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To learn more about the mandatory and optional units you need to achieve one of the above qualifications please call us to speak with one of our assessors. The CSCS Gold Supervisors Card course is suitable for you if you have experience working in any of the following job roles. The type of evidence required to complete a L3 NVQ can include method statements, proof of monitoring work, minutes of meetings, Implementation of communication systems for construction projects, proof of maintaining the dimensional accuracy of work plus much more of the day to day paperwork you deal with in your current role as a supervisor on site. Each of our assessors has a vast amount of experience of working with candidates to help them achieve their Level 3 qualifications in the workplace during working hours, with minimal disruption to your working routine.
To be eligible for the CSCS Gold Card course candidates must have a good understanding of English as a limited amount of writing is required to complete the CSCS Gold card course. The CSCS Gold card course costs A?1030 +vat per person and included in this price are all certification fees , registration fees and the course materials.
If you work for a company that is CITB levy registered, the company will be able to draw down a grants that would financially support the delivery of the CSCS Black course by a minimum of A?400 and a maximum of A?488. By successfully completing the L3 qualification you will qualify for the Gold CSCS Supervisors card and hold a nationally recognised qualification that proves your competence in your job role. For more information or to speak to one of our L3 assessors about the course please contact us. Put hot buttons like these on your Web site and you will have your own night and day Risk Reduction Training Center!

The training program 14 Vital Supervision Skills is creating good supervisors every day by giving new supervisors the tools they need to effectively and fairly manage their employees. Much of the evidence is audio recorded by the assessor, without the need for you, the candidate, to write in depth essays about various subjects.
We can advise you on the how much you can claim and handle the grant application process for you or your company.
This card is then renewable every 5 years by passing the supervisors version of the CSCS Health Safety & Environmental course. Government backed loans are also available for this course, for more details please contact us. The 14 Vital Supervision Skills course can help supervisors learn how to confront the employee calmly without being accusatory. It teaches the importance of hearing the employee’s side of the story before any judgments are made. This program can keep your company’s legal costs down because it shows new supervisors how to handle the problem and hopefully keep it out of court. The course also describes how to investigate incidents, so it would be a valuable asset to your company!   A good supervisor knows that a little praise will do wonders for an employee’s morale, and 14 Vital Supervision Skills will teach this principle to new supervisors. New supervisors will learn the basics of when praise should be given and how specific it needs to be.

Employees always enjoy hearing the words “good job,” but sometimes a supervisor needs to refer to past successes to encourage future ones.
This requires specific feedback, and the program provides complete instruction on how to accomplish this. Information about praise should be part of all leadership skills training courses.
Likewise, instruction about constructive criticism is also present. Coworkers do not always get along as well as they could, and it is important for new supervisors to learn how to handle the situation when coworker conflict can no longer be ignored. Extensive leadership skills training courses like 14 Vital Supervision Skills provide significant instruction in this area, as well as preventing violence in the workplace. Good supervisors will be able to put this information to use and handle the conflict in a way that will allow everyone to benefit.
Every employee deserves to have a good supervisor, and the 14 Vital Supervision Skills training course continues to make that possible. Preview Leadership Skills for Managers here [See 14 Summaries of Leadership Skills for Managers here] "By the way, Dan, I love the vital skills supervisor training course we purchased.

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managers skills and competencies

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