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The task management functionality available in SharePoint 2013 has many new and improved features. The figure below shows the standard Tasks list that is included with the Project Site template. An improvement in SharePoint 2013 task management is the ability to assign multiple resources to a task.
You now have the ability to create subtasks which is another new feature found in SharePoint 2013. To create a subtask, click the parent item context menu and select the Create Subtask option. The timeline view provides you with the ability to display specified tasks in a timeline, or Gantt, style view.
You can add and remove tasks from a timeline by clicking the task item context menu and selecting Add to Timeline or Remove from Timeline option.
In the figure below, you can see that I have added the Human Resources Intranet Requirements task to the timeline.
One of the best new features available in SharePoint 2013 is the aggregation of tasks, assigned to you, in your personal site. To accomplish this in the past, we had to customize a solution using search web parts, create a custom developed solution or purchase a 3rd party tool. Note: The personal site task aggregation feature utilizes the SharePoint FAST search engine to index task information and make it available for querying. To see an aggregate view of all your assigned tasks, simply go to your personal site and click the Tasks link in the left vertical navigation area. You might have also noticed, when you click a task item context menu, you have the ability to edit the task and go directly to the containing site or list. Microsoft has made the management of SharePoint tasks, in Microsoft Project very convenient. Now that your SharePoint task list is open in Microsoft Project, you can use all of the features available in Microsoft Project. After you make updates, in Microsoft Project, and save them, all of those updates are posted to the SharePoint task list.
Note: You may be asking yourself, Microsoft Project has many more features and fields then a SharePoint task list; is this information lost when you close Microsoft Project?
There may be situations when you wish to publish additional information from Microsoft Project to your task list in SharePoint. For the purposes of our demonstration, I will map the Duration field from Microsoft Project to our task list in SharePoint.
In the Add Field dialog, for the Existing Project Field, select Duration from the drop-down list. Now the Duration field in Microsoft Project is mapped to a new Duration field in the SharePoint task list. As you can see in the figure below, the Duration field now contains the duration information from Microsoft Project. Once you start editing and managing your project tasks in Microsoft Project, I have learned that it is easier to continue using Microsoft Project; instead of switching from editing tasks in SharePoint some of the time and in Microsoft Project other times. As you can see there are many new and improved task management features found in SharePoint 2013.

It is important to note; all of the features described in this article are available in Office 365.
If you are interested in discussing these features, obtaining a demonstration of how they may improve your task management needs in your environment, please Contact Me. Unfortunately, there isn’t an off-line copy of the MS project file stored anywhere locally.
I changes SharePoint online task content type to date and time so we now can assign task of 1 hour insted of 1 day. Unfortunately, using the standard view, there isn’t a way to determine if the task item is a summary task or not. I would recommend creating a simple workflow that is run each time a task is added or modified. The workflow can be created with SharePoint Designer and will need to be a SharePoint 2010 workflow.
I am wondring why Microsoft still ignoring all the users feedback about not allow create subtask in filltered view ? Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Regardless where you are and what devices you use in your everyday work, productivity is of utmost importance. SharePoint is THE leading platform when it comes to Enterprise Content Management, as per latest Gartner 'Magic Quadrant' reports. Cooperation, team sites, work management, external sharing.Search in SharePoint sites and whole enterprise. Application goals:Ease and automate management of licenses in Microsoft cloud, especially Office 365. BI is the set of techniques and tools for the transformation of raw data into meaningful and useful information for business analysis purposes. BI can be used to support a wide range of business decisions ranging from operational to strategic.
Cloud business intelligence services allow businesses to acquire the resources necessary to deliver reports when they need them, while paying only for the services they require at the time. Almost every implementation at the enterprise level requires some customization and integration services.
Predica Developer Suite is a complete suite of business applications for companies in the real estate industry. Features such as the ability to create sub-tasks, a new timeline view, more robust management of tasks using Microsoft Project 2013 and so on.
This provides you with a view of all tasks, across the entire farm, aggregated in one place.
This means, tasks will not be aggregated to your personal site until the search indexer has processed the tasks.
To open a task list in Microsoft Project, simply navigate to the task list and click the Open with Project option on the ribbon bar. Save your project and the SharePoint task fields will be updated, containing the mapped field values.
The ability to assign more than one resource to a task and the timeline view are of my personal favorites.

I use Office 365 to run my business and manage all client projects and these task management features and Office integration I use on a daily basis. If you have any questions or comments, please leave a comment below; I will answer as I have availability. I wonder if it’s possible to remove the summary or level of effort tasks off calendar in SharePoint 2013? My question is can one have a single instance task list visually represented in two sub sites? Over 80% of large organizations have acquired licenses, but adoption of its feature is another aspect.
The goal of BI is to identify new opportunities and implementing an effective strategy based on insights which can provide businesses with a competitive market advantage and long-term stability. This model lets decision-makers respond quickly to changing trends and produce reports that target specific users.
We will help you analyze and improve your processes with our software (Predica Developer Suite). In this article I will take a deeper look in to these new and enhanced features of SharePoint 2013 Task Management. This means, regardless of where a task resides (a department site, project site, team site, etc.) they will all be aggregated to your personal site. Microsoft Project and SharePoint are tightly integrated and the actual project file is also saved to the site; in the Site Assets library.
In addition, I use the Microsoft Project integration on virtually all project management scenarios I am involved with.
Strategic business decisions include priorities, goals and directions at the broadest level. They store current and historical data and are used for creating trending reports for senior management reporting such as annual and quarterly comparisons.Multidimensional structure is defined as a variation of the relational model that uses multidimensional structures to organize data and express the relationships between data. As a result, rather than having to implement large, complex projects, organizations can take a piecemeal approach to BI. Implementation of this platform is a natural stage of real estate company evolution and allows to quickly increase efficiency and maturity of the business.
The structure is broken into cubes and the cubes are able to store aggregated data related to elements along each of its dimensions coming from data warehouses. Managed service providers and cloud providers can set up these solutions for their customers and offer the reports or the BI solution as a service, helping even small businesses take advantage of powerful amounts of data.Cloud business intelligence can also be an effective solution for geographically dispersed organizations because these services generally deliver better performance worldwide, compared to an on-premises application, which is often restricted to a single location.
Even when data is manipulated it remains easy to access and continues to constitute a compact database format.Tabular models are in-memory databases using state-of-the-art compression algorithms and multi-threaded query processor. Most cloud-based services have data centers available in various locations around the world. Based on our experience we are helping our customers in building competence and implementing solutions for project and portfolio management. They constitute in-memory analytics engine which delivers fast access to aggregated data structures similar to the multidimensional structures, but have simpler structures and thus are easier to build and maintain.Predictive analysis (often referred to as Data Mining) is about finding and quantifying hidden patterns in the data using complex mathematical models that can be used to predict future outcomes.

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