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The realities of global economic interconnectedness, competition, increased diversity of business environments, deregulation and rapid technological change have dramatically raised the bar on what it takes to create a competitive advantage strategy–let alone sustain it. Strategic decision making in the context of complex continually changing and ever challenging competitive global economic, ecological, political, cultural, and social environments coupled with the threats of terrorism and natural disasters require executive training. Balancing competing demandsa€“most especially customer, employee and shareholder satisfactiona€“within the context of finite resources is the business of the day.
Our XL Strategy MasterClass attracts executive from around the world with a variety of missions, goals and objectives each sharing in common the desire to develop and deliver superior strategy for sustained competitive advantage and company success. Our XL Strategy MasterClass provides a unique way of integrating strategic analysis, alignment and execution a€“ plus practical guidelines for implementing new strategic directions by helping senior executives identify their sources of value creation in relationship to profitability, desired growth, cost efficiency, risk-appetite, ROI, stakeholder demands, impact on current business and operating models, Triple Bottom Line (TBL), namely, financial (profit) , social (people) and environmental (planet) outcomes, and the identification and delivery of Crucial Strategic Outcomes (CSOs). Crucial Strategic Outcomes: Business success starts with identifying and ends with delivering Crucial Strategic Outcomesa€”the frequent fatal missed-steps in superior business strategy development and delivery. This XL Strategy MasterClass and our When MONEY Matters MostA® model is specifically designed to crosswalk with the U.S.
Format: Research-based business development program with extensive peer interaction, case studies, business analysis, and crucial action planning.
Fit across Value Chain: Integrating activity choices across the value chain to fit together and reinforce each other. Five or more years of profit-center corporate management experience including P&L authority and accountability. Five or more years of profit-center corporate management experience with P&L authority and accountability.
Combat Veteran with Commissioned Officer service in the Armed Forces of the United States with both command and general staff experience.
Choose a way to pay through PayPal's Secure Payment System: Pay with Credit Card, Debit Card or PayPal Account. PROFIT: This two-day executive training program is especially designed for Senior Executives (CEOs, Senior Executives, Managing Partners and Managing Directors). BUSINESS SCHOOL: Before attending our executive training program we recommend the development of a sound education in the fundamentals of business. CHALLENGE: The challenge is taking these business school fundamentals and not only translating them into your business - but interpreting the business context and competition to maximize shareholder wealth. SOULUTION: Our 2-day executive training program is specifically designed for those senior executives, Senior Executives who seek superior personal and business performance through the mastery of the 10 Mission Essential Tasks of Leadership.
This executive training course additionally focuses on executive strategic decision-making at the top and top management team effectiveness.
Providing critical insights into business motivation, human behavior, strategic competitive advantage techniques, innovative marketing concepts, operational and financial management, proven analytical tools, and strategy formulation and execution.
What every chief executive must Be-Know-Do-Deliver Diligently for sustainable career and business effectiveness and success. Bridging the gap between formal executive education and real world chief executive business practice effectiveness in highly volatile economic times. Full Spectrum Executive Development Program: From Chaos to Order -- Putting All the Pieces Together. XL ADVANCED BUSINESS STRATEGY TRAINING can help senior executives chart a sustainable successful future for their company. Unfortunately, the majority of strategic initiatives fail, no matter how appealing they seem on paper.
XL ADVANCED BUSINESS STRATEGY TRAINING can serve as a catalyst in overcoming resistance to change and avoiding common pitfalls, maximizing the chances that such initiatives will achieve sustainable results. Business organizations seeking to drive change can certainly derive benefits from our strategy. Helping top executive teams better understand the core competencies the organization needs. Developing strategy implementation plans that will cascade immediately into business organization effectiveness. Realign the value proposition and redeploy its critical resources against the new executive. Not all strategy work the same way and their exact design will vary according to what stage your executive team is at with its strategic initiatives. The skills of an excellent individual producer don't automatically transfer into effective management. Our management training seminars and management coaching programs will provide your managers with the skills they need to make this transition: from great individual producers to truly great managers. Over the course of our careers, we have all had the experience of working for great managers and not-so-great managers alike. Our management training seminars and management coaching programs will equip your managers with the skills and behaviors they need but haven't yet developed. In our management training seminars we teach managers and supervisors how to effectively resolve conflict.
