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Livestock and wildlife producers, land managers and others interested in learning more about managing and optimizing their grazing lands will have an opportunity at one of five workshops being held throughout Texas from Sept. The $25 registration fee will include lunch and a copy of the soon-to-be published handbook, “Managing My Piece of Texas.” The how-to guide was peer reviewed by ranchers throughout Texas after being developed by grazing specialists from the Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative (GLCI), Texas AgriLife Extension Service, and the USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). The workshop morning session will feature grazing experts from GLCI, Texas AgriLife Extension Service, Texas AgriLife Research and NRCS discussing grazing basics, strategies and follow through. We are delighted to facilitate workshops and seminars for small groups of women, in relaxed, intimate environments that facilitate open communication, learning and fun.
Een spel en teamtraining in 1, waarin beleving, eigen ervaring en eigen keuzes centraal staan. Unregistered 28th November 2015 02:25 PM Upcoming Workshops in Anna University  Can you tell me in details about the upcoming Workshops in Anna University in Trichy as I want to register for it? It conducts examinations for even semester in May?June and for odd semester in November?December.
The challenge of adolescence is to balance the right of the parents to feel they are in charge with the need of the adolescent to gain independence.
Many clinicians find it easier to tell parents their child has a brain-based disorder than suggest parenting changes. There has been an explosion in the prescribing of medication for very young children, particularly preschool and kindergarten boys (Juli Zito , Univ.
There is an overwhelming array of theories, books, courses, seminars, and videos designed to assist parents.
Many parents wonder what hit them when their sweet little baby turns into an unreasonable toddler – ideas for dealing with mealtime, bedtime, temper tanturms, toilet training, noncompliance, etc.
Part of our 2015 plan is to improve the way we organize our tax returns, which primarily includes figuring out how to deal with the millions of cash slips that are handed to the accountant every year in a shoe box!! One of our clients is offering training that includes five workshops – Michelle teaches a quick and efficient online system that can be used to organize bank and credit card statements into a report.

The course starts on the 17th of February in Cape Town:  2 hours per session for 5 weeks ( one session per week), costs R2500 and at the end I hope to be able to spend half an hour a week in sorting my financials so that I am not in a panic as the tax deadline looms!
If you would like to join me on the course or attend one later in the year, you can email Michelle directly.
JavaScript is required to properly view this page.Please enable JavaScript to navigate this site. Our Extension partners, Mid-Atlantic AgrAbility are holding a webinar workshop on Respiratory Health. Exposures to organic dusts, molds, bacteria, and gases such as from the fermentation of manure and silage will lead to respiratory illnesses, often with overlapping clinical signs and symptoms.  Other respiratory hazards include inorganic dusts, pesticides, and other agricultural chemicals.
This is one of three grower field workshops the University of Delaware recently conducted for area poultry growers.
Here, I am demonstrating the importance of insulation in reaching the required R values to reduce heat transfer and condensation. We were pleased to play a significant role during Delaware Ag Week 2012, by presenting a variety of sessions at the Carvel REC and Harrington sites last week.
After lunch, the outdoor session will include hands-on learning demonstration and field examples of grazing evaluation of forages, determining stocking rates, cattle habitats, grazeable acres and adjustment evaluations. Tijdens deze workshop ga je op een vrolijke, creatieve, speelse manier beleven hoe je klantbeleving & persoonlijke leiderschap kunt verbeteren. This report can then be submitted to SARS or used to summarise and review your personal and business expenditures and income. May is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine.  His training in Internal Medicine and Pulmonary Disease was at the Mary Imogene Bassett Hospital in Cooperstown, NY and at the University of Colorado Medical Center.
Over this time he has worked increasingly on occupational health problems affecting people in agriculture. A local integrator partnered with UD’s poultry team to provide hands-on education on topics like Winter Ventilation and Litter Management, Litter Reconditioning and Nipple Drinker Management.

This exercise demonstrates the moisture holding properties of air in a chicken house as it is heated. The events were part of Extension’s ongoing mission to present unbiased research to the agricultural community and poultry growers in Delmarva.
Larry Towle), Future of Poultry Bedding on Delmarva (Tommy Johnson) and Soil Phosphorous: What Goes Up, Must Come Down, But When?
De nadruk in de training ligt op samenwerken, communicatie en teamdynamiek. De training start met een intensief spel waarin de deelnemers zelf ervaren hoe ze samenwerken en communiceren en hoe ze als team het beste resultaat bereiken. Behavioural Management Systems helps parents figure out practical ways of solving behaviour problems. As a bonus she also teaches the handling of payslips and UIF among other benefits for employees. En wat is nu eigenlijk het verschil tussen mannen en vrouwen hierin?  Als je wilt weten hoe je met kleine dingen een grote impact kunt maken, kom dan ook ontdekken tijdens de gezellige, interactieve workshop “zakelijk” flirten.
Your knowledge of your child and family, combined with Rick’s experience can lead to solutions to your behaviour concerns.
Frank Coale).  Please visit Delaware Ag Week 2012 website and gallery of images for additional information. May has acquired experience in a variety of approaches to public health intervention.  He also serves as director of the Bassett Research Institute. Deze beelden helpen je om jezelf vorm te geven en te kiezen wat echt belangrijk is voor jou. Wanneer er meer tijd beschikbaar is, kunnen we daarnaast gaan kijken welke typen mannen en vrouwen er zijn.

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