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Earn a respected credential and advertise your grounds management, maintenance, and construction expertise. Do it all in one winter - or take a few courses each season until you've completed the requirements!
Learn plant classification and biology basics to better understand how plants and trees are grouped and identified.
Gain an understanding of the practical aspects of soil science, along with strategies for proper plant selection. Learn about the philosophy of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and discover practical strategies for implementing IPM.

This course covers identification and control of diseases, along with weed and insect problems in landscape plants.
Learn leadership styles and management strategies to increase trust and tackle tough issues head-on. Learn valuable clues to effectively diagnose and treat insect, disease, and weed problems in turf. Discover how to establish, maintain, and renovate athletic fields, as well as make the best choices for your specific site conditions. Learn how to properly prune your landscape plants while preserving their natural vigor and beauty.

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Provides a basic knowledge of what defines a sales tax certificate, identifies common mistakes that can cost you money, and provides resources.

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management certificate dubai

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