Your managers and supervisors will learn the techniques and master the tools of conflict management through practice.
In our management training seminars we teach your managers and supervisors how to develop their personal power through leadership skills and behaviors.
Effective managers help employees to think for themselves, and to become problem-solvers rather than complainers or compliant drones. We train managers in how to build a deep sense of ownership and accountability in their employees.
The best managers have great coaching skills, and the performance of their teams are a testimony to those skills.
Our management training seminars provide tools and techniques to build effective coaching skills into the daily behavior of your managers and supervisors.
Everyone wants to work for a great manager, and most employees try to escape from the not-so-good managers.
Give your management team the tools, training and coaching they need to become a great management team. Business Industrial Network makes no manner of an endorsement, representation or warranty regarding any contents located on this site.
Executive Education - Knowledge Management + Engineering 2015: Seminars, Lectures, Events, R+D at intl Universities in EU + Asia (Prof.
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The selection of clips below come from recent seminars and workshops on management and leadership training & coaching conducted by Roger Reece.
We specialize in a wide range of business and personal-development topics; please visit our Youtube channel to find many more examples from other seminars and workshops, representing nearly every area we cover.
Sometimes, as a manager, you go to call an employee on the carpet for something they've done, and what gets unearthed is a bigger issue.
If you're not already accustomed to building coaching relationships with your employees, it can be an enormous help to your development to spend a few moments on your own before and after a coaching session to think about what you want to happen as a result of it. When you bring an employee into your office to discuss a problem behavior, how you conduct yourself can have a bigger impact than you realize. The key to effectively changing problem behavior in an employee (or otherwise) is in getting them to see what they're not seeing. Coaching to improve employee performance is about changing employees' behavior and their mental models (the way they see the world) as well. Retain talent and develop your employees: It may seem counter-intuitive, but as a manager, one of your most reliable means of retaining talent is to keep a continual focus on the employee's own potential for career growth and development. Discover strategies and solutions for minimizing distractions, maximizing your effectiveness and making it all work.
The phone is ringing, your e-mail inbox continues to fill, and the stack of papers on your desk grows exponentially as the hours tick by. It's increasingly difficult to find down time in your day to catch up on your voicemails, e-mails, and paperwork. Time management isn't a skill you're born with — it's something any individual can learn and master with the right tools and strategies.
You arrive at work with your day planned and time allocated for all of your important tasks. What would your workday look like if you could minimize the stress related to ineffective time management — and how would your work life change with a renewed sense of control, purpose, and accomplishment?
This high-energy program will give you and your coworkers the skills needed to manage your time, maximize your effectiveness at work, and gain a renewed sense of control over your tasks and to-dos.
Select the appropriate tools or create your own for developing a paper-based time management system that works for you and your workstyleWho Will BenefitEvery member of your organization will benefit from the strategies and solutions provided in this course that will help you manage your projects and priorities more effectively and add hours back into your days! We provide premier training for retailers large or small, online or at your facility.Try an online course TODAY! Solutions that fit your business.We've made it easy for you, just pick a profile that matches your business to get started. Solutions that fit your need.You know exactly what type of training you need and we've set it up for you. Our online retail training courses and retail seminar programs are based on real-world situations – not theory.
Many retail companies are taking advantage of the opportunity to outsource their training programs.
