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There are plenty of free and paid social management tools available to the savvy social media marketer, the challenge becomes trying got find which social media tools are best for your business or your clients. Depending on the nature of your business, your products, services, and lead generation strategy, the types of social media marketing tools you’ll want to use could range from just one to 10+. If you’re using social media tools that are dramatically affecting your business a productivity, I’d love to know about them. For this list, I wanted to cover social media management tools that may not be as commonly known to social media managers and small to medium sized businesses.
If you want your team to work faster and smarter on your business’s Twitter strategy, you really should be using ManageFlitter. Features include the ability to manage multiple accounts, which you’d expect from a free and paid social media tool, as well as the ability to never worry about time zones again. If your business is using social media and content marketing, having access to free royalty-free images is a necessity, especially if, like most businesses, are on a tight budget. Compfight is a super cool tool that makes it super easy to find free royalty-free images for your social media strategy.
What Compfight does, is search the incredibly huge Flickr photo library and serves up only images with the appropriate Creative Commons license which will permit your company to use the high quality, high resolution image, for free!
They also make it easy to credit the source of the image, which is a must do in the world of content marketing. For those times where you need quality content ideas for your business blog, go to Portent and use the Portent Content Idea Generator.
This is where Rignite has its competitive advantage – in the team collaboration features.
I prefer Google Alerts and Nimble, which are similar but different to Mention, which I also use, sometimes. If you’re looking for a tool to crawl the internet looking for key search terms, competitors, or content ideas, this platform is worth a test. This allows you the business owner, or your local social media agency, to be instantly alerted whenever your targeted keywords and phrases are mentioned.
Be proactive and reactive with this tool to get the most return from not only the tool, but also your entire social marketing strategy. While Facebook provides some really good analytics for your business to tweak its strategy and optimize your post targeting, but as with anything, it could be better. Komfo offers a free Facebook analytics tool that provides your business with analytics that not only make sense, but provide valuable insight needed to tweak your Facebook campaigns.
If you’re looking to save time and drive traffic by publishing your high quality visual content to multiple social platforms, with just one single click, have I got great news for you.
This allows us to “drip” content strategically on Pinterest each night, or as per a client’s custom posting schedule.
Unlike other Instagram scheduling solutions, you don’t have to have your phone on you at the time something is scheduled, or muck around posting it yourself. ScheduGram is for social media managers who need an easier way to manage Instagram for their clients and brands. As for your business, you need to find the right combination of social media management tools that help you manage your strategy and achieve your goals. If you’re looking for some advice on building your social media and content marketing strategy, or if you need help with execution and management of your social marketing, please reach out and let’s get started.
Vee PopatI am a marketing and promotion professional with 17 years strategic experience, accomplished in search engine optimization (SEO), inbound content marketing, and viral social media strategy. The term Management Dashboard defines a wide range of data reporting and visualization tools or dashboards that allow using various performance & efficiency measures to report on an enterprise?s ability to organize and coordinate its activities in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of pre-determined objectives. In this Money Management Action Plan you can read a range of tips and suggestions that will help you manage your money in an effective manner. Project time management tools allow you to manage projects, track time, measure expenses, and run your business spending less time and effort. When you have project time management software installed on your computer, you can benefit from using all the tools that make your jobs better. Web based project management tools have leveled the playing field between professionals, freelances, small businesses, and large corporations. Apptivo is an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes, including freelancers, and professionals. Zoho is a project management program that supports creating tasks, setting deadlines, tracking milestones, assigning ownership, and working with the calendar. LessProjects is a web based project management tool that offers iterations and spec items but no simple tasks.

