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Every day, MFRM Family of Brands wakes up to the opportunity to improve the lives of our community members through our business. Information technology’s growing role in the Armed Forces offers service members real world experience, applicable in the corporate environment. Problem-solving techniques and effective crisis management are two chief qualities the Armed Forces emphasize that are also required of training and development managers. A renewed emphasis on manufacturing jobs as a part of the nation’s economic recovery overlaps with the mission of most veteran outreach and re-employment programs. An improvement in construction prospects around the nation coincides with increased demand for veteran hiring. Working with a company like HII is attractive for veterans, says Kevin Howell, because its contractual relationship with the U.S. Team building and oversight qualities required from an administrative services manager make this career a natural fit for veterans.
Each branch of the military deals with the most sophisticated telecommunications equipment in the world.
Many of the nation’s top energy companies rank among those firms that have expressed the greatest interest to the Veteran's Administration in hiring returning veterans. Both commercial and freight train companies were among the first to pledge to the Joining Forces initiative. CareerCast Niche Job Networks are faster and more effective at connecting you with the ultimate job opportunity.
Office managers supervise administrative support workers, such as office clerks and secretaries, and coordinate administrative support activities.
Office managers often decide what administrative support duties are needed in their department or company.
Office managers are responsible for reporting to higher management and acting as liaisons between administrative support and the senior management. Office managers work with employees at many different job levels to instruct them and see that their jobs are done efficiently. Most positions in office management require a college degree in business, although workers with only a high school diploma sometimes work their way up to managerial positions. A college or business school placement office can help graduating students find a position as a management trainee. Office managers usually start as assistants and progress to jobs of greater responsibility as supervisors of large numbers of employees. Office managers usually work forty hours per week, although they often spend additional time working on projects or attending meetings. Office managers earned a median yearly salary of $41,030 in 2004, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Please include a link to this page if you have found this material useful for research or writing a related article.

Your email address will be altered so spam harvesting bots can't read it easily.Hide my email completely instead? Please suggest me a home based method course on Office Management as I am a working professional. And each day, MFRM Family of Brands goes to sleep a better place to work because of the individual contributions of our passionate team members. One of the active companies participating in the Joining Forces initiative is Intel, which developed its own Veteran Employment Training program to help veterans transition their skills into the software company’s mission.
For example, last fall some of the nation's top manufacturing companies launched the Get Skills to Work Coalition, designed specifically to ready veterans for jobs in industrial production.
The construction industry has been near the forefront of that push, recruiting construction program managers from such sources as the U.S. Navy for ship production gives veterans the opportunity to continue working with Armed Forces. In a solutions-providing atmosphere such as retailing, military personnel bring unparalleled insight, says Eric Schelling at Home Depot.
The technicians charged with installing and maintaining this equipment enter the workforce with unparalleled insight and applied knowledge which typically exceeds the skills offered by recent college graduates who lack this real-world experience.
These businesses, such as Chesapeake Energy, tap into veterans’ efficiency insights and exposure to heavy equipment, as well as their training as engineers in these programs. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced his department’s pledge to hire 5,000 service people and family members to jobs in the rail industry.
College course work in accounting, administrative and personnel management, and data processing are especially useful.
Bureau of Labor Statistics, office and administrative support supervisors and managers held 1.5 million jobs in 2004.
Salaries vary with the size of the office in which a manager works, with large corporations usually paying the highest salaries. Team members, who, just like you, were seeking a unique experience, an opportunity to give back through their work and to be part of an energetic and deeply-connected culture. A healthy compensation package makes train engineer and operator an attractive option for veterans pursuing this path, and experience gained with heavy machinery while in service gives the most qualified personnel a leg up in qualifying for the role. Legislation passed last year is aimed to help the industry meet the 21% growth in trucking industry jobs that the BLS estimates by 2020. Office managers may head the entire office in a small firm or administrative support operations in a department of a large company. For instance, an office manager in an accounting firm may decide that an applicant requires a bachelor's degree to fill the job of accounting clerk. If new equipment would make a process more efficient, the manager orders the necessary machinery. Sometimes trainees start by working for a short time in each of the company's departments to find out how the company functions.

Interested individuals can write to various companies to inquire about jobs, and they can ask to leave an application on file if there are no immediate openings. Employment of office managers was expected to grow more slowly than the average for all occupations through the year 2014. Office managers are under pressure from top management to make the administrative support operations of their departments run smoothly. Jill Biden head the Joining Forces jobs initiative, which has brought together 2,000 domestic companies with the pledge of hiring 100,000 veterans, as well as the spouses of active duty military members, by the end of this year.Of course, helping veterans reintegrate into the civilian workforce is a critical effort for the nation's economy and military. The legislation also eases licensing restrictions for service people who have frequently moved, and thus might not otherwise be able to receive state certification.
In either case the manager is responsible for directing workers and seeing that their jobs are done efficiently. In many offices the manager helps to hire administrative support staff and is in control of promotions. For example, a faster copying machine might be ordered to reduce the time it takes employees to make copies.
In addition, the classified sections of newspapers list both beginning and top management openings.
New technologies have eliminated many administrative support jobs as well as the need for someone to manage people in these jobs.
They are also under pressure from their employees who may require the manager's time and assistance. Some companies send employees to courses and seminars at business schools or colleges to learn management techniques.
Growth in the size and complexity of organizations in both the public and the private sectors, however, will require increasingly sophisticated management techniques, and the demand for skilled administrative specialists will continue to be strong. Department of Labor (DOL).Some companies have been well ahead of the curve, such as Home Depot, which launched its military employment outreach program in 2002.
For instance, if a receptionist has too much filing to do, another person may be hired to file. In turn, the company offers a wide range of career paths for veterans, including industrial production managers and ship engineers, but the qualities Howell cites also translate well to managerial positions, he says. The leadership and organizational skills developed in the military help those veterans qualify for positions that require team building and leadership, Howell explains.When reviewing potential civilian careers for former members of the military, 10 positions rise above the rest for their ability to tap into the skills and traits developed by most veterans, as well as their availability in the job market.

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