Our retail training courses are available in the format that works best for your organization. Right CUSTOMERSa€”First, they know precisely who the right customers are, what the right customers want, and how to deliver what the right customers want better than any competitor. Right STRATEGYa€”Second, they are open-minded strategic creative thinkers, who know how to diagnose complex problems, collaborate, craft innovative solutions, and who then develop the right strategy with total business buy-in and alignment, followed by effective strategy execution. Right RESULTSa€”Finally, they deliver the 5 Crucial Strategic Outcomes (CSOs) essential for sustained business success. CSOs are those results that are required for sustained business success and represent strategy criteria senior executives must give special and continued priority attention. Our advanced business strategy training is first and foremost about maximizing shareholder wealth. Understand the importance of global business models, especially in terms of shareholder wealth maximization (SWM), corporate wealth maximization (CWM), governance and the building of sustainable shareholder wealth within a multi-stakeholder framework. Upgrade to a unified, holistic view of the organization that aligns and integrates all the major management disciplines into one master mind-set. Build a total-team business for sustainable strategic competitive business advantage through the synergistic merging of best practices East-West-business-government-military-scientific-street smarts.
Address personal, team and business change from a flexible response-readiness-fitness framework.
Understand your workplace personality, leadership, emotional intelligence, creative style, motivation, stress, and competency potential strengths and weakness and develop Action-Plans to address career success competencies, roadblocks and derailment issues.
Update, broaden and optimize you executive management style for continued career advancement. Acquire chief executive leadership skills aimed at maximum business impact, personal and top management team confidence building, and better bottom-line performance. Change leaders must develop strategic initiatives to pave the way for sustainable future business success. Business transformation is a challenging process, especially when it upsets well-established business practices.
You will get best results from our strategy facilitator who have a track record of helping business teams choose new directions and mobilize their organizations. Advisors) - Professors, Doctors, and Experts The AAPM a„? Board is the Member, Certifying and Regulatory Body for AAPMa„? Global Standards and RequrementsChariman - Prof. What often happens is that these new supervisors become micro-managers, or else they get so involved in their own work that they fail to develop the skills of the people on their teams.
But getting it done through others, as a manager, is an entirely different challenge altogether. If you could improve the people-management skills of your leadership team, what would it mean in terms of productivity, teamwork, motivation, morale, communication and employee engagement? The great ones held people accountable for their performance but treated people with respect. They were smart and very capable - but they often took credit for the work of their people.
If employees do what they are told to do, that's good - at least in the short term - but if they don't develop their own sense of accountability and ownership, they will never develop into high-performing team members. Employees who really care tend to take more ownership of their job and of the team's overall mission.
In professional sports, a great coach makes the difference between a mediocre team and a winning team. Others may never have developed any coaching skills because they don't really understand what it means to be a coach. Employees love working for them, and will choose to stay even when recruiters offer jobs with higher salaries.

But the great managers develop future leaders who go on to manage other departments within your organization. Roger is a seasoned coach with 25 years of executive management experience to draw from; these clips showcase his familiarity with the subject as well as the wealth of practical and useful techniques he has accumulated and can share with his clients. You may discover a situation that you've been mishandling, or a problem that you've been ignoring, that has been instrumental in forming a negative worldview in your employee's perception.
Before the meeting, write down what you'd like to talk with the employee about, identify your goals for the future, and identify what you think you know about the employee's goals and intentions. You may think you have all the information you need about the problem you're discussing; the situation may seem cut-and-dried. When you have a conversation with another person, there is a residue left after you walk away that is made up of elements of Resonance and Dissonance. When you engage in a coaching session with an employee about a conflict or behavior problem, the first question you ask is also the most important: "What was your goal?" You ask this question referring to a specific behavior - for example, "What was your goal for saying what you said to a coworker at the meeting yesterday," or "What was your goal for being late?" This is not a rhetorical question, nor is it a time for sarcasm or blame.
Plenty of managers jealously guard their most valuable people, and some even go so far as to hinder the career advancement of their employees out of a fear of losing good talent. The reality of leadership is that we all have different perspectives, and nobody is right all the time.
