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RCP is an independent project management, project programming, scheduling and development management consultancy with over 30 years’ experience delivering solution focused outcomes to the property development, construction, resources and infrastructure industries. The Career Development Program (CDP) is designed to provide you with the self?understanding and necessary tools to establish a meaningful career. The CDP provides tangible value to your professional career in numerous ways and employers recognize the Program as a valuable step in your career planning process.
The Telfer Networking Convention (TNC) is held in the winter semester and enables students of all years to meet with employers who are looking for part-time, summer, contract or full-time employees. This mandatory 30-minute workshop is designed to prepare you for the Telfer Networking Convention or the 4th Year Telfer Career Convention. This interactive workshop will teach you how to build and maintain professional relationships and assist you in articulating what you have gained from your university experience.
This interactive workshop is designed to help you find your place in the professional world and assist you in mapping out an effective job search strategy. This workshop introduces you to the key elements of business etiquette including topics such as general business courtesy, techno-communication and interpersonal interaction. This workshop is designed to help you develop the necessary skills to stand above the competition and make a positive and lasting impression during a job interview. As resumes and cover letters are usually the first point of contact that employers have with potential candidates, using well-written and professional correspondence is essential in making a positive first impression.
You can participate in a Career Planning and Testing workshop or meet with a Career Counsellor individually to explore your interests and identify your personality type using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Strong Interest Inventory (Strong). This workshop introduces you to a tool that will allow you to organize your career planning activities and showcase your value as a potential employee. Job searching is a difficult task and can be even more challenging for someone that is not from Canada.
This interactive workshop is designed to teach you how to leverage essential social media tools in your job search activities. This consultation is designed for those who have participated in the Career Portfolio workshop and would like to take this tool to the next level. We invite you to meet with a relationship manager to create a personalized networking strategy in line with current employment trends.
You have the opportunity to participate in practice interviews throughout the year in order to prepare for an upcoming interview or to simply polish your skills. You can book an individual appointment to receive valuable feedback on your resume and cover letter which will help you create a strong marketing package.
If you know the basics of resume and cover letter writing but would like to sharpen your skills in tailoring these documents, then this consultation is for you. We encourage you to meet with a Career Counsellor to discuss your interests, values, strengths and personality preferences. When you are near the completion of the Program, a message will prompt you to schedule an appointment with our Career Counsellor in order to review your CDP progress. Simply input online the activities in which you have already participated as well as when they took place.
In our journey to building learning organizations, engaging People is one of the most important key success factors.
Stephen Leung is the Country Manager of Pfizer Hong Kong, who is a registered pharmacist by profession (UK & HK). Stephen is the Chairman of the Chinese University, School of Pharmacy Advisory Board; Consultative Committee of the School of Nursing, Member of Advisory Council on Food and Environmental Hygiene, Council Member on Human Reproductive Technology, Food and Health Bureau and Council Members of various healthcare related associations.
KMDC enjoyed a wonderful evening at the Hong Kong University Alumni Association on March 3rd. We are pleased to invite you for a KM networking sharing on the hot topic of "Embracing Knowledge Management in a Corporate University" with our honorable guest Dr Ricky Tsui, Director of ARUP. Since we would like to have a closer interaction among the participants, places are limited (15). KMDC is supporting the coming seminar ?§Decoding Smart City - A holistic discussion of technology and use cases". The 2016 Policy Address has devoted a whole section to Digital Development and Smart City, which clearly shows the importance of the Smart City development to the future of Hong Kong.
Business of Design Week (BODW) 2015, organized by Hong Kong Design Centre, will be held from November 30 to December 5.
Such an Asia's annual world-class design, innovation and brand event is going to bring the world's most outstanding design masters and influential business figures to lead inspirational sessions in Hong Kong.
