have who cares for us and carries us through our deepest pain. The words were exactly what we had lived and I found refreshment and delight in hearing the beautiful music coincide with the lyrics that were the story of our lives.
The love of his life is Mickey Mouse, and Santa sure did have lots of Mickey treats for him to enjoy.

I praise God for all of you who faithfully pray for us and stay up-to-date with his progress through this blog. After all, we have been through a lot together, but how could he possibly know how to express his love in such a profound way?
God continues to speak through Shafer to provide the hope and healing we need to not only survive on this journey, but to thrive. The Lord is faithful to give us just what we need every day, regardless if it is financial assistance, extra prayer covering, a meal, card, text, email, phone call, visit, or a three-word phrase that is more soothing than anything can provide.
It’s as if you are saying I love you with a hundred exclamation points written in all caps.
Even though I still wrestle with the Lord at times, I am learning more and more, day by day, to rest in what He has for me.
I have found a new normal in the daily pursuit of caring for my son and other four children.
Even though I must get back to helping my family financially, I will never forget what I’ve learned as a result of this memorable year. I don’t know what you are facing right now, but know that God is bigger than any problem or challenge that lies before you. These last few months have been rich with memories as we have been together as a family sharing recreational time. Thanks for your prayers and the many other ways you have shown your support to us during this time.
Adora Belle of the Ball wears a stunning shimmery gold and purple, tea-length dress, with a sheer organza shawl, a jeweled crown and cascades of blond curls. She has been hand-crafted with the special attention to detail that is the hallmark of all Marie Osmond Dolls. She has been handcrafted with the special attention to detail that is the hallmark of all Marie Osmond dolls.
Millennium Belle is hallmarked on the back of her neck with Marie's signature and is hand numbered. We truly do feel your presence in our spirit when we are away at Vanderbilt for surgeries and extended hospital stays. Our medical team is planning for May (2011), but everything will hinge upon Shafer's health. This is where God has placed us for this season—for He has anointed and appointed us to be here for a reason and we must be found faithful to praise and serve Him, despite our difficult circumstances. They are making plans for early to mid-May in order to allow Shayli and Sharayah to get almost finished with school.
While I would not have chosen our present circumstances, I wouldn’t take anything for the priceless lessons and memories we have experienced.
What we have earnestly prayed for and anxiously anticipated is now right around the corner. We ask for your continual prayers, especially for our other children who are very concerned about baby brother and mommy.
The transplant surgery was a success and Shafer and I have gotten off to a good start for the long recovery ahead. Most importantly, Shafer is fighting off a dual blood and urinary tract infection and has started an antibiotic that should take care of it within 10 days. I am up and going and engaged; however, I'm definitely operating at a slower pace, and by the end of the day my abdominal pain starts ramping up. You have blessed us with your love and given us the strength to carry on in the midst of hardship.
This is an inspiring book that will create an urgency with you to make some needed changes in your life.
We are simply amazed at how much better he feels and his daily routine proves that you must be in pretty good shape to keep up with him. But, it takes a new code of discipline to adapt to new behaviors…and time to wait on the Lord to mold us into what He wants for our lives.
The good, the bad, the hard, the sad, the playful, and the serious all have a vital role in the big picture. We are making weekly trips to Nashville for regular clinic visits and labs to keep a check on everything.
The most exciting piece is Vanderbilt Medical Center’s premier publication, House Organ, when Shafer made the cover story! It blows our minds at how God has used friends, family, casual acquaintances, and complete strangers to bless us!
We are certainly relishing the homecoming of our little miracle and looking forward to what lies ahead for us.
A dear friend of ours made contact with some pastor friends of his in Orlando and God impressed upon their hearts to gift our family of 7 park hopper passes to Disney. Then, a family from the school our children attend came up to my husband the day before we left and provided the resources to assist with our gas and food expenses. How can mere strangers, casual acquaintances, and relatively new friends provide for us in such a profound way?
We clicked into emergency mode, called Vanderbilt, were given directions to head straight to the emergency room, and again God watched over us as timing played on our side and they were able to reinsert another tube without surgery. We have literally talked about going somewhere together for years and have never been able to make it work with our schedule, but the Lord allowed us to collide at Disney.
It beckons you in and takes you on a magical journey of remembering days gone by of enjoying childhood memories to fast-forward you into the reality that now your children are where you once were.
It somehow lifted the load of the past 2 years and gave us a renewed sense of hope for the future.