As soon as you finish a project, you receive immediate feedback on next steps and revisions. From improving communication and streamlining workflow to identifying time-wasters and minimizing interruptions, there are numerous strategies for gaining more control over your tasks, time, and priorities than you ever thought possible. At the same time, you're feeling the pressure build as you know your daily work continues to pile up.
He comments that his business must not be important to you if you can't even find his forms. With the tips, tools, and techniques provided in this one-hour time management training audio conference, you'll learn to identify the time-wasters in your day, eliminate the clutter that's eating away at your productivity, and prioritize your deadlines in a way that leaves room for those unexpected interruptions.
Don't let yourself get buried underneath the piles of paperwork at your desk and e-mails in your inbox. With decades of experience in store operations, sales management, field management, merchandising, and marketing our team knows what works and what needs to be communicated to your team. Outsourcing offers distinct advantages including faster speed to market, the ability to take advantage of specialized knowledge, and lower costs. RTS can provide you with an on-site classroom-based program or you can have our online retail training courses delivered to your team-members on-demand and on-time through our online training portal. This includes single courses that you can purchase on-demand through our convenient pay-as-you-go training store.
It is based upon the premise that without operating capital, especially for R&D, companies cannot compete, customers will become dissatisfied and leave, shareholders will sell their stock and the business will fail.
Strategic initiatives often fail because people are unwilling to change or agree on the proposed changes. XL strategy facilitators are actively involved from the outset in helping you draft your plans for organization change. It takes a new skill set to motivate employees, transform negative attitudes, resolve conflicts, challenge and change behaviors, and build a highly-motivated, highly-productive team.
Managers and supervisors develop behavioral habits over the years, and some of those habits need to change.
They dealt with behavioral and performance problems directly and fairly, and they called people up to higher levels of productivity and professionalism. Give them the opportunity to learn and practice the skills and behaviors that will build high-performance teams while improving morale and increasing employee loyalty.
Moreover, our coaching programs provide ongoing telephone coaching support for key managers, to give them a resource for effectively handling conflicts, and to guide their continued practice of using the tools and techniques we've provided. Great leaders exhibit the kinds of leadership skills and behaviors that cause people to follow them - not because they have to, but because of their personal power. The great managers (who are also great leaders) foster trust and respect through everything they do. Employees who are driven toward compliance, on the other hand, only tend to become apathetic. When problems occur, they ask the hard questions that make employees take an honest look at what could have been done and what they could do in the future.
Our management training seminars will transform your managers and supervisors into coaches; and with practice, they will become great coaches. They hire an employee and within months are complaining about that employee's attitude and performance.
Great managers often have the pleasure of seeing the people they have hired become their peers, and sometimes even surpass them, in their career development.
The philosophy driving Roger Reece Seminars' management training programs is an emphasis on building strong, long-term coaching relationships with employees, in order to facilitate profound development of their skills and commitment. But what you may find out (if you can manage to keep your own mouth shut and listen to what the employee has to say) can mean the difference between another instance of employee turnover to drain the resources of your company, and an opportunity to groom a potential candidate for future promotion from within the organization.
When you resonate with another person, you connect with them in a way you both can feel: you are energized by the interaction, you are productive on the things you collaborate on, and you feel better after the meeting than you did before. But when your goal as a manager is compliance, it almost never happens: because as soon as you begin wielding that heavy authority, all they see is you. You want to get an answer to this question, because you are attempting to establish a tone of outcome-focused coaching, and also because you are not so presumptuous that you assume you already know what the person is thinking.
