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The series includes two Pulitzer Prize winners, two New York Times bestsellers, and winners of the Bancroft and Parkman Prizes. In his story, the author weaves together political and military events with social, economic, and cultural history. Potter treats an incredibly complicated and misinterpreted time period with unparalleled objectivity and insight. Manifest Destiny, as O'Sullivan explained it, described the United States's providential mission to extend its systems of democracy, federalism, and personal freedom, as well as to accommodate its rapidly growing population by ultimately taking possession of the entire North American continent.
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O'Sullivan supported the United States' claim to Texas and declared that the United States had a manifest destiny to spread across the continent. From Booklist: In this concise essay, Stephanson explores the religious antecedents to America's quest to control a continent and then an empire.
Railroads, canals, newspapers, and the telegraph dramatically lowered travel times and spurred the spread of information. What Hath God Wrought provides a monumental narrative of this formative period in United States history.
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Even O'Sullivan, who had stressed Manifest Destiny's peaceful nature, claimed that the United States deserved an indemnity such as California from Mexico.
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O'Sullivan, cofounder and editor of both the Democratic Review and the New York Morning News, first applied the words A1anifest Destiny to the issue of U.S. I have learned that the hard way but I have learned it to create a better more positive future for myself and the wonderful people around me. It seems as him and I have both grown older, intelligent, and sensible, so has our tender relationship. For that I am very thankful. Steve Pohlit, you may be 2,106 miles away but the distance between us means so little when you mean so much to me. Because of you and the action I took from what you taught me I became a better person and then I was able to help others. Make no mistake this is a journey and I make no representation that I am anywhere near my potential.
In answer to racialist arguments against absorbing Mexicans into the Union, some wartime expansionists, using a primitive form of Darwinian logic, responded that through superior breeding abilities or other means U.S. Although neither column was signed, O'Sullivan did write about Manifest Destiny in a signed 5 January 1846 letter on Oregon in the Morning News and is generally credited by historians with coining the phrase.
Anglo-Saxons would gradually displace Mexicans, and that there was nothing to fear from expansion southward. Thank you: Catherine Ponder, Randy Gage, Joe Vitale, Temple Hayes, Wayne Dyer, Neale Donald Walsch, Napoleon Hill, The I Am Discourses, Deepak Chopra, Science of Mind, Daily Word and so many others.

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