KMDC EXCO committee and members visited HKSAR Government Efficiency Unit 1823 Contact Centre on Aug 29th 2015. We are pleased to organize a tour to the new "1823 Contact Centre" with the support from Efficiency Unit in the morning of 29th August 2015 (Sat). One of the KM related initiatives that EU led is the set up of "1823 Contact Centre" integrated back in 2001 with the vision to be the new benchmark for public sector call centre operations and to provide a key driver for the creation of a joined-up government, leveraging the knowledge base co-created by participating governments departments (grown from 5 to 22).
After the visit, some of you may be interested to join a networking lunch with pioneering KM practitioners across the HKSAR Government. Due to space limitation and ensuring a meaningful interactive discussion, the total number of participants for the visit and lunch will be limited to 20 and 12 respectively, on a first-come first-served basis.
As one of the supporting organizations, current KMDC members are entitled to a 15% discount at the upcoming Hong Kong Quality Management Association (HKQMA) certificate program ??Advanced Certificate in Service Quality & Registered Quality Manager?¦. It is a pleasure to have met so many old friends and new acquaintances in our KMDCAnnual Dinner 2015 last month.
Finally, I would like to thank all our volunteers who had made the event seemed effortless, but only in disguise.
We are pleased to invite you for the KM Annual Dinner in Yau Yat Chuen Garden City Club on May 19, 2015 (Tuesday). The latest global fashion trends, novel local culture and passion, invasion from new growing brands, shortened design and development cycle, the regional weather forecast, and the ever changing consumers demand! KMDC is delighted to announce that this year?¦s Annual Dinner to be held on May 19, 2015 (Tuesday).
We are pleased to invite you for a KM sharing on the hot topic of startup companies and local innovation plus IP (Intellectual Property) Protection with our honorable guests Mr. Since we would like to have a closer interaction among the participants, places are limited.
To start the new year of 2015, KMDC is organizing a dinner gathering on Thursday, 5th February 2015 when we can share our past year knowledge management experience and activities.
Founded in November, 1998, Tencent has grown into one of China's largest and most used Internet service portal. Mr Mak, another honorable guest speaker, who has been practicing KM systems and processes in the past years, frequently shares the KM practices in government with our community. In addition to the two great talks, you will be able to have time to share or learn KM through socialization among the group of KM experts and practitioners over the sumptuous food. KMDC is delighted to announce a KM Sharing Dinner to be held on Thursday, 6th November 2014. KM Asia - Networking, collaboration, and technology will be held in Singapore this year from Nov 18-20th.
Over twenty KMDC members and friends had a very fruitful visit to Huawei Technologies Co Ltd on 21 June 2014. Huawei is a leading global information and communications technology solutions provider, sometimes referred to by industry analysts as the Cisco of China. KMDC is honoured to have a chance again to organize a learning trip to Huawei headquarters, to get a first-hand view of knowledge management in Huawei. Fee: Current Member ($250), Renewed Member ($550, including membership renewal till June 2015), New Member ($650, including one-year membership), Non-Member ($450), Corporate Member (free, limited to 2).

We received tremendous responses to KMDC first celebration event for its 10th Anniversary this year.
Since 1992, Towngas has been implementing KM initiatives by demonstrating their expertise, corporate culture, management systems and code of conduct practice to over 100 joint ventures.
The Business of Design Week 2013, an Asia's leading annual event on design innovation and brands, will be held on December 03-07. Alternative, forms for Individual and Group registrations are available by click on this links respectively. According to the Global Competiveness Report 2013, Hong Kong is the seventh most competitive economy in the world.
In today's fast changing business world, innovation does not just mean creation of new ideas, it also includes the speed of creating, recognizing and turning the new ideas into reality.
This is an invitation to you for a KM sharing on 'Game-changing through Design & Innovation'. Hong Kong Design Centre is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising Hong Kong's profile as a design hub of creativity and innovation, driving value creation through design and innovation. The sharing is designed to be of closer interaction among the participants, therefore places are limited (max 18). Dr Edmund Lee is Executive Director of Hong Kong Design Centre, a nonprofit organisation dedicated to raising Hong Kong's profile as a design hub of creativity and innovation, driving value creation through design and innovation.