We start to develop our maps for determining the how and why of the world at a very young age, in a random, 'triage' manner; but mental models can change and grow throughout a person's life. Before you can hope to get your message across, you must first establish the right context for your message to be received. We get to the right path through teamwork and consensus, and the best leaders are the ones who are open to being led, at times, by others. This workshop will help you be able to implement what you learn immediately, and see positive changes in your work life as soon as you return to your desk. Learn proven strategies and practical time management tips with this time management course that will help every busy professional work more effectively and efficiently than ever before! Whether it is one of our standard retail sales training courses, a retail management course or a custom designed retail training program you can be assured that RTS will deliver a quality solution on time. Whether it is increasing sales revenue, improving gross margin, controlling inventory, or reducing expenses you can count on RTS’ ability to support your business objectives. Utilize RTS online courses to on-board sales representatives faster and more effectively while using our management training courses to help your store and field leaders to consistently drive results. Our strategy experts can provide some of the best options for strategy facilitation and organizing productive strategy. George Mentz, JD, MBA, MPM a„?, CIPM a„? - Atty at Law - - General Counsel USA - Author of Project Management Books and Treatises and Teacher of PM College and Grad. We can design a management training seminar for your management team that will improve their behavioral habits and people skills - and the results will go straight to your bottom line. Conflict itself is not a problem - but it can become a huge problem if conflict is avoided. They learn to be motivated by avoiding punishment; and when the boss is not around, they are less compliant as a result.
Great managers get employees to think and act differently because they build new structures into their thinking. If you're really serious about coaching, follow up the management training seminar with a management coaching program, which will provide telephone coaching to your managers. And loyal employees recruit their friends and business acquaintances, reducing the costs of hiring.
We will discuss your current situation, the skill levels of your managers, and the outcomes you would like to achieve through management training and coaching.
That doesn't mean you will ignore or forgive your team member's problem behavior, per se; you'll still be able to return to that in its own time. Afterwards, while the meeting is still fresh in your mind, it's a good idea to expand on your notes and give your impressions of what you learned from the session and how well (or how badly) you think it went. The opposite of this tuned-in feeling - a dissonant reaction - is equally apparent from an encounter. Our responsibility as managers is to get to the heart of our employees' mental models; and, through coaching, to help employees to develop or shift their thinking in ways that are more ecological to the team and to their own personal development.
The more talented and productive the associate, the more likely it is that you will eventually see them move on from your team - either through promotion inside the company, or else in a lateral move to a rival (if they don't see a clear-enough path to progress in your organization). Effective leadership is not a monarchy; an effective leader is not a ruler with irreversible decisions. We have online retail courses and retail seminars that can assist you with driving your KPIs, by letting you focus on your core activities.
RTS can even Integrate our instructor-led retail training courses with the elearning programs to create a powerful blended retail training program. And, of course, our instructor-led classes are fun, energizing and can be easily customized to meet your business goals and requirements.
For business leaders they translate into the 5 Core Competencies of Highly Effective Executives.
And they developed people who were promoted to higher and more influential positions within the organization. Some were tyrants, and others were manipulated because they wanted to be everyone's friend. We provide managers with effective tools and techniques for confronting issues without being confrontational. The employees of great managers care about the quality of their work, and do it well even when their manager isn't around. They lead employees to change self-limiting beliefs and to accomplish things they never thought they could do.
If you do exit interviews with the employees who leave, you will no doubt get an ear-full about the manager's behaviors and people-management skills.
Our management training seminars teach the skills and behaviors that every manager needs to attract and retain good (and great) employees. You can start with something as small as a half-day seminar, and when you see the results, we can grow it into an ongoing management development program. Other product names used herein are for identification purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective owners. But if you want any credibility as a manager, your willingness to honestly and objectively listen to what your employees have to say, and to hold yourself to the same standards you expect from them, can never be in question.
The important thing to remember is that dissonance is not the same thing as conflict, nor is it the necessary result of conflict. It's important that you, as the manager, recognize your contribution, and don't put all the blame on the employee.
