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Use WMI to retrieve information about your system and genrate classes for easy WMI development. The WPF edition can be used to browse the WMI namespaces, classes, properties and qualifiers – so it’s useful for browsing the available definitions provided by WMI. To query the instances of a WMI class, select the class in the treeview, and then right click on the selected item.
The code generation is quite different from what you get with Microsofts mgmtclassgen, and one of the nicer features is that the tool generates code that reflects the object oriented nature of WMI.
To generate code you need to select and right click a namespace in the Classes pane, and then select the Generate Code item. CIMTool allows you to explore the information provided through the Windows Management Instrumentation API.
It’s something I built because I needed to explore WMI, as some queries did not return the expected information, and I found the WMI Tools a bit cumbersome to use. WMI provides an interface which allows local and remote applications to obtain management information from a computer system, a network, or an enterprise. WMI exposes information provided by Managed objects and WMI providers, and a WMI provider is a COM object that monitors one or more managed objects for WMI. A WMI provider supplies WMI with information from managed objects and passes messages from WMI to the managed objects.
The WMI infrastructure is an integral part of the Windows operating system, consisting of two components: the WMI service, including the CIM Object Manager, and the WMI repository. The Common Information Model (CIM) provides a consistent definition and structure of data, using an object oriented technique.

The Classes pane allows you to browse through the namespaces and the classes exposed through WMI. From a professional standpoint there is something really fascinating about developing software that exposes architectural meta data about meta data. This is the only code in the nodes class hierarchy that actually has anything to do with the control used to display the WMI namespaces and classes. NodeBase sets up an infrastructure that allows us to manage the object graph used to navigate the information model exposed by WMI. A NamespaceNode represents a single WMI namespace, providing access to the classes and namespaces contained within the namespace. All namespaces, except the root, resides within another namespace, and the Parent property provides access to the NamespacesNode representing the collection of sibling namespaces.
Now that we have an object that actually has a parent we override the GetNodeParent() method, returning a reference to the parent node. We retrieve the classes by contained within the namespace by querying the meta_class element, and it’s interesting to note that the returned elements are actually ManagementClass objects. A ClassNode represents a ManagementClass object, providing access to the properties, base class, descendants and qualifiers for the WMI class. So far this has proven to be a useful utility, and in the next article we will take a closer look at how CIMTool presents the data it retrieves from a query. Just right click on a class in the treeview, and select 'Generate Class' from the popup menu.
The code has gone through a thorough refactoring, and the code generator is based on the original MS code generator, which will change.

Wrote my first “real” program on a BBC micro model B based on a series in a magazine at that time. I just downloaded the file, extracted it using 7zip, which is what I used to compress the file.
There is a limit on the size of a file that can be uploaded to Code Project, and that particular file contains a single dll.
You do not need to download the other archives unless you are interested in the older Windows Forms version. A managed object is a physical or logical component, such as a network adapter, database system, operating system or process. Initially the WMI service creates namespaces such as root\default, root\cimv2, and root\subscription and installs a default set of class definitions, including the Win32 Classes and the WMI System Classes. The CIM includes expressions for common elements that must be presented to management applications like classes, properties, methods and associations. This functionality is implemented through a set of classes representing the various kinds of nodes displayed in the tree.

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management.managementclass( win32_networkadapterconfiguration )

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