The Hong Kong Next Generation Internet Society (HKNGIS) is pleased to announce the organization of a Technical Seminar to be held on October 11, 2013 in Cliftons Hong Kong. HKNGIS is pleased to have invited Dr Steven J Cannon, Executive Vice President, The University of Hong Kong, to give the opening address, and Mr Peter Koo, Partner, Enterprises Risk Services, Greater China Region, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu to be the Keynote Speaker for this BYOD technical seminar. At 2013 KMDC Annual Dinner, we celebrated our friendship with our members, partners, old and new acquaintances.
In Republic Polytechnic, we promote research, knowledge transfer, and industrial collaboration between RP, industry, and other parties.
Mainstreaming GEnder Dimension Into WAter Resources Development and Management in the MEDiterranean Region. The African Training and Research Centre in Administration for Development (CAFRAD) is a Pan African intergovernmental organization, established in 1964 by African governments, with the support of UNESCO; making it the first uniquely Pan-African training and research center in the continent for the improvement of public administration and governance systems in Africa. The mission of CAFRAD is to support governments and related bodies in strengthening public administration and governance, promoting management innovation and serving as a centre of excellence through partnership and networking with countries and institutions, developing human capacity and enhancing leadership in Africa.
To build active partnerships with national, regional and international institutes and organisations involved in public administration and development management. CAFRAD promotes and undertakes practically oriented comparative research and analysis in the areas of its competence, and administers research grants on request. Acquired this 550,000 sq ft shopping centre in 2001 and were responsible for its asset and development management until 2007.
Please enter the email address you signed up with and we'll send you a password reset link.
Participating in Career Centre activities ensures that you are equipped with the academic knowledge and career management skills to be successful at the end of your studies. You must attend a preparation workshop to participate in this event (see description below). It will ensure that you present yourself professionally and maximize your networking opportunities at the event.
This workshop is designed to help you create a marketing package that will get you noticed. Goal setting can help you to identify where you want to go and the steps needed to get there.
This workshop for international students highlights the nuances of the job search and recruitment process in Canada.
Based on your personal profile, the counsellor can help you to determine the career path options that fit best and assist you in creating a job search action plan. The Career Development Certificates are typically awarded in March each year at the Career Centre Successes reception.
Engaging people and team is critical in building a knowledge sharing culture in organizations.
Stephen has over 30 years of pharmaceutical experience in four different countries (UK, USA, Australia and Hong Kong). Under Stephen?¦s leadership, Pfizer won the prestigious Hong Kong Management Association Quality award ?V Gold Award in 2009. Dr Ricky Tsui is currently the R&D Director and Arup University Leader in East Asia Region. As a continuing effort to promote the development of Next Generation Internet technologies and applications in Hong Kong, HKNGIS (the Hong Kong Next Generation Internet Society) is pleased to co-organize with IT Services, The University of Hong Kong, a Technical Seminar with the theme ?§ Decoding Smart City - a holistic discussion of technologies and use cases??, to be held in the afternoon of March 11, 2016 (Friday) in the Centennial Campus, The University of Hong Kong. Experts define ?§Smart City?? as a city that utilizes Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in various aspects of city life to meet the demands of its citizens, and that the ICT is implemented in a manner that involves the citizens and has an impact on the community. The speakers will share their innovative case studies and design management skills that fall onto different themes, including Product & Design, Communication & Design, Space & Design, Fashion and Design, IoT & Design, etc. Established as the only pan-Asian KM event, this conference allows you to draw from global as well as local expertise.' KM Asia 2015 will be held for the first time in Hong Kong in November this year. Members had the opportunities to learn more about the HK MAKE award winner through the presentations as well as discussion during the networking lunch.
During the lunch, these KM practitioners will share with us their valuable experience in embarking on their KM journey in a causal environment. We have heard many great praises from some of the participants; we feel we must take this opportunity to express our thanks to you who have made this event successful.
Freddie Tang from VMWare who has sponsored our table gifts and we thank all our corporate members, members and student members for your continuing support.