Even taking for granted that the upward momentum of a high-value team-member means that we'll probably lose them at some point, there is still always a great deal to learn, a considerable amount of formal and informal training to go through, before a good individual producer is ready to make the transition to a supervisory role. True leaders can take input that may contradict their ideas completely, and do not have such an attachment to their beliefs or sense of authority that they can't accept modifying the course of action of their team. If these situations sound familiar, you're in desperate need of simple solutions and successful strategies for prioritizing your deadlines and maximizing your effectiveness. Contact us today to see how RTS can support your goals by providing your team with the quality retail training programs that they deserve and you require. Some were micro-managers, and others were so busy with their own work that they weren't available to coach their team members. Our management training seminars provide your managers and supervisors with new tools and behaviors for building accountability and ownership. Visit the coaching page of this website for more information about our management coaching programs. The worst thing in the world is a manager who won't admit to their own misdoings, but expects employees to admit to theirs. Your goal is to build up this employee, to help them succeed; always keep this long-term goal in mind when dealing with the situations of the day. They may need to let off some steam about frustrations that have been building up, and at the same time you need to demonstrate that you are willing to listen to them, that they will be heard.
It is about facilitating your employees' self-development, helping them to see their blindspots and leading them to the right frame of mind to achieve greater rewards for themselves and for the team.
And the team-member who is actively building the skills to become a viable candidate for advancement, is meanwhile bringing those skills to bear for the benefit of your team. They ask questions, arrive at solutions and negotiate behavioral changes with positive outcomes. Great partnerships are not people who always agree - they are people who have learned how to maintain a strong foundation of mutual trust and respect, where each individual feels that their voice is heard and their input is valued. But come back around to the question, rephrase it if you need to, stay with it and be comfortable with silence until you get a real answer. And later on, the reward of seeing an employee whose development you've nurtured through coaching rise to become a colleague brings clear personal and professional benefits as well.

Your role is to minimize defensiveness: your well-meaning message will not get through while the employee's defenses are up.
Make sure they see that your goal is not to punish them for something in the past, but to help them achieve better results in the future.
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Bishop, PhD, MPM - 2004-07 (Board of Advisors) Elizabeth Dunn, MPM, CIPM - SC, USA - Project Manager Mark Fowler PMPA®, MPMa„?, CIPMa„? - Project Manager - South Africa (Special Advisor) Milton L. Jones, MPM - Project Management Executive - Washington, USA Rueben Smith, BS, MPM, CIPM - Smith Enterprises, LLC - Engineer - California, USA Babar Khan, MPM, CIPM, Engineer - Toronto, Canada (Special Advisory Board) Prof.
Jenks , CEC, MPM - 2004-07 (Board of Advisors) Washington DC Gregor Jeffrey, MPM, CIPM, AP.APMP Managing Director - Jeffrey Strategic - United Kingdom Advisor N. Perez, MPM a„?, CIPM a„?, PME a„? (Advisory Board) France CHINEDU, Paschal Uchenna, MPM, CIPM - Proj. Ware, MPM, CIPM - Virginia, USA Project Manager (Special Advisor) Sheema Zahid, MBA, MBBS, MPM - Canada Project Manager - (Honorary Advisory Board) Edward James Donaldson IV, CIPM Arizona, USA K.
Chee, CIPM - Chee Keng Buan - Malaysia - Project Manager (Advisory Committee 2007) Ronald Sigur, MPM, CIPM - (Honorary Advisory Board) - Texas, USA Gerald Taylor, MBA, MPM, Six Sigma Black Belt, Member: Honorary Global Advisory Committee - AZ, US Steven M. Jenkins, MPM - New York City - (Honorary Advisory Board) Kent Chan Siewho, CIPM, CPE - Chapter President (Malaysia) Prof. McDanials, MBA, MPM - EU Austria (Honorary Advisory Board) Donald Mayer, CIPM, MPM- Alberta Canada Project Manager Hon. Geoff Bye, MPM a„?, CIPM a„?, PME a„? - (Advisory Board) Kuwait - Middle East - Gulf Region - Chair of the Ethics Committe - Certification Board - GCC, Middle East, Africa, India and the UK Great Britain. Henry Oh, PhD, MPM, RRT-NPS, MT, CLC; Director of Health Sciences Simulation Center, San Juan College, NM, USA. Advisor Bronwyn Hanley, CIPM - Senior Project Manager - Field Operations - Australia Joseph P Nair, MPMa„?, CIPMa„?, CSCMa„?, ITIL(r),, PMPA® -India Project Manager Professional * Hon. John Birdwell, MPM a„?, CIPM, CEC (Masters Degree in Industry and Technology ) Texas, USA AAPM Advisor Shahid Malik, MPM, CEC - Asian Advisory Committee - Melbourne, Australia * Rajesh Soni, BsC, CIPM Certified International Project Manager - India - Special Advisor Mohammed M.F. Abu-Sharkh, MPM - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Project Management Executive (Special Advisor) Ndaya Muhammad Yelwa, MPM, MSc. Adv.) Patrick Beck, MPM a„?, CIPM - Colorado USA - Military Veterans Honorary Advisor Eur Ing Marios A.
