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Clients can utilize the OMS Back Office Platform to place sales orders using the customer service tools.
Clients can use their existing sales channels and E-Commerce platforms that automatically interface with the OMS System to provide seamless transactions, without manual intervention.
Clients can choose to use the OMS E-Commerce Platform and deal with one provider, while not having to outsource to multiple companies.
Clients with their own distribution center can utilize the proprietary OMS Warehouse Management System to implement into their own facilities. Clients can present their current business rules for order processing to OMS and have us custom-tailor a solution to best fit each client’s individual needs. Individual cartons, pallets, or containers arrive at our OMS Fulfillment Centers on a daily basis and are received electronically against purchase orders to ensure that vendor order quantities are correct. Inventory is put-away into client specific electronic bin locations for each given SKU in preparation for future processing.
Orders are pre-populated from the OMS Back Office into radio frequency inventory control scanners, which are used by our Fulfillment Processing Team for picking. Clients can see their order statuses live, online, at all times, and check in to see which stage each individual order is going through while it is being processed.
Small packages are placed on a conveyor, while LTL orders are staged at one of our docking stations. Orders are pre-populated with the chosen ship method, weighed, affixed with proper EDI documentation, if necessary, assigned customs paperwork, if needed, and then picked up by the carrier.
Once an item is electronically processed, inventory counts are updated in real-time, and can be seen live online. Velocity threshold calculations in the OMS Back Office can be used to determine product depletion date based on each individual SKU’s order history. Clients can also choose backordering options, if not all inventory is present for order fulfillment. Utilizing Order Management System’s B2B online ordering platform and electronic order fulfillment processing allows companies more flexibility in their inventory volumes. Account ManagersWhen it comes to B2B ordering, OMS is not your average bulk shipment third party logistics provider.
OMS specializes in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, online accessible, turn-key, and custom tailored B2B ordering solutions.

Order Management Systems understands that order fulfillment is a critical part to a successful business because it is the last link in the supply chain, and in some cases, the only direct contact with the end customers.
In order to successfully master business-to-consumer order fulfillment, all packaging, bin locations, barcodes, picking locations, quality control processing, and shipper stations need to be 100% specific to small parcels.
Many third party logistics providers often try to take on small package clients without truly being able to deviate from their bulk shipping roots. OMS has partnered with some of the world’s top small parcel carriers on a number of continents.
OMS can send out purchase orders automatically to our client’s vendors once a customer’s order is placed, and these vendors send the products for that given order to our OMS facilities. Order Management System’s International Division is specifically geared towards brands wanting to penetrate the global marketplace, without wanting the expenditures associated with having a physical location outside of their home base. OMS Distribution Centers have been strategically placed around the world and continue to expand.
OMS serves as a direct extension of a brand, which allows our clients to have the appearance that they actually have a brick and mortar operation in the country of interest. An International E-Commerce Ordering Platform with Multi-Language and Multi-Currency capabilities. A proprietary Least Cost Freight Estimator feature that allows client’s orders to dispatch from multiple global locations, based on the most economical ship method. A customer service staff to answer calls and emails under a brand’s name or based on each company’s specific rules. Distributors, retailers, and sales representatives can also all get support in the same time zone.
We are here to help you with all of your IT and server needs, please fill out the form or call us directly to get started today. This revised text provides readers with the most current information available on a wide range of topics. Vendor lead time for product replenishment also can be factored in and can assist with setting up automatic reorder notifications.
OMS can either ship out the items that are on hand and then ship out the remaining as they come in separately, or the order can go into a holding status until replenishment product has been received electronically, and sent out as one shipment. It also eliminates the need for operating a dedicated distribution center and making costly capital expenditures on materials and equipment handling.

OMS becomes an expert in your product line and business rules and works behind-the-scenes to become a direct extension of your company. Solutions are 100% automated and interface with many of the world’s leading online sales channels. Time and time again, clients have sought help in OMS due to a failed previous relationship with a provider of this nature. OMS has worked closely with these contacts for many years and implemented a revolutionary Least Cost Shipping Estimator for small package companies that utilize multiple OMS International Distribution Centers.
Although Order Management Systems has plenty of room to accommodate inventory, we are not in the bulk storage business. Once all products for that order have arrived at the OMS Distribution Center, they are consolidated into one shipment, or as few shipments as possible, without the end consumer ever knowing the difference. This allows for an extremely high order accuracy rate and ensures correct inventory counts.
Our clients are assigned their own dedicated OMS account managers, who have the thorough understanding that the more our clients succeed, the more we succeed. Start-to-finish services include: purchase ordering, advance shipment notifications, electronic receipt of goods, cross docking, inventory control, and an outbound order processing system that leaves little room for human error.
Our online consumer ordering platform and global residential delivery options are designed to be some of the best small package distribution services available in the industry. These freight companies cannot change their processes in enough time to successfully accommodate small package order processing, and they most likely do not have the technology driven capabilities in order to integrate with a client’s existing online sales channel. Inventory can be held in numerous facilities and dispatched accordingly, based on which location would provide the lowest shipping cost to the end consumer, in any area around the world. Clients with frequent product movement and little stock on hand is beneficial for both parties. Products are sold through catalogues, E-Commerce websites, and a number of different sales channels, and product is not purchased until a customer places an order. This drop shipping and JIT purchasing module can also be calibrated to each client’s specific backordering rules.

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management systems international mcber team

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