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What does a veteran, licensed skilled Jouorneyman Plumber like Pat need with a basic 101 class?
Patrick Fitzgerald is that Daleys indictment you are trying to find inside of that elephants butt? We have a beautiful city.We got the Olympics,green parking meter maids,millenium park, a skyway with a great view,plnters in the street,These are great investments, and I cant wait to see which other environmently ideas his Honor for life comes out with. Several major tourist attractions located within 50 miles, including Algonquin Park, White Water Rafting, National Capital Region, Bonnechere Park, Bonnechere Caves, and a growing cluster of artists, artisans and specialty shops.
Algonquin College in the Ottawa Valley's new waterfront campus is located in Pembroke, and offers a diverse range of both full and part time courses to over 1,000 students. Numerous fairs, events, art shows, and sporting tournaments are held throughout the year, drawing thousands of visitors to the area. The recently developed Waterfront Park adjacent to downtown draws hundreds of families during the summer months with free entertainment at the amphitheatre, children’s playground, and walking trails. Highway signage is available along Highway 17, while the City provides additional promotional opportunities through its social media outlets.
Pembroke's unique location combined with the skill set of the population and advanced telecommunications allow our manufacturing sector to thrive.
Fully serviced and appropriately zoned industrial land is available through the City of Pembroke. We believe that if a community wishes to thrive, and not just survive, then local businesses must help to determine the economic agenda.

The following link provides access to Ontario Government forms including birth certificate, marriage licence and death certificate. If a property owner requests additional work while City is having contract work done - Contract Rate + 5% Admin. For Zoning By-laws and the Official Plan, please refer to the Planning Section of this Site.
Today, over 100 forest companies make their home in Renfrew County, which has identical boundaries to the Ottawa Valley Sustainable Forest Licence area. Metro Ottawa with a population of 1.7 million is just an hour and a half drive east of Pembroke, while North Bay is 2 hours west. The City of Pembroke’s Department of Economic Development works closely with every new business to ensure that it enjoys a smooth transition into the community. Another growing health care sub-sector is fitness,  lifestyle and wellness centres that can be found in Pembroke and serve the greater central market population. The City of Pembroke management team is ready to help you with your plans by responding quickly to your business needs. Lot configurations are flexible, prices very competitive, and it is often possible to customize industrial and commercial space to suit your specific needs.
This is great news, especially for retailers and any other businesses that would like to remain open on statutory holidays to take advantage of increased tourist traffic. The BR&E program is based on that premise and engages the local business community in a meaningful way to ensure that their voices are heard and their issues addressed quickly.

The retail sector of the local economy has grown tremendously, as Pembroke’s position as the largest service centre between Ottawa and North Bay has been solidly established. The American market to the immediate south plays a vital role in the export and consumption of locally produced goods. The City has designed a program that will provide a grant for up to $5000 to help qualified businesses make their storefronts more attractive and in keeping with the original historic look of our downtown. The Economic Development Department offers business mentoring services as well, and will work with entrepreneurs to help them develop their business plans, and marketing and promotional strategies to nurture their success. The Entrepreneurs' Toolkit provides essential links to federal and provincial business services.
If ever you belive the bullshit about the media not being biased, just ask yourself what would happen if Daley were a republican? I saw a 1980's WTTW Channel 11 with John Callaway interviewing Mayor Washington and he was grilling Washington so bad and boldly that I know John Callaway raised his own blood pressure tenfold.
But when Daley goes on there or is interviewed they smile and make sweet small talk and wish his wife well. Since the press is so scared to upset the mayor, why don't they go to these pension board meetings and grill them why Vanecko ripped them off and got away with it!

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