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Training Manager Standard Edition is a simple-to-use software application designed for departments or companies where one person is responsible for keeping track of training records, by cataloging courses, organizing class sessions, administer personnel, create assignments for employees, view status reports, student scores, class attendance and credits.
Because the application is standalone, it is built to run on a single computer, and it cannot be networked or used by multiple persons. After completing an uneventful installation process, you find an interface that resembles the one used by Microsoft Office applications and should pose no problems for users that are familiar with this commonly known layout style. Training Manager Standard Edition allows you to assign courses for specified groups or individuals, including training dates, hire grace periods and set the frequency for courses that need to be repeated. Class sessions can be created, along with information about the course name, begin and ending date, room capacity and location, name of the trainer, costs, notes, file attachments and enrolled students. Depending on the evolution and results of each student, you are able to view the training record status, be it enrolled, completed, pending, failed, cancelled, wait-listed or exempt. Training Manager Standard Edition helps you store generated or edited training reports, such as course catalogs, class session details, required training courses or personnel lists sorted by group and training costs.
All in all, Training Manager Standard Edition is a comprehensive application that helps you prepare and plan training courses without going through last-minute hassles.
There are two types of training in the game, starting this season: first, we have the general team training and match preparation and then we have individual training which allows us to focus more on developing players individually.
As you can see in the top bar, we have the General Training section, which allows us to select the focus of training for the team.
Match preparation remains the same as in FM 2012, it just changed the place where it’s at and it makes it easier for us to manage it. About the match preparation, things are the same: during the pre-season keep the Teamwork selected all the time to help the squad gel.

And finally, we have the scheduling: how much time we spend with the Match Training and General Training.
Individual Role: You can choose to train the skills for the position the player has in your tactical setup. Specific Attribute: If your winger has poor Stamina, for example, you might want him to improve it quick. Additionally, after selecting a player, we can instruct him to learn a new preferred move or position from the sidebar to the right. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Vskills certification for Training and Development Manager assesses the candidate as per the company’s need for management of training and development.
You can only use the administrator account and assign a password, as to prevent others from accessing your records. What's more, email reminders can be send to all course attendees and training certificates can be handed to students that successfully complete their courses. Also, courses, personnel and training records can be imported from CSV or TXT files, while various record types can only be exported using CSV or XML formats. In addition, you can password-protect your account and backup the database in case of sudden system failures. The training system has been completely revamped and I am here to share with you a guide to training in Football Manager 2013 – to help you understand how it works and what schedules you should set for your players. The nice thing is that we can also choose the rest days for the squad before and after the game.

Personally, I didn’t notice any difference in the performance, so set it as you please. So if you now that a specific player will be your Advanced Playmaker, set the Individual training to that position and he’ll focus on ALL the important skills for that position.
My advice would be to focus on the player role training because you don’t have the risk of training an already maxed-out stat and therefore waste time training it. It take a bit longer to set things up at first, because of all that individual training settings, but afterwards it’s pretty easy to manage and I really hope that you found this guide useful! The certification tests the candidates on various areas in training skills, learning styles, training need assessment, designing training plan, competency based training, new employee training, management development, mentoring, CBT, training evaluation, ROI and diversity training.
It is a lot easier than how schedules worked in previous versions of the game, but it does take some time to understand and set up for the first time.
From my experience (2 seasons into the game), there is no point in altering the training on a weekly basis.
I suggest that you only give them a rest day after the game, but if they start to get tired or a very tight schedule is approaching, you might want to give them a free extra day before each fixture to help with their condition. Also, I would decide against letting your assistants manage the individual training because they tend to train the position the player is best at, and not necessarily the position he plays in your setup.

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