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As managers, we strive to keep the workplace positive and productive with strong communication, uplifting encouragement and goal-oriented results. No matter what kind of personality type you manage, there will always be strong pros and potential cons when it comes to the qualities we all bring to the table.  All types of employees will get into trouble without self-awareness and professional coaching and development.
The problem that some companies face is that management can’t seem to connect with the employees.
These are only some of the advantages of instituting a leadership development program for your company. Contact us to learn how Greg Clowminzer can help you develop leaders throughout your company. Greg Clowminzer is a pioneering business and leadership coach with over 10,000 hours of real time coaching experience. Question #1: Do you ever struggle to come up with fresh new ideas for growing your business?
Question #2: Have you ever been frustrated by the disappointing results of growing your business where you have invested a lot of time and money?
Question #3: Have you ever wished there were shortcuts for quickly growing your business and attracting new customers and prospects? En poursuivant votre navigation sur ce site, vous acceptez l'utilisation de cookies pour vous proposer des services et offres adaptes a vos centres d'interet. Anxa collecte et traite les donnees personnelles dans le respect de la loi Informatique et Libertes (Declaration CNIL No 1787863).
When negative behavior begins to take center stage, these qualities become career stealers and stoppers. Problems keep cropping up that could have been prevented and you’re facing the prospect of losing employees.
Knowing that you are doing the best that you could possibly be doing is a great boost to personal self-esteem.
It also boosts their confidence and helps them to contribute more to the company via their observations and plans.

Inculcating this into your middle management corps will reap you dividends in your relations with those at employee level.
Greg coaches and consults with CEOs, small business owners and professionals, helping them clarify their vision, create unique strategies for success and developing the necessary skills to be a leader and effectively exercise leadership as their natural self-expression. As hard as managers try to keep spirits high, when employees exhibit negative behavior, it can quickly throw the office into a loop. No more doubts about your capabilities in leading – you know that you can lead your company and lead it well. Some example of these skills are on how to plan properly, how to deal with problems in your company, and how to identify other potential leaders in your company. Worse, when bad behavior is not bad enough to merit formal discipline or termination, the stakes become even greater when it comes to maintaining balance in the workplace.Managers must stay proactive in the face of negative behavior.
Join us for the next Simply Effective workshop, November 8th at the Empress Hotel in La Jolla. With the right tools and training, managers can be office advocates, eliminating bad behavior while helping employees get back on track. Leadership development, at its heart, is all about finding the nails that need to be hammered and addressing them. Thanks in part to arecent articleatBusiness Management Dailycoupled with the latest research from the Center for Creative Leadership, you can find out how to overcome the most irritating employee behavior quickly and professionally. Call (858) 246-6210 for more information.-CommentsBe relevant, respectful, honest, discreet and responsible. But be careful – if all you have in your leadership tool box is a hammer than ever problem looks like a nail. Leadership development helps identify competent people and give them the tools to lead n it also identifies not-so-competent people and give them the tools not to screw up so much. And for even more managerial tips and behavioral training ideas, join us for the next Simply Effective workshop, November 8th at the Empress Hotel in La Jolla. Perhaps she’s under the impression she’s even earned special treatment as she may be your top performer in the office.

She’s bright, intelligent and likes to shine in the spotlight of her own success.The Personality TypeAccording to the Center for Creative Leadership, a “prima donna” personality type is classified as a bright and natural driver. This personality type brings a lot of positive qualities to the table, but behavior can quickly derail if given the opportunity, leading to unfavorable traits such as becoming overly ambitious, bruising others, becoming abrasive and handling mistakes poorly. TheLominger  Derailment Exercisefrom the book titled Tools for Developing Successful Executives by Michael M. Eichinger reminds managers that these highly ambitious players may slip into trouble when behavior becomes arrogant, insensitive or when trust issues arise.The Solution“Prima Donna” personality types can quickly interfere with office morale, especially if other employees believe she’s given special treatment. Managers should delineate expectations in the form of an email, printed list, shared document or other form of communication that spells out duties, no matter how big and small.
Avoid micromanagement, though; the goal of the task list is to create concrete objectives and follow-through.
Constant interrupting is good example of poor behavior that can cause a bad case of annoyance for everyone in the office.
An interrupter is obsessed with his own work, perfecting it and controlling it until it produces the desired result. He is a master of all details and he makes sure that he gets all the information he needs to complete the task, even at the expense of interrupting others or taking over conversations.The Personality TypeAccording to theLominger Derailment Exercise, interrupters are often seen as results-oriented, single minded individuals with an ability to nail down technical detail quite well.
Reinforce your conversation by always correcting the behavior should it once again reappear.Sometimes employees choose to interrupt because of their lack of self-confidence when it comes to skills or making decisions. The Procrastinator is a composer of ideas and a master of taking the spotlight with creative reign. Again, don’t aim for micromanagement – after all, it will only make your job harder and demoralize employees.
Instead, aim for ongoing feedback and a checks-and-balance system that works for both you and employees who tend to procrastinate.

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