Our hearts are overflowing with an immeasurable amount of joy for all that our medical team has done to assist with our care. As the picture depicts, He was the One guiding our committed surgeon’s hands as they worked on Baby Shafer and me. Jabs, Shafer’s nephrologist and lead physician, has walked every step of this journey with us. Every resident who assisted in Shafer’s care, every nurse, care partner, and every other support staff has deposited life into our son.
Tony Friddell, and his nurses, Elizabeth and Kassie (and the entire team at Pediatric Diagnostics).
As parents, we vowed before God and our friends, family, and fellow church members that we would raise Shafer according to biblical principles in a Christ-centered home of love. He delights our hearts time and time again with his big smile and words that string together in unbelievable ways.
Please pray for Shafer to stay healthy over the next few weeks so he can truly enjoy Christmas! Words cannot adequately describe the miracle of seeing Shafer being fully alive as a 2-year-old enjoying the sights and sounds of the season. He is such an angel and his big smile keeps my spirit in check when things seem to be going wrong or I’m having a bad day. What a blessing to see him up and dancing and celebrating his first Valentine’s with his new kidney! Even in my darkest moments when I could have been defeated by fear of the unknown and the scary road ahead, the Lord washed peace over me.
This continues to be a stretch for my personality type, but I can admit that it is good to be taken out of your comfort zone.
I have come to embrace domestic life and even enjoy the simple pleasure that I had forsaken of cooking meals and building towers with blocks. The media has lauded me a hero of sorts for giving Shafer life again through the gift of my kidney. The Daves are a basketball-loving family as we’ve spent the last 6 months consumed with the game.
I was the guest speaker for a women’s conference in Cleveland, TN, and they honored Shafer by wearing green ribbons to mark the occasion. Now, all of this makes me have visions of future rides such as motorcycles, go-carts, 4-wheelers, skateboards, and ultimately a car! The follow-up tests showed that the surgery was successful and the doctor was extremely pleased. We will be taking the children with us and leaving our home and Shadow (our black, cocker spaniel) in very capable hands with family. David Thompson, his wife Treva and daughter Leah) will be providing much of the care for our other four children.
David Thompson, his wife Treva and daughter Lacey) will be providing much of the care for our other four children. Yes, even Baby Shafer made a surprise visit to hear our journey of hope and healing at North Pointe Community Church in Nashville, TN. We will then live in nearby housing for a few weeks in order to be seen several times a week, and then eventually released to go home. I was discharged from the hospital on Tuesday afternoon, June 28, and now sharing time caring for Shafer in his room and spending time at the rental house with the other children. He seems to be responding well to the immunosuppressant drugs and is gaining strength every day.
We have had some dear friends and family members come to Nashville and stay with them at the house and treat them to lots of fun activities.

That million dollar smile is bigger than ever and he seems to be throwing out more sugar pops than before. It was great information and a timely reminder that this is a difficult time for all children who have a sick brother or sister. Relax in knowing that God is God and regardless of your present circumstances, He has not forgotten or forsaken you.
God has gone before us in every situation to provide exactly what we need just when we needed it.
This picture is such a beautiful representation of how God not only watches over us, but carefully guides and provides protection in our lives. We met her in the early morning hours in November of 2009 when Shafer was only a month old. We are especially thankful for the anesthesiologist team who assisted with all of his surgeries because they are a BIG piece to the puzzle of his ultimate recovery. Who would have ever known the “life” this vital organ could give to a little boy? My husband, Kevin, and I coached Shayli’s 5th grade basketball team at Brainerd Baptist School. He is holding his weight steady as he remains on his feeding tube for 9-10 hours a night to receive the added nutrition and fluid needed to properly regulate his adult organ. I was simply blown away that God orchestrated the timing of such an event to share our story when we were totally unaware of what a special day it was. As the Scriptures teach us in Ecclesiastes, there is a time to dance…so we are dancing! We praise God for this friendship and their sacrificial hearts to assist in such an enormous way.
It was an honor and divine privilege to speak from the depths of my heart about the challenging road we have been on the last eighteen months. He has even enjoyed a couple of trips outside to see the fish and play with his siblings at the facilities provided by the hospital. No, he screams for more and I reluctantly give in and refill his cup until moments later he starts the cycle all over again. My life goals are entirely focused on relationships now…not accomplishments from works. Then, ask for His divine direction on how you need to adjust or readjust your life to align with His purpose for the remainder of your days.
We left armed with all the necessary paperwork just in case we needed to go to the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children while in Orlando. We always taped this picture to Shafer’s bed so it would serve as a reminder to all his caregivers that God was ultimately guiding their hands. Her kindhearted nature, attention to details, and vast experience in the field of pediatrics brings a level of unprecedented trust to our relationship. Who could have ever imagined in a million years that the surgeon we would entrust Baby Shafer to for this lifesaving surgery would have the same name?
