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Project Management is no longer a subject strictly for professionally qualified project managers.
This portfolio of project management in-house training courses addresses topics for various levels of project involvement and experience.
Please contact me to discuss your organisation’s project management in-house training course needs. As I am fully versant with the popular methodologies, such as PRINCE2, AgilePM and the PMI’s PMBOK framework, these can be incorporated as required in a best-fit manner for your organisation. Without leadership an organisation would lose it's way, chaotic decisions would be made and innovation would stagnate as the organisational vision disappears.
All too often smaller organisations fail to take on board the importance of developing their employees specific leadership skills and behaviours, relying instead on "time-served product knowledge" to get them through. Respected, well trained managers, boost motivation and morale and improve employee retention rates.

Take a browse through our Leadership and Business Skills courses and if you dont see anything that ticks all your boxes then please contact us to discuss bespoke packages.
Our best selling Transformational Leadership programme is now offered as an open course thoughout the year due to its popular demand for smaller organisations who cannot fill a full group course.
If you are looking to become a more effective and efficient-manager or executive, there are various skills you must possess and develop. At The Business Talent Coach, our Management Leadership Essentials Training and Development provides additional knowledge, skills and tools to assist newly promoted management through executive level management with continued success in maintaining their competitive edge in today’s business environment.
By engaging the services of The Business Talent Coach, we explore and help identify management deficits, and then tailor our training and coaching to address these needs.
As we are an international company, we are aware of the skills needed on a global scale to ensure success.
If you want to certain your work gets the recognition it deserves, and you want to gain a reputation as a strategic, results oriented leader, call us today.

More and more organisations are adopting these principles in various disciplines to provide improved delivery capability. Leaders are strong and skillful at implementing change and help to guide teams through times of uncertainty. Ambitious employees become disengaged as their strengths are not valued, weak leaders fail to challenge under performance, team conflict arises, job role satisfaction fails and evenutally teams fall apart.

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management leadership training alberta online

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