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I was constantly putting out fires, jumping from one emergency to another with never enough time to do all that was required, and certainly never enough time for me.
I constantly surprise myself with the amount of work I get through with far less effort than pre-Angie.
After attending a Time Equals Money workshop in August and finding it a great session we organised a session with our entire team- very worthwhile! Fantastic workshop, I have attended a number of Time Management Courses Perth workshops but they missed the practical step. Angie has been extremely helpful with helping my team realize there is an alternative way to improve efficences. I have spoken with the people who completed the workshop, all of whom found it very informative and enjoyable.
I thought I knew about Time Management before attending your session, however you have presented some modern techniques using currently used technology that I’m sure will help me to be much more organized and productive as a result. As I write to you, I find myself up-to-date in my work, with only one item in my inbox that I am presently responding to!
After trying numerous time management courses perth and workshops, I had accepted "the fact" that I was "just not the organised type". I thought I was a pretty organized person but when I attended a breakfast that Angie presented a small segment of her “TIME EQUALS MONEY WORKSHOP” I thought I really needed to complete the whole workshop of which I did and have implemented most of the strategies that we learnt and have become so more efficient in my work area and have stopped this rummaging through trays and draws looking for information etc.
Time Management Courses PerthWe’ve all been to courses where you are lucky to come away with one thing you can do something with. Perth College of Beauty Therapy is an industry leader in beauty and make-up training established for 30 years.

I enjoyed the presentation and the information was invaluable for helping me get back some of my day. A few simple changes in the way they manage their emails will increase productivity and reduce lost time. With over 3000 items in my inbox, it was starting to feel like I'd never clear all of them, but with Angie's strategies I know they'll be done - and what's more important, I know that my inbox will never look like that again! Angie's message is logical and well constructed and her time management solutions have great practical benefit to allow the recipient to get more out of their day.
Time Equals Money provided my team with a on-site customized training session in time management which, as a result, improved our productivity and ability to prioritize our workloads to work more effectively.
My desk is cleaner and my mind clearer - now that I have adapted the great ideas and structured approach to managing my time and workload, that Angie’s workshop taught me. It has been a great experience learning from you controlling & organizing ourselves to work through the huge workloads that we have. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, highly recommend it to the person who like me thought they were organized and the exciting thing is the changes were easy. After three or four sales meeting of hearing the same excuse I decided to do something about it.
Keep checking back for as we are constantly involving ourselves delivering 1 day work shops. I would like to thank you for delivering the course and feel assured that the investment will be quickly repaid.
I would highly recommend Angie's services to any individual who struggles to find the time to fit everything into their working week.

Before your training sessions we were unsure how to deal with our in trays, plan projects & manage our time well. Even though, when we get back to work we don’t even implement that one thing because we are inundated by what has piled up while we are away. One half an hour chat with Angie and we developed a whole load of systems to manage it by using functionalities on outlook I never even knew existed. Angie’s tips which always begin with “if you just do this ONE thing, it will give you time back in your day” – and Angie gave us about 6 or 7 “just ONE things.” to apply! My team is already implementing some very useful tips and no doubt we will benefit from her tips in months to come. Angie provided me with practical habits and systems that work alongside, not in competition with, the routines, software and systems in our business. And the best part we did it 30 minutes over the phone so I didn’t have to waste any time implementing it. Instead, I am confident that I will complete my work on time, to a high standard, and then enjoy my time off.
Should you have any other business owners in a similar position to myself and would like to discuss the value of using your services then please feel free to contact me on 041 993 9144. I find it quite amusing that a number of colleagues have since described me as "naturally organized" and am quick to share my not-so-secret weapon.

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