Ierides, MPM a„? CIPM a„?, Dipl.Eng MIET MIEEE ACMI MAPM - Honorary Global Advisor James H.
Mitchell, BS, MS, MPM a„? - Florida - (Special Advisor) Joel Carboni, MPM - Project Manager - Indiana USA - Hon.
Global Advisor Sarji Mohammedali, B Tech (Computer Engg), MBA, PGDSM, MPM a„? - Kochi, India Hons. Global Advisor Abhijit Ganguly, MBA, MPMa„?, PMPa„? - India - Honorary Advisor ADETOYINBO, Adeboye Olugbenga, MPM, CIPM - Abuja, Nigeria Special Advisor Sami Soubra, MPM, CIPM - Doha, Qatar (Special Advisor) Lloyd Bumanglag, MPM, CIPM - Project Management California * Horea L. Rizvi, MPM a„?, CIPM a„?- Project Executive - Kuwait Petroleum * Honorary Advisor Wing Yeng Andrew LEE, CPE Certified Planning Engineer - Australia * Honorary Global Advisor Prof. MSM - Singapore Construction Project Manager (Honorary Advisor) Syed Rayhan Qaiser (MBA,MPM) - Hon.
Special Advisor Pakistan Aaron Ogunfeyimi, MPM a„?, CIPM a„?, Nigeria, Africa (Honorary Advisor) Murali Venkatesh, MPM, CSM - Program Manager, SAIC Corporation (Honorary Advisor) Nicholas O. Oture MBA, MPM a„?, CIPM a„?-N'djamena, Chad, Africa (Special Advisor) Ndaya Muhammad Yelwa, MSc, MPM, CIPM (Honoraey Advisor) Abuja, Nigeria (Honorary Advisor) Akindele Opoola, HND, B.Sc, MCP, MBA, MPM a„? Master Project Manager a„?, CIPM Honorary Advisor Nagappa H.
Hall, MBA, MPM - Philadelphia, USA - Project Manager - Honorary Advisor Mohammad Nazre Alam, BE, MPM, CIPM, CPE- Engineer - Qatar (Hon. Advisor) Lawal, Musiliu Adebayo, MPM a„?, CIPM - Lagos - Honorary Advisor Fouad Abou Rjeili, CIPM a„?- UAE - Project Manager * Honorary Advisor Muhammad Shahid Shah, MPM - Pakistan - Project Management Executive - Hon. Manager - Pune, India - Honorary Advisor Muhammad Atif Islam Bangash MBA (MISS & MRK) CIPM a„?- Islamabad Pakistan - Hon. Global Advisor Tristan Boutros, MPM a„?, CSM, CSPO - Michigan, USA - Honorary Global Advisor Dr. Advisor Tomide Ojo BSc (Econ), MPMa„?, Director Business Development and Projects, BroadSpectrum Synergy Limited. Advisor Praveen Dayal, CISA, PMP, CPRM, Singapore, Honorary Advisor, Global Advisory Board, Asia Pacific Odusoga Akeem Adesanya, MPM - Lagos, Nigeria Hon. Advisor - Lagos, Nigeria Galina Fedorova, MBA, CIPM, Social Entrepreneur, Leadership and Executive Management, Hon.