Cominwork is a paid project management application that is web based and offers the user project tasks, Gantt charts, scheduling, project risks, milestones, reporting, and file sharing. For those of you not familiar with ClockingIT, it is another web based application that’s worth looking at, especially since it is free.
Enjoy this free web based project management application, which is designed to offer an alternative to ActiveCollab or Basecamp.
Basecamp is one the popular online project management tool.Entrepreneurs,freelancers,small businesses and groups inside big organizations use Basecamp. There are other project management applications you may want to have a look at but right here you have 10 of the best project management applications, so why not start at the top with Apptivo and work your way down until you find what’s right for you. Designbeep is a design blog dedicated to web developers,bloggers,designers and freelancers.Our aim is to share everything about web design,graphic design,tutorials and inspirational articles and more.
Doolphy includes Gantt charts, Financial and Time reports, Timesheet and many more features. Great list all of which feature on our ever-growing list of over 100 online project management tools thank you. If smaller businesses need to manage additional processes like CRM, time tracking, billing etc – they usually have to accomplish this by using additional systems that poorly integrate with the original app. If you work in social media community management, execute social media marketing strategy, on your smartphone, tablet, and laptop, then this article is just for you.
Of course Buffer, Hootsuite, Sprout Social, or other popular, well known social management platforms are essential, the following could become the perfect social media tools for your business.
Their website says they have over 2.6 million users, some of which include large brands like PayPal, GE, American Express, and Richard Branson. Something they call “PowerPost” allows you to easily schedule your tweets at optimal times. Essentially it’s a web based service that “let’s you create powerful connections with one simple statement. So in relation to the triggers above, the corresponding actions could be: “send me a text message” or “favourite the RT”.
You already should know that relevant, high quality images drive engagement through the roof on social media. This tool provides a dual purpose that savvy content marketers and writers should appreciate.
From there you’ll receive a ton of ideas for not only content to create but also titles to use for the blog article you’re writing.
After all, there are many tools that allow you to monitor social media effectively, such as Hootsuite, and tools to allow businesses or social media managers to schedule content super easily, such as Buffer. Your social media manager can assign tasks to individual team members and even chat with all team members through instant message.
Mention is able to search social media networks, for a custom set of key terms that you chose, and returns results in real time. Street smart social media managers can then join a conversation and create value around your brand and leverage the conversation. The meaty analytics provided by Mention, with the ability to export the data, will make both business owners and digital marketing consultants very happy. Pretty much every brand that is involved in social media marketing is using Facebook as an integral part of their strategy, so reporting and analytics is important. Does that CRM need engagement tools, social listening, and a mobile app for your sales team? Even better from what I’ve heard, they have a pretty decent support team to help out any newbies. Many of our client’s have visual products and services, so visual marketing is a huge part of what my team does everyday. Before using this tool, my team would need to Pin, to Pinterest, in the evenings, according to the schedule (5-10 Pins).
This list represents a few I wanted to highlight, some of which we use daily at VPDM Digital Marketing, and others that we’re testing. Such tools give you convenience in following your project schedules because you can always be aware of the last changes made to your project and quickly react to any problems that may cause job failure. These are basic solutions that help plan and follow daily routine by using sample processes, tasks and to-do lists.
Budgeting and cost management will require performing calculations to allocate budgets and track costs. An ability to review results obtained at the end of your project lets you analyze the success of your management activities.

There are a great variety of software solutions for scheduling project activities and managing project time. There is a number of choices in project management tools offering all kinds of functionality, so you can choose the project management software that’s right for you. It offers you project management tools, collaboration tools, including milestones, calendar, timeline, notes, graphs, and reports. This is an Open Source web based application that can handle complex projects, as well as share and publish information and documents. But the most important difference is that Doolphy is the 1st Project Management software that includes Artificial Intelligence! This results in a heap of issues including double entry, lost information, general inefficiency, and a discouraged work force (in my experience). WORKetc is a great example of how this is done, it puts CRM, projects, billing, timesheet management, support, and other tools into one Google apps integrated web app. It allows project team to plan project with tasks, milestones, dependencies, gantt chart, issue tracker, risk register, document manager, timesheet tracker, online calendar along with Google Apps integration.
Catharines, and through Toronto and the GTA can get by just using one or two paid tools and a few free ones as well. Having said that, if you need to automate your social media marketing for your business, IFTTT could be your best friend.
Users create a “recipe” which is a combination if a trigger (If “this” happens”) which launches an action (then do “that”). Some of its useful features include the ability to monitor multiple social media platforms, schedule posts, and of course, you’re able to get useful reporting and analytics. Our social media managers schedule content for various client’s during the day, based on our tested best times to Pin on Pinterest approach. Such tools enable you to design a complete project plan that covers all the aspects of planning, scheduling and tracking. Spreadsheets (for example, Excel spreadsheets) will let you design sample budgets for your projects, allocate budget items and track job expenses. Reports can be used as project time management tools to receive summary information on your project and track what actions of your team have led the project to success or failure. You can use that software to design templates, to-do lists, checklists, Excel spreadsheets, and reports.
It allows planning project tasks and time by designing templates, to-do lists, checklists and reports.
Collabtive includes RSS feeds, reports, calendar synchronization, instant messaging, to do lists, milestones, and of course all the standard project management functionality. Feng Office allows you to create teams and collaborate on spreadsheets, documents, task lists, calendars, email, contacts, and more.
You manage the entire lifecycle of your clients in one place, not to mention you can run business wide reports in real time. This project management and collaboration software is helping companies to increase their productivity and improve their communication to get things done. You will benefit from making overview each time you need to extract summary information on your project.
You can try VIP Task Manager for free – at this website a 30-day evaluation copy is available. There are more than 50 applications that you can use within Apptivo, including faxing, timesheets, email, tracking sales and leads, finances, and of course project management.
Of course, there are some services such as hosting, SMS, or document management you can pay for and add on. My favorite part is the Gmail integration and mobile apps, which give in depth functionality and access to your entire business from basically anywhere! But then go names that are little heard about – Fergo Office, LessProjects… really? While its analytics aren’t as good as Iconosquare, formerly Statigram, it’s a very useful part of a businesses Instagram strategy.

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