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To be a good manager or for that matter parent, spouse or any other role that depends on getting along with people, communication skills are a must. A manager needs to make sure that firstly his or her attitude is great and upbeat all of the time, and that goals are set to allow the manager to achieve both personal goals as well as the organisation’s goals.
The new manager will need to be exposed to time management techniques that will allow them to manage both their own time as well as the time of their employees. The bottom line is that without training the new manager is almost certainly shooting himself in the foot. The reasons for this are: managers being promoted too young, not given adequate training and managers being promoted beyond their level of expertise.
Why do management courses build the skills, attitudes and behaviours required for new managers?

As part of the new managers management course the person will be exposed to methods that will help to improve rapport, develop empathy, create trusting relationships and develop motivational skills to manage people effectively. The different leadership styles will be explored, and methods to delegate, motivate and instruct staff in a manner that is not dictatorial and aggressive, and equally well not submissive will be given over. The management course will include instruction on both verbal and non-verbal communication. Secondly the manager needs to have a knowledge of attitude and goal setting which will allow them to motivate their staff to set realistic goals, that once again will meet both the staff member’s goals and help to achieve the organisation’s goals at the same time. The recipe for success lies with getting good quality training as quickly as possible, preferably before the person is even promoted into the new management position. Managers will need to learn about the communication roadblocks that prevent good communication and how to overcome these.
This tends to be a big challenge to a new manager because of the need to see both the needs of the individual as well is the big picture.
The non-verbal component of the management course will include strategies which will allow the new manager to be able to understand what people actually mean, and not just what they say.

The manager needs to be a role model when it comes to attitude, so that people will look up and want to emulate the attitude, skills and behaviours of the manager. Time management is not complex, but is a skill set that needs to be learnt to be able to make the best use of this valuable resource. In fact a degree of conflict is essential within organisations to be able to bring together these differences of opinion to allow people to grow and develop. The management course will teach the new manager strategies that will allow for assertive management of conflict. A good management course will provide the new manager with: people skills, management skills, conflict management skills, time management skills, communication skills and attitude and goal-setting skills. It is essential that conflict is resolved in a manner that will lead to win-win situation for both parties.

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management training courses for new managers experience

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