You have cried and prayed with us bedside in ICU, visited us in the hospital, checked on us after hours, and provided top-notch care for us on this 2-year journey.
Then there are days I cry tears of sadness as I ponder why He chose to allow our son to live, when other children have perished. But the amazing paradox is that I’ve been the one healed through Shafer’s sickness!
Thank you, Lord, for reminding us that you are in all things…even down to the smallest details in our lives. It was a magical moment to see Shafer meet such a legend that has impacted his love for music in a profound way. God has ordained him captain of the Daves ship and trust me, he’s doing a fantastic job managing the crew throughout this storm. We're still having clinic appointments twice a week, and this week we have additional 1-month follow-up appointments with his transplant surgeon and urologist. For me, it served as a simple reminder that life is but a vapor and we must live our lives on purpose every day. Literally, everything has taken on a new sense of beauty—pee-pee diapers, stinky feet, and even temper tantrums. My firstborn is entering 5th grade and it seems like yesterday she changed our family forever with her arrival. The fever lasted 4 days, yet Shafer was a trooper and showed no outward signs of feeling bad.
The skilled doctors, surgeons, nurses, anesthesiologists, and other support staff have been the human vessels that have given Shafer an extension on life.
What sweet memories we have of praying bedside with various surgeons, anesthesiologists, residents, and nurses before Shafer was whisked away to surgery. Our open dialogue regarding Shafer’s condition has provided us the opportunity to learn and grow in many ways. Her confidence and experience let us know that she was the one to do this time-sensitive surgery.
Santucci walked with us when tough decisions were being made about Shafer’s long-term care and her supportive role as a listener and mentor proved invaluable to us. We love you more than you will ever know and your constant support has helped us stay the course.
I feel a deep sense of loss for those families and the situations that are far worse than ours.
We are in a season of celebrating and rejoicing over Shafer’s successful transplant and miraculous recovery! In that moment, I was deeply moved as my 2-year old expressed such gratitude to his mother.
Due to the faithfulness of my Heavenly Father, He lightened the burden and carried me when I was all but done.
It has truly been a dual miracle of healing—his physical and mine spiritual and emotional.
Shafer has been a fan since he was only weeks old as the beautiful music would lull him off to sleep at naptime and bedtime. Shaffer, and if that’s not enough to let you know that God truly is in control of the details on this journey, my doctor (the nephrologist from Vanderbilt who did my medical work-up to be the living donor) is Dr. There are no words to adequately express our family’s deepest thanks for every prayer, card, meal, dollar given, and other numerous acts of kindness. Shafer will head to surgery about an hour later, and his will last approximately 5 hours as well. How I praise God for His faithfulness to have given me such a wonderful partner to share life with. As a point of prayer, his liver numbers are significantly elevated again which can be due to medicines, but until those numbers level out, his medical team will have to keep a close check on him. I fully realize that I have absolutely no control over anything—God is completely sovereign and will not put more on us than we can handle. The realization of the brevity of time we really have with Shayli and our other four children has caused me to wake from my slumber. Who would have ever thought that on the incredible journey of caring for Baby Shafer that we would be given a dream vacation? Thanks be to God Almighty for his ever-present hand on Baby Shafer as he has endured so much physically and been cared for spiritually. A piece that really confirmed he was the vessel God would use to bring healing and renewed life to our son. What an incredible role he played in harvesting my kidney while being careful to put me back together properly.
God certainly blessed us with you as our primary care providers, but the sweet friendship that has formed through the years has been the greatest gift of all.
Our faith has certainly carried us on this journey…when our strength was gone it was the Lord who gave us exactly what we needed to carry on. Of all the unbelievable things we have experienced, and the crazy string of God-winks, this has to be at the top of the list. This is an added blessing because it will keep Shafer from having another surgery down the road. Every conversation, every meal, every field trip, every bedtime story and prayer, every kiss, and every anything has got to take on a new and fresh meaning in our lives. The dishes and laundry can wait, work projects can delay an hour or so, and I promise you the news will be the same in just a few hours. His attention to detail, kind manner, and years of expertise proved to be the perfect mix for a successful outcome.
You can catch up after they go to bed or whisk away with their friends…but for now, stop and relish every possible precious moment by unplugging technologically and plugging in tangibly to your children. We are incredibly grateful for all he has done and will do as he provides my follow-up care.

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