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Roger Reece Seminars is a small company providing management consulting, training and coaching services for a wide range of clients in the private and public sectors (see our client list below). Roger knows that humor enhances the learning experience, so he always includes humor in his workshops. We will work with you to design and deliver a management training seminar that fits your organization's culture, work environment and industry.
We recommend that you schedule a single seminar first, and, based on your assessment of its success, work with us to develop a schedule for follow-up seminars conducted over the next year. We understand that your managers and supervisors are busy and may not all be available at the same time. Some of the most intelligent and capable people actually shoot themselves in the foot when they get emotionally charged.
Emotional Intelligence is a set of skills that every manager needs, consisting of Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness and Relationship Management. Effective managers are aware of when they are having a negative reaction to a situation or to an employee's behavior.
Managers who lack self-awareness just react, and in their reacting, they blame others and create relationship problems through their reactive behavior.
Managers who practice self-management are not only aware of their negative reactions, but are able to control their behavior when those reactions come up.
Managers who lack self-management tend to act out their negative emotions, creating employee resentment and disengagement. Managers who practice social awareness are able to tune into the moods, attitudes and emotions of others. Managers who practice relationship management solve problems and correct employee behavior, but they always do it in a way that strengthens the relationship. Our management training seminars and coaching programs are designed to give your managers and supervisors the skills they need to improve their emotional intelligence EQs and achieve great results from their teams. Our management training seminars are conducted by Roger Reece, a seasoned manager who has trained and coached thousands of other managers over the years.
Even managers who typically hate role-play exercises enjoy participating in the challenging scenarios that Roger stages for them.
We include DISC Behavioral Style Assessments in a great majority of our management training seminars. Your managers and supervisors have the job skills they need to manage their teams, but do they have the right people skills?
The effectiveness of a manager depends on the skills and behaviors that manager is using every day. Old habits are hard to break, but if a manager's habits are producing the wrong results, those habits need to be broken. In our management training seminars, we teach tools to help managers and supervisors break old habits and form new ones in order to achieve the right results.
We highly recommend supplementing your management training seminar with a coaching program to help each manager form new habits and implement the management skills that will improve their effectiveness.

How employees treat each other and work together - their performance, attitudes, morale, and quality of their relationships and overall work environment - are ecological forces within your organization.
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But if you want to add even more humor and fun to your management training seminar, you can have two trainers for the price of one. Fuddwhacker (Roger Reece's alter-ego) is available to bring one or more segments of madcap humor and hilarious audience participation to your seminar. We will work with you in structuring multiple sessions of the right length to accomodate everyone on your management team.
When these people are your managers and employees, the result is employee resentment, disengagement, apathy and turnover. Those managers are able to think through the situation, determine the desired outcome and choose the right course of action. Self-management keeps managers from saying and doing things that diminish trust, respect and leadership.
They are able to sense how to handle a problem so the employee learns and grows through the experience.
These managers may know how to get compliance from employees but they are not good at developing and coaching them. On the other hand, it may be advantageous to hold the sessions in an offsite location, to eliminate interruptions and keep everyone focused on the learning experience.
Always practical and realistic, the role-plays give your team the opportunity to use tools and techniques relevent to the challenges of their positions, in order to solve typical on-the-job management problems.
DISC is a widely-used model for understanding personality and styles, and it is extremely successful in helping managers to understand their own behavior as well as the behaviors of the people they manage.
Our management training seminars will train them in the essential people skills that every manager and supervisor need. If they are to succeed, managers and supervisors need to build new skills and actively practice them - rather then repeat and reinforce old, unconscious habits - every day. For example, many managers attempting to correct a behavior in an employee will begin the conversation with blaming and accusation. The management tools, techniques and skills we teach in our management training seminars are straightforward and practical - and they work.
Please visit the Coaching page of this website for more information about our telephone & Skype and onsite coaching programs for managers and supervisors.

Some managers actually make team ecology worse through their poor management skills and reactive behavior. Swipe your finger across the screen to slash them!TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT PROCESS FLOWCHARTAs word doc , , insights into the addie instructional essential.
All our programs are developed and conducted by Roger Reece, assuring you of high-quality programs for your top, mid-level and front-line managers and supervisors. After the call, Roger will provide you with a proposal that meets your budget and your objectives.
They are able to choose the right course of action and then carry it out, achieving the right results.
These managers often fly off the handle and create hostility and dissonance in their relationships. If you are planning a management meeting or event, we can use that venue for incorporating a management training seminar into your agenda. Roger uses case studies and stories from his years of management experience, and he is an expert at getting everyone in the room engaged and invested in the discussions and group exercises. This puts the employee on the defensive at the beginning of the conversation, and often severely impairs the manager's ability to get the employee to see the problem. In order to replace an old habit with a new habit, managers must be able to recognize the situations that trigger the old habits and focus on changing their response to the situation. If you would like to improve your organizational ecology, the work must start with your management team. We help them to see the effects of their actions and give them the tools for improving team ecology. If you would like to see video clips of Buford in action, just contact us and request a link to Buford's online videos.
The proposal will include recommendations for seminar length, format, class size and a detailed outline and agenda for the seminar. In any case, once you see the value of these seminars we are confident that you will not want to lose momentum in transforming your management team. Listening, directed questioning and other techniques achieve far better results than blaming - and the manager may already be aware of this - but old habits are hard to break.
The more they practice behavior substitution, the more these new behaviors become habits, resulting in successful outcomes. When every manager and supervisor is working daily to improve team ecology, the effects are felt throughout the organization.

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