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Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! There are countless different ways for the elements to join together, and millions of compounds are known.
The properties of compounds are usually very different from the properties of the elements they contain.
The reaction between iron and sulphur to make iron sulphide is often used in school to study elements and compounds.
The table compares the properties of iron and sulphur (the two elements), and iron sulphide (the compound). We also have Bitesize study guides covering many subjects at National 4 and National 5 on our Knowledge & Learning BETA website. Plants must be able to move water and dissolved food around themselves in order to stay alive.
Xylem vessels [xylem vessels: vein-like tissues which transport water and minerals up a plant]  are dead.
Phloem cells [phloem vessels: vein-like structures through which food is transported round a plant]  are alive.
Created at the Mediated Matter Research Group at the MIT Media Lab, The Silk Pavilion explores the relationship between digital and biological fabrication on product and architectural scales.
Inspired by the silkworm’s ability to generate a 3D cocoon out of a single multi-property silk thread (1km in length), the overall geometry of the pavilion was created using an algorithm that assigns a single continuous thread across patches providing various degrees of density.
Affected by spatial and environmental conditions including geometrical density as well as variation in natural light and heat, the silkworms were found to migrate to darker and denser areas.
Within few months, if the sculpture was left as is, moths can produce 1.5 million eggs with the potential of constructing up to 250 additional pavilions. Research and Design by the Mediated Matter Research Group at the MIT Media Lab in collaboration with Prof.

Analysis through testing the variation in 3-Dimensionality of the Bombyx mori‘s spinning environment from 2D to increasingly 3D. Sonar+D is an international conference on digital culture and creative technologies, featuring forward thinking members from the communities of art, design and technology, and specially those that move within the three territories.
Kadenze offers the opportunity to learn creative coding from world renowned instructors and artists.
Music Tech Fest is the festival of music ideas and a giant creative laboratory that brings together artists and scientists, academia and industry.
Technical Lead at Cinimod Studio Cinimod Studio in London are looking for an experienced full time Technical Lead to be client facing, and to lead our creative software and 3D Art team. Creative Software Developer at Cinimod Studio Cinimod Studio in London are looking for an experienced, middle-weight full time software developer to assume a creative role developing our in-house software-based projects.
Interactive Developer at Downstream Downstream in Portland, US are looking for an Interactive Developer that collaborate with UX strategists, designers and fellow developers in the creation of digitally augmented environments in public spaces.
The primary structure was created of 26 polygonal panels made of silk threads laid down by a CNC (Computer-Numerically Controlled) machine, followed by a swarm of 6,500 silkworms spinning flat non-woven silk patches as they locally reinforced the gaps across CNC-deposited silk fibers. Overall density variation was informed by the silkworm itself deployed as a biological “printer” in the creation of a secondary structure. Desired light effects informed variations in material organization across the surface area of the structure. Surface morphologies vary in sectional height from 0 (flat) to 25mm beyond which a 3D cocoon is spun. Talks, workshops, exhibiting and hands-on areas, along with networking and mentoring sessions, installations, tech shows and more activities are part of this inspirational event. The festival showcases groundbreaking work from the music tech and sonic arts and is an experimental and collaborative space that crosses genre and discipline boundaries. The position would suit a junior or graduate level candidate looking to create unique applications for interactive installations both large and small.

The ideal candidate is someone who is comfortable in multiple platforms, and who can act as a technical lead on projects and delegate tasks. The end walls of the tube cells have pores through which food is transported from cell to cell in the form of dissolved sugars. A season-specific sun path diagram mapping solar trajectories in space dictated the location, size and density of apertures within the structure in order to lock-in rays of natural light entering the pavilion from South and East elevations. Variations in surface morphology yield corresponding variations in fiber density, property and overall organization. For #MTFBerlin, 27-30 May at the legendary Funkhaus Berlin, fellow CAN subscribers get a 20% discount by entering the code "CAN".
The central oculus is located against the East elevation and may be used as a sun-clock. Parallel basic research explored the use of silkworms as entities that can “compute” material organization based on external performance criteria. Specifically, we explored the formation of non-woven fiber structures generated by the silkworms as a computational schema for determining shape and material optimization of fiber-based surface structures. Access to all video content is free, and you can subscribe to a premium membership to experience everything Kadenze has to offer (submit assignments, receive grades, collaborate with peers, build a portfolio, earn verified certificates of accomplishment, and receive discounts on course materials). While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience.
Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets (CSS) if you are able to do so.

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