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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. To help students find their own path, I also interviewed over 100 leaders in a multitude of respected fields to share how they found their path and tips they would have for my students. There's one thing in common with those I interviewed: meditation was their secret source of personal empowerment. Here's a meditation I created that combines the research of the American psychologist Abraham Maslow with the ancient practice of visualizing chakra centers to help manifest your dream career.
Begin in a comfortable seated position in a space that is free from distractions, either on a chair or sitting on a meditation pillow with your arms gently resting on your knees, palms resting up to feel lifted or palms down to feel grounding.
Softly close your eyes or gaze gently down the tip of your nose to focus on a pebble or a spot on a wall that will not move. Begin by slowing down the breath to a smooth four-count: counting on an inhale up to four (1,2,3,4) then exhale counting back down (4,3,2,1).

Continue to breathe steadily with a smooth four-count inhale and exhale and imagine experiencing the following thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Continue to breathe steadily for several minutes to find grounding before you venture off into the next part of your day.
Gently open your eyes or loosen your gaze and take a couple breaths before moving on to the next part of your day. Just one year left to go in their high school career, I focused our final projects on helping them follow their bliss into a dream career, whether that is the astronomical entrepreneurial path like that of Elon Musk or diving into the intricacies of underwater welding.
Read on your own below, click the image below to listen for free or download a personal copy by clicking here. Imagine a bright red light glowing at the center of the pelvis glowing brighter with each breath. Imagine a bright violet light above the crown of the head glowing brighter with each breath.

Allow whatever comes up to come to your attention and embrace these visualizations with the playfulness of a dream.
You have the ability to place in the box all that you need to create the legacy and impact you wish to have in your career. Send a note of thanks to yourself for taking this time to practice meditation as you continue to grow into the greatest version of yourself. Perhaps you may think of who is in the audience, or what you would say, or what your award may be for. Whenever a thought distracts your counting, simply come back to focusing only on the breath.

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manifest dream productions

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