Global Advisor, USA & Russia Babar Hussain Khan, CIPM - Director Finance Training - Islamabad - Hon. Global Advisor Comrade Andrew Ugbodaga, MPM, CIPM Global project manager, Lagos Nigeria Ashraf Al-Astal, MBA, BSc, MPM, PME, CIPM, MCSE - Project Management Engineer - Gaza, Palestine - Hon Glo. Ahmet Yalcinkaya, MS, MPM, PMJSC, Honorary Advisor, Istanbul, Turkey Mark Johnson, MPM, ASAPM, South Carolina - Project Manager - Hon. Syed Aaun Abbas a€“MBA, MPM, Senior Manager PMO (Telecommunication), Lahore , Pakistan Hon.
Global Advisor Shezaad Shaikh, BA, CEC, CEA, MPM, CIPM, PME RASS GLOBAL Professional Technology & Media Services-Toronto, Canada - Hon. Global Advisor Carlos Guilherme Stevenson Prado, Master Project Manager (MPMa„?), Quality Management Specialist, Project Management Specialist, Consulting Director - Brazil (Honorary Advisor) Matthew. Global Advisor Mohammed Abduallah Mohammed Ahamed, MBA, CPE, PMP - Project Manager & Engineer - Hon. Global Advisor - Canada Ruth Baranowski, MPM, Program Director Compliance, Canada - Trinidad - Hon.
Thomas business, marketing and e-Business savvy has earned her recognition in Black Enterprise Magazine (2000) and Hispanic Network Magazine (2009) - Honorary Global Board Advisor for CEC and AAPM Thomas Keenan, PMP, ITIL, IPMA-D, MPM - TX, USA - Global Advisor Dock Marshall Clavon, MBA, MPM, CIPMa„?, California, USA (Honorary Advisor) Suddhashil Sarkar, BS, MS, MPM a„?, CIPM a„? - Canada Hon. Global Advisory Board Raymond Lee, MSc, MPMa„?, MCMI, MIET, MASHRAE, Master Project Managera„? - Hong Kong - Hon. Global Advisory Board Joslin Johnson, MSA, MPMa„?, CIPMa„?, CCM - Hon Global Advisor Captain Emmanuel M. Global Advisor Eduardo Gonzalez, BSEE, BET, Master Project Manager (MPMa„?) - Project Manager, Project Engineer, Commissioning Engineer, cGMP - Texas & Puerto Rico -USA, Honorary Advisor Kofi Richard Osei Owusu, MPM, CIPM, CPE - China - Hon. Global Advisor Fahim Bhuiyan, MA, MS, MBA, PMP a„?, CRMPa„?, CIPM a„?, MCPa„?, AM.APMPa„?, ERP Project Manager, Booz Allen Hamilton, Hon. Global Advisor Demetrios Gianniris, MPM - (Honorary Advisor) Malay Mitra, MPM - Bangkok, Thailand - Hon. Eric Russell Linton I, MPM, CIPM, MIT - AAPMA® Hon Global Advisory Colin Mc Donnell MPM Master Project Manager a„? International Marine industries - Hon.
Ivers BSc, MPMA®, CIPMA®, Program & Project Management Specialist, (Honorary Advisor) LO Man-fung Kelvin, BBA(IS), PGDE(LS), MSc(IS), MA(QAB)(in progress), CEC, MPMa„?, PME, CCEBS, SJAA Nicholas Thairu, MPM A®, CIPM A®, Nairobi, Kenya, Hon.
Walcott, Grad Dip, B SocSc, Adv Dip, MPMA®, CIPMA®, MCMI, MInstLM, Human Resource Development, Specialist and Performance Consulting, Guyana Pete Miskovich, BA, MPM, CIPM Florida - Hon Gobal Advisor L. Global Advisor) Osabohien Henry Onyema, BEng(Hons), MNIM, MIMechE, MNSBE, FAAPM, CPE, CIPM - Sr.

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