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We can support you and your managers to deal with or prevent difficult situations arising - not only avoiding costly tribunals or time consuming interventions, but also ensuring you build cooperative, inclusive teams based on dignity and respect. Your Managers have a direct impact every day on the motivation, engagement and performance of your people. People are your greatest asset - and how they are managed and led will make all the difference between a struggling, demotivated and under-performing team or a loyal, engaged and high performing team. For most managers, ensuring everyone is performing to their potential, getting on well together and producing great results is a work in progress! Sometimes a manager’s role is about stretching a high performing team to produce exceptional results, and sometimes it is dealing with really tricky situations, where communication has broken down and teams are not working well together.
How “Inappropriate” does Inappropriate Behaviour need to be, for Organisations to take action? Well-equipped, highly skilled, trained, and knowledgeable organisational managers means competent, motivated, goal-oriented, happy, and productive employees. Our management training courses in Melbourne are a holistic approach to training, coaching, and developing team leaders and executives, to achieve the ultimate goal of return on investment and overall organisational success. Our mission is to help people and organisations reach their full potential by unlocking and reinforcing their inherent competencies through learning and development programs, coaching and consulting.
When you have clarity about what you want to achieve, when you’re good at what you do and you achieve great results, and when your communication and leadership help you improve relationships, you’ll be more happy in work and life and thereby more productive. This morning I turned 31 years old – and while I plan to spend the day outside playing, I first wanted to celebrate with all of you.
One of the most amazing things about the past few years, and this past year specifically, is our community that all of you have created at Live Your Legend.
I read it for the 7th time while sitting next to a small river in Thailand last month, and it became even more obvious why the Live Your Legend name and movement was born out of the story told in this book. Starting today until this Friday at midnight PST, I am hosting a simple Ask the Reader comment contest. I will choose 31 of the people who leave a comment and mail each of them a free copy of The Alchemist.

For you to discover your talents, skills and passions, and find a way to build a career around adding value to the world in your own unique away.
The reason for these two questions is to understand the specific ways you’d like help in making progress toward pursuing your passion, creating value for others, building upon your idea and simply making progress towards doing what matters.
Over the next month we will be creating a very simple and inexpensive service to help you get results. And I hope you would answer this question regardless of there being a free copy of my favorite book involved – after all, hearing from you is the only way we can really help you Live Your Legend. And if you’ve already read the book and you win a copy, please give it to someone who needs it. I love to spend this day each year around people I love, and outside reflecting on all the things I have to be grateful for. Email readers click here to answer the questions and claim your free copy of the Alchemist.
The TCFM management and leadership development programme is designed to improve the skills and abilities of our key people.
The courses and ILM Accreditation process allow you to challenge your own capabilities as you develop and help you to bring new skills and methods back into the workplace.
Every TCFM manager can undertake an internationally-recognised qualification in leadership and management at the levels descibed below.
Courses are available right the way across the UK and also allow our managers to meet and mix other managers working at similar levels in other organisations.
The ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management is for In Store Managers and Area Managers. The ILM Level 5 Award in Leadership and Management is for Senior Area Managers and Operational Support Managers.
Use clear goals, KPIs or performance targets in line with departmental requirements to engender buy-in and achievement, and use good feedback and appraisal skills to maintain performance.
Discover how and when to use effective coaching techniques to empathise, empower and motivate people and teams towards shared goals.

This course allows high-performing Managers to consider how their leadership style and the culture in the workplace affects results, and provides effective tools to lead in line with organisational direction. Applications are invited from the unemployed youth for the Free Hotel Management Courses & Training under District Rural Development Agency and Indira Kranthi Patham. Eligible candidates will be trained for 3 months in various Hotel Management Courses at International Institute of Hotel Management, Hyderabad. But good managers don’t just happen by accident; they need support and guidance to develop the skills and confidence to manage their teams effectively and get the best from them. Focal Point can help through a range of tailored training, coaching and development solutions. Our management training coursesaim to increase competence, happiness, motivation, and productivity in the workplace. It’s no question one of the most exciting, fun, rewarding and inspiring parts of my life. What could Live Your Legend & I do to help you take the next step to make it successful? This training allows managers to step back from their busy roles for short periods of time and learn new skills which can help them enormously in terms of their performance, their team’s performance and their own career progression. This helps us all to gather a valuable perspective of how other people and organisations handle similar management and leadership challenges.
This course aids strategic thinking in all areas in which an organisation has to trade, deliver, employ, compete and more. Delegates uncover the factors which make a team perform, as well as how to apply their findings back in the workplace.
Applicants must bring their Original Certificates, White Ration Card and 3 Passport Size Photographs.

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