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Welcome to this exceptional opportunity to Live Your Dream Life using the same powerful daily practices that have been used for hundreds of years by successful people around the world! If you haven’t yet begun to live your dream life, it’s not because your ability to achieve your dreams is any less than those who have!
It’s simply because you may have not have known about or understood how to properly use the tools and principles that have always been available to us all! Living the life of your dreams is your birthright and it’s possible for every single one of us, without exception –– including you! This course is the first Volume in our Special 4 Volume Set and it will show you exactly how to align yourself with your desires. Aligning yourself right now and consistently with the way you will feel when you achieve your dreams is critical to drawing into your life the very experiences, people and things you wish for. I understand that it’s human nature to have the best of intentions for making changes in our lives but then falling into old habits and patterns when it comes to putting in the consistent, daily efforts toward those changes.
Breaking the actions down into smaller, daily steps creates repetition, consistency and measurable forward movement toward your goals and dreams. It also helps you to feel happier, grateful and more positive right away because you will be practicing exercises right from the beginning that connect you with those powerful emotions.
The immediate results from this repetition, forward action and positive emotions continue to build and are a very powerful key to dissolving blocks, shifting your energy, bringing about more peace, happiness & joy and raising your personal energetic vibration so that you quickly become in harmony with the life you wish to have. Because the daily lessons in this course build upon one another (and refer back to previous lessons in some cases), Volumes II, III and IV are only available upon completion of each previous volume. All you need right now is the courage to take the first step in the direction of your dreams!
Manifest Your Dream Life - Home Study Course - Volume 1Learn exactly how to take daily action to clear away obstacles, raise your energetic vibration & quickly become in alignment with the life you desire.
Manifest Your Dream Life - Home Study Course Bundle Volumes 1-4This is the Complete 4 Volume Set of this life changing course. I have taken great care in assembling the tools that I know from personal experience will show you exactly how to achieve the things in life you wish to have. For The GREATEST SAVINGS Obtain The Complete 4 Volume Set (Over 240 Daily Lessons!) At This Very Special Price!
NOTE: Due to the nature of digital downloads and the exceptional value included in this offer-there are NO refunds.
February 3, 2015 by MJ · Leave a Comment 2014 was a big year of growth for me in a lot of ways, not the least of which was in my work.
For many people the holidays can be a time of stress and strain if we don't take really good care of ourselves. March 30, 2014 by MJ · Leave a Comment If you're not in the habit of setting intentions you've probably noticed that however you feel when you wake up is generally how your day goes. January 30, 2014 by MJ · Leave a Comment Whenever we want significant changes in life whether it's Financial Healing and life-style changes or changes in our health or weight or habits something has to give. December 23, 2013 by MJ · Leave a Comment Before I knew that my life purpose was to be a Financial Healer and before I knew that I was going to accomplish this work using the Akashic Records, the deepest form of healing available to us while in a human body, I was a serious student of the Law of Attraction. At the beginning of 2011, I devoured whatever I could find about manifestation and the Law of Attraction.
December 11, 2013 by MJ · Leave a Comment When we live with compulsive eating or drinking or other unwanted behaviors we are basically just "getting by" in life.