The fashion retail industry is constantly challenged by changing factors in the local and global markets. LIU Wing Sun, Lecturer at the Institute of Textiles & Clothing of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Mr. Liu will be speaking on the impact of local passion and culture to the growth and development of successful fashion brands, as well as the theory behind the success of fast fashion leaders. Liu Wing Sun is a Lecturer at the Institute of Textiles & Clothing within Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the MA Fashion & Textiles Program Leader, in charge of the Global Fashion Management Specialism. He has over 25 years of experience working in various capacities along the fast fashion supply chain, including merchandising, business & market development, quality assurance and talent engagement.
Since its establishment over the last decade, Tencent has maintained steady growth under its user-oriented operating strategies. He has spoken to us ?§New Ways of Working: The collaboration platform of the government Statistical Service of Hong Kong?? during last November sharing dinner. This is one of the many gatherings that KMDC is organizing to celebrate our 10th Anniversary this year. Anthony Mak, Census & Statistical Department (C&SD) to share with us on the ?§New Ways of working: The collaboration platform of the Government Statistical Services of Hong Kong??.
This year?¦s international programme will not disappoint, with world-class keynotes standing alongside award-winning case studies from across the continent. We are grateful to Mr Tan Xin De, Head of KM Department, to share his company?¦s KM process and stories with us. Huawei considers customer-centric innovation and open collaboration (sharing knowledge, information, experiences and capabilities) as the company?¦s critical success factors. Priority will be given to current and renewed members and on first come first served basis. Susanna Shen, CIO of Towngas, to share with us on the topic ?§Providing Value to Business using Knowledge and Information??.

In addition to winning the MAKE award 2013, the company was also named Top Winner of the ?§Hong Kong Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise Award?? and the ?§Best in Knowledge Culture Award??, for excellent performance in KM. Although the ranking is up two places from last year, the World Economic Forum, which published the report, has recommended that the territory must improve in the fields of higher education and innovation. Innovation is also highly dependent on the availability of the knowledge and the process of creating and managing it. We are pleased to have Dr Edmund Lee, Executive Director of Hong Kong Design Centre to facilitate the sharing.
This is a good opportunity to 'pick' Dr Lee's brain on a less formal environment on the evening of October 9 over a social drink.
He is a Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of arts, commerce and manufactures.
With the wide proliferation of hand-held devices, BYOD - Bring Your Own Device has become a buzz word in the business community and there are heated discussions on the pros and cons of deploying the strategy of allowing employees to use one’s own devices in an organization and how it may impact business operations.
And we have also invited speakers from Cisco, H3C and Aruba to share their expertise on technologies and issues related to BYOD.
We champion innovation and capability development within RP and work with industry and business partners to transfer and commercialise project outcomes. Michael is a Senior Expert in the African Training and Research Centre in Administration for Development (CAFRAD) in charge of training, research, consultancy and publications programmes and Editor of CAFRAD bi-annual Journal of African Administrative Studies and Series of Studies and Documents. Upon completing 10 activities, you will be able to obtain the Career Development Certificate. Those who have already attended a preparation workshop within the last year are exempt but must still register directly for the Convention.
He has been actively facilitating business driven research, mostly in collaboration with universities, to develop applied technologies for the built environment.
At the same time, we will also update you on the coming KM Asia 2015 (15th Annual Conference) which will be held for the first time in Hong Kong in November when our chairman Mr. Benjamin Linh, we must particularly thank them for their lively presentation and sharing on their views on Fast Fashion industry. Benjamin LINH, a 25-year veteran in the FAST Fashion industry, to speak at this year?¦s annual dinner. He is in the editorial boards of Journal of Global Fashion Marketing, Fashion, Style and Popular Culture. Mr Linh has worked in a number of well-known global fashion companies over his 25+ years of tenure including H&M, AMC (later become part of Target), Dodwell (Inchcape Buying Serviced), etc.
