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This completely revised text provides management concepts and theories, giving professional administrators and students in nursing theoretical and practical knowledge. This entry was posted in Author, Leadership, management, New edition, Nursing and tagged Administrators, leadership, Management, Nurse Administrators, Roussel. Management and Leadership for Nurse Administrators, Sixth Edition provides a foundation for nurse managers and nurse executives as well as students with major management and administrative content including planning, organizing, leadership, directing, and evaluating.

She has been instrumental in the developing of a number of educational and leadership programs included the DNP, CNL, and Executive Nurse Administration.
She serves on the ANCC Expert Panel for the Executive Nurse Administration certification exam, as well as academic representative for the Clinical Nurse Leader Association (CNLA).
She has been an invited speaker at national conferences including the AACN Masters’ Conference, Clinical Nurse Leader Summit, and the Evidence-Based Summer Institute (University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio).

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management and leadership for nurse administrators 5th edition

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