November 5, 2013 by MJ · 8 Comments Anytime we suffer with compulsive behaviors we are not able to live the full and prosperous life we want to live. When we live with compulsive behaviors they can encompass SO many "stall" tactics in our lives.
October 19, 2013 by MJ · 1 Comment In my practice, I find energetic blocks that are responsible for keeping people from living a prosperous life. I have listed some of the most common blocks I identify in clients.  Some of them will resonate with you.  Are you ready to have your energetic blocks cleared so that you can live in prosperity? October 1, 2013 by MJ · Leave a Comment Are you playing small and hiding from your life purpose?
Sign up and you will receive tips and insights from the Akashic Records about manifestation and creating the prosperity you want for your life!
Truths and Little Known Facts About Successfully Manifesting What You Really Want For Your Life. Mary Jane is available for speaking engagements and presentations to groups both large and small.
You need to think BIG because I'm not talking about things and events you would "sort of like" to have happen for you in 2013, I'm talking about the things that you REALLY, REALLY want for yourself.
April 15, 2013 by MJ · Leave a Comment Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.
We are all capable of achieving our dreams, of living the life we really want for ourselves.  In fact, it's what is meant for us and what we all deserve. If you are like many people, you've tried to manifest using the Law of Attraction but have had limited or no success. It just takes regular practice with simple principles that will not only deliver your desired outcome but also show you how to enjoy the journey! In fact, most people struggle to not only believe they can live the life of their dreams, but also how to go about making those dreams happen! I have created the life of my dreams using these very principles and I absolutely know it is possible for anyone, including you!
It will also provide you with 3 months of tangible daily action steps toward your magnificent future.* This powerful combination of energetic shifts, along with forward momentum, clears away any blocks you may have (energetic or physical) to achieving your most cherished goals and dreams. When you practice these important energy shifting techniques combined with regular action steps toward your goals and dreams, you will be surprised and delighted at how quickly you can achieve the things you desire. You will be very engaged in the process and taking forward action every single day – some small and some large; some energetic (such as meditations, breathing exercises, visualizations) and some tangible (such as physical action items) – toward your goals and dreams.
If my program required you to spend hours to get through it, you might put it off “until tomorrow” (until weeks, months or even years worth of tomorrows have come and gone) and you would still be right where you started. After working with Volume I, if you wish to move to the next Volume(s), you will be directed where to go to obtain them. So if you are unsure in any way of the importance of transforming your life with these tools today, please pass on this offer and allow someone else to utilize these tools. I'm all about feeling good and making those people around me feel good so from my heart to yours here are my feel good suggestions for self care to ensure you have a festive and joyful holiday! If you wake up late, feeling rushed and stressed, running late for work or an appointment, generally the whole day goes like that.
A lot of times we want the changes on one level but have fears around what the changes we want will bring for us.

After pretty much reading my weight in books, I began looking for Law of Attraction teachings that were outside the "usual" teachings.
Our compulsive or addictive behaviors keep us focused on the behavior and what we're doing is numbing ourselves from seeing and living our full potential, including the prosperous and joyful life we are all meant to have. Instead of being aware of our life purpose, we tend to hide behind the compulsive actions so that we don't have to face and BE all that we are as a Soul. For the majority of people it takes an energetic healer to identify and clear these blocks to enable you to experience prosperity in your life.
Very often when we feel like we don't know our life purpose it's because subconscious fears are holding us back from seeing our purpose. I use the Akashic Records to heal you energetically and get you the answers you need to help you create the prosperity you want for your life! At our center, we are are pure light and abundance and when we learn to shine the light of abundance on whatever is blocking our natural flow of abundance, the flow of abundance opens up.
Once you have a clear understanding of how to use these tools, you can use them for the rest of your life! Or if you prefer, we’ve given you an option below to get the complete 4 Volume Set right now at an amazing discount over the single volume pricing.
I also had a radio show about this subject talking about the energetic blocks I saw and cleared for people around their money fears and childhood and past life programming. If you're artistic, or crafty or know someone who is and you can barter with them, handmade gifts are so special - they are from the heart.
You feel rushed and out of sorts, unless you really stop and consciously take steps to change that, like meditating, going for a massage or doing something else that really relaxes you and changes the direction of your day. It's because so many people have Soul level wounding from past experiences in this life and previous lives that is holding you back from your manifestations. We dull our senses with these behaviors so that we can "get by" and basically we're simply coasting through life, not really living.
This behavior then blocks our prosperity because we are so disassociated from our true path in life. It's not uncommon for us to feel fears around standing out and being noticed for doing our purpose, especially if it's work that will make us more visible. As a Financial Healer who utilizes the vast and profound healing power of the Akashic Records I see it every day. When we do this, we miss out on all the good stuff, including achieving our dreams and goals.
Our Higher Self and Spirit Guides give us hints and try to communicate our purpose to us but if subconscious fears prevent us from hearing that information we can feel like we don't know what we are meant to be doing. Believe me, I KNOW, because I've been stepping WAAAAAYYY beyond my comfort zone in this past year.
When we use substances or compulsive behaviors to cope in life we are not on our life path, achieving our dreams and goals, we are simply existing.

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