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ICI Mutual's extensive library of Risk Management Studies reflects our long-standing commitment to providing insureds with in-depth research and analysis of the mutual fund industry's unique liability exposures. To learn more about this subject, take a look at the related lesson What is Time Management?
The publication describes general principles of authentication and limitations of authentication, and also reviews practical considerations for fund groups when addressing authentication issues, focusing on technological solutions, operational initiatives, and educational efforts. Among the topics discussed in this expert roundtable report are the relevant legal frameworks, the fund industry’s recent experience in such litigation, and predictions for the future.

The publication provides a general introduction to: (1) mobile computing, cloud computing, and social media, (2) the financial, legal, and reputational risks associated with their use, and (3) approaches that may assist fund groups in managing these risks. The Guide discusses common operational errors involving private accounts, explores some of the underlying causes of such errors, and reviews various risk management techniques employed by advisers to reduce and address operational risks of private accounts. The guide discusses public and private enforcement of ERISA, with a focus on large-scale civil litigation initiated by private parties, and analyzes key areas of ERISA-based litigation risk faced by fund advisers and their affiliates. The publication includes case studies illustrating how individual advisers have chosen to address particular trade allocation issues.

The report also discusses the potential liabilities that such advisers and providers may face for a third-party vendor’s errors and the potential availability of insurance for losses resulting from such errors. It will ask questions about what time management is, why it's important, and the strategies we can use to manage our time.

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management studies jobs

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