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Innovation Tools - (Digital) tools that will increase the innovation potential of your team or company.
Companies become increasingly restrictive in their consulting spending, especially during times of economic crisis, where the return on the investments on consulting services is questioned and carefully considered. Imagine that you as a consultant will be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your clients’ innovation management capabilities within just a few hours. With the case examples from these benchmarking activities developing your consulting business becomes easier. Furthermore imagine, by getting trained in this innovative approach to innovation management consulting, you develop and complement your knowledge in the area of innovation management consulting, gain access to ready to use material to promote your own services on conferences, in publicly funded programs, as university lecturer or as expert in innovation management consulting to conduct workshops on behalf of trade associations, chambers of commerce, innovation or development agencies and thus provide value-adding knowledge transfer to companies, intermediaries, financial actors, policy makers, or students. Consultancies – especially small to mid-sized companies – usually do not have the resources to develop their own systematic approach and tools to assess their clients’ innovation management capabilities and performance. The basis for the IMP?rove benchmarking is a growing database of currently almost 3.500 companies from different industries, which constitutes the larges database on innovation management. There are more than 500 trained IMP?rove consultants listed on the IMP?rove platform and the pool is still growing.
Public programs either request or welcome the innovation management assessment based on systematic benchmarking. The IMP?rove approach and benchmarks as well as the content of the training material provided by IMP?rove are used by consultants also at workshops or as lecturer at academic institutions.
Participating in the training and certification program, IMP?rove consultants will learn how to focus on creating value for their clients in each step of the consulting process.
The IMP?rove certificates define the services the consultant can offer under the IMP?rove brand.
Examples show that entrepreneurs who started their consulting company can accelerate their business development significantly, by using the IMP?rove services. This success is based on the knowledge the entrepreneur has in the industries he provides his consulting services to, on his skills in business development, but also on his ability to integrate the IMP?rove services in a smart manner. The IMP?rove services will be presented on March 13, 2013 during an IM Channel One web-session. The other day, on a flight from Barcelona to Zurich I couldn’t help but listen to the phone conversation held by a very loud and very noisy gentleman sitting in the row behind me.
The conversation went on and the consultants came to the conclusion that the root cause of the problem was a lack of communication between client and consultant teams. Consulting in the area of innovation management is even more under pressure as it is usually much lower on the CEOs’ agenda than e.g.

Within this time you will be able to present to your client a comprehensive innovation management benchmarking report, comparing your client’s performance with at least 30 of their competitors and showing performance gaps to the average as well as the best performers. Up-to-date benchmarks and case studies on innovation management enrich the workshop of a consultant and enable them to present current trends and achieved improvement results, either to companies or as lecturer at an academic institution. Consultants have the possibility to increase their effectiveness and efficiency in innovation management significantly by leveraging the IMP?rove Approach, which combines training and education in innovation management, innovation management benchmarking and innovation management consulting. Here IMP?rove – the innovation management benchmarking approach developed with the support of the European Commission, provides effective tools and services to gain the necessary insights into the status quo of the client’s performance before developing the recommendations that will help the company to grow. Consultants and their clients can define the benchmarking sample by specifying the industry sector, country, size, and age of the company against which they would like to benchmark the company. The feedback on IMP?rove from the consultants in the network who have already used it by assisting their clients in the IMP?rove Assessment, shows their level of satisfaction. Because companies are interested in gaining an understanding in their competitive position, consultants use the IMP?rove benchmarking on innovation management as a “door opener” to acquire new clients or to deepen the relationship with the existing clients. With the IMP?rove Assessment’s national and international benchmarking, the consultant can provide such innovation management assessment and differentiate his or her services in the market.
Furthermore, IMP?rove consultants are invited to present their innovation management consulting experience and case examples in the studies and publications developed by the IMP?rove – European Innovation Management Academy. Providing insights and creating transparency on the company’s innovation management performance is the first experience where the IMP?rove consultant shows the difference in efficiently and effectively rendering consulting services to their client. An IMP?rove Guide is trained in assisting the company in the IMP?rove Assessment and providing feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of their innovation management capabilities and performance.
In this environment it is an asset if a consultant can demonstrate his expertise based on an international certificate.
They immediately can build their consulting offerings on the proven IMP?rove Approach instantly creating a clear benefit for their clients. He used the IMP?rove Assessment as the so called door opener to gain access to clients, he leveraged the knowledge that he gained from the IMP?rove trainings, as well as the support and coaching services offered by IMP?rove. Kearney and project manager of IMP?rove and of the launch of the IMP?rove – European Innovation Management Academy (non for profit).
Next time you are stuck in your project, give it a thought; a solution workshop might be the solution. The benchmarking results will provide you with the basis for agreeing with your client on the specific actions that can improve your client’s competitiveness and innovation management performance. By using the IMP?rove Approach these insights can be generated within roughly 4 hours and are based on a systematic benchmarking of the company’s innovation management performance.

After completion of the benchmarking process, the IMP?rove Assessment report is generated automatically and the language of the report can be chosen among eight languages (Czech, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Spanish). Some of the IMP?rove consultants have manage to turn up to 80 per cent of their IMP?rove Assessments into new consulting projects.
Following the IMP?rove consulting process helps the consultant in each step to render value for the client.
An IMP?rove Expert has practical experience and is trained to execute the innovation management consulting process with clear focus on sustainable value-creation for the client. The IMP?rove Assessment has been included in consulting projects to provide the client with valuable additional insights where they need to focus on.
There are examples where the entrepreneur who started his consulting company had clearly defined the revenues that he wanted to achieve within the first 12 months being in business. Moderated by a professional communication coach, both sides would talk about all issues, problems, friction in an open, positive and constructive way.
A) You're the groom and you've just asked your best friend to give a speech at your wedding.
Therefore, innovation management consultants face the challenge to develop their client base, be effective by providing the right recommendations and be efficient by developing these recommendations in as short a period of time as possible. This action plan will become the starting point for you as a consultant to develop your proposal for a consulting project that is geared to creating value for your client. 67 per cent stated that the consultant could very quickly identify strengths and weaknesses of the SME’s innovation management performance (indicating 6 or 7 on a Likert scale 1-7). And the IMP?rove Auditor has at their disposal an in-depth knowledge and experience in innovation management and in auditing innovation management capabilities in companies. Such pro-active consulting support will position the consultant as the “trusted advisor” to whom the CXO refers to for further advice.  Moreover, this certificate is becoming a requirement in increasingly more public programs. I’m not a fan of bull*** bingo, but this solution workshop would, for sure, create a win-win situation.
Mastering such a challenge seems like searching for Columbus’ Egg in innovation management consulting. And 62 per cent strongly confirmed that the IMP?rove benchmarking provided sufficient insights for them (indicating 6 or 7 on a Likert scale 1-7).

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