Anthony Mak, Senior Statistician, Census & Statistical Department, HKSAR as our guest speakers. On 16 June, 2004, Tencent Holdings Limited (SEHK 700) went public on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. This time, he will further elaborate on this topic and update us of the latest key achievements and change management.
Frankie Lai, our EXCO members had attended the ?§China KM Practitioner Union Congress?? on 28th August this year. KMDC will once again be one of the supporting organizations for KM Asia and our members will be eligeble for a 20% discount.
Huawei adopts a groundbreaking rotating CEO system in which a small group of executives takes turn to fulfill CEO duties in order to leverage collective wisdom from the leadership team to drive growth and expansion. The Company?¦s strong performance in KM and intellectual capital enables Towngas to develop a diverse business in Hong Kong, Mainland China and across the rest of Asia. Since innovation is one of the key components for an organization to sustain its competitive advantages, it is a warning sign for us who is living in Hong Kong.
Dr Lee will show us the innovation process in the organization, ie from knowledge creation to deliver meaningful change, solutions and impact through design leadership and enterprising creativity. Dr Lee currently serves as Board Director of PMQ, Member of the Design Council of The Federation of Hong Kong Industries, Hong Kong Brand Development Council, Advisory Committee on Design, Licensing and Marketing of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, and the International Advisory Committee of The Jockey Club Design Institute for Social Innovation.
The theme of this technical seminar is to bring into proper prospective the various issues of introducing BYOD practices in business organizations and is intended for IT managers and professionals. Membership is open to all African countries: at present, CAFRAD has a membership of 37 States, which includes most of the South Mediterranean Countries. In the framework of UNPAN, CAFRAD acts as regional focal point on e-Information management, promoting the sharing of knowledge, experiences and best practices throughout Africa, and supporting capacity-building and partnerships among the Member States, with emphasis on south-south co-operation and commitment to integrity and excellence in sound public policies, effective public administration and efficient civil services. In 2015, Pfizer was presented with the Corporate Citizenship Gold Award by the HK Productivity Council. There were great interactions among the members with some positive and fruitful discussions. He is also leading the formulation and implementation of an effective knowledge management (KM) strategy in the region and has particular interest in using KM as a platform to facilitate corporate innovation. He is working on a project to explore the consumption culture in Hong Kong with the hope to expand it to different regions of China. He has been a true supporter for Knowledge Management and an acclaimed collaboration expert.
Over 260 KM practitioners from major corporations, such as Huawei, Tencent, Lenovo etc were present. Currently, Huawei is the world?¦s largest telecom equipment maker in terms of sales revenue. So how does Towngas successfully manage its knowledge and information assets in providing true value to the business? He also serves as Chairman, Design Faculty Advisory Committee of Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong. Thanks to the World Wide Web, through UNPAN, African countries now have immediate and on-going access to a vital tool for strengthening the capacity for public sector management. He was granted the ?§Knowledge Management Leadership Award?? in 2014 and has led Arup to be the winners of the Asian and HK MAKE (Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise) Awards for past several years.
Victor & Frankie will give us an overview about the event and the current status of KM development in China. Under her leadership, Towngas has recently been awarded the ?§Asian Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise (MAKE) Award 2013??.
Other public duties include chairmanship or membership of a number of professional management bodies and service organisations. Stephen Leung, Country Manager of Pfizer Hong Kong to share with us on ?§Building an Engaging Team??.
Dr Lee received his PhD in biotechnology from King's College London and MBA from Warwick Business School.
Linh has attributed a ?§Rapid Growth?? retailer approached creativity with strong conviction and high degree of respect to individual. In order to meet this mission, Tencent engages Knowledge Management as one of the key management strategies for the company. He also completed advanced training in nonprofit management at Harvard Business School on HBS Club Scholarship. The ad hoc exchanges session was so enlightening and it demonstrated how academic and practice converge to a common ground.
Mr Qiu is also one of the organizers of the first ?§China KM Practitioner Union Congress?? which was held on 28th August 2014, Shenzhen. You may not want to miss this sharing opportunity again if you were unable to attend the Congress last time.

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