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If there is a lot of drama at a workplace near you, then it could be because your colleagues and team members are falling into dramatic roles.
In the meantime this video (below) introduces Stephen Karpman’s Drama Triangle (also uploaded as an image below) which demonstrates the cycle of drama that takes place between Victim, Persecutor and Rescuer.
The video also offers useful tips as to how to break the cycle of drama – not only in Thai contexts! If you are interested in reducing the drama in your workplace, then why not ask us about our Emotional Intelligence programme?
Emotional Intelligence helps your teams become aware of the roles they are acting, and the tools to overcome non-productive conflicts at work… and of course overcome the drama!
A A My Vision is to implement Transformational Leadership & Change Technology into every Business, School, and platform yearning for excellence and leadership, empowering all people to BE the Change that they want to see in this world.

A If you're going to endure relentless and constantly growing global competition, you need to be different and radically change the way of doing business. The transformational leader encourages followers by serving as a role model, motivating through inspiration, stimulating intellectually, and giving individualized consideration for necessities and goals.As a whole, transformational leaders balance their attention between action that creates progress as well as the mental state of their followers.
Possibly greater than other leadership approaches, they are people-oriented and believe that success comes entirely through deep and sustained commitment.A Why Transformational Leadership?Transformational leadership empowers individuals to greatly exceed their prior levels of accomplishment. This dynamic and innovative leadership style challenges and motivates an whole organization - top to bottom. The outcome is individual, group, and organizational achievement beyond expectations.Transformational vs. Transactional LeadershipTransactional leadership is complementary with transformational leadership.

Transactional leadership is actually a first stage and central to getting day-to-day routines carried out. It works only when both equally leaders and followers have an understanding of and are in agreement about which tasks are important.
Transactional leadership is important to getting the job completed but transformational leadership is what provides the emotional glue that causes organizations as well as the people in them to excel.

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management leadership training emotional intelligence video

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