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Phoenix Fire Magic was first discovered several millenia ago, shortly after the first mages appeared. Celestia is walking through the halls of the palace when a black vine sprouts out of the ground and snakes after her. The Everfree's attack, complete with dark clouds and black vines that emit a mist that sends unicorn magic on the fritz.
And these vines can even infect clouds, so not even the pegasi or other flying creatures are safe. During the episode, Twilight, cut off from her friends, is ambushed by these giant black flytrap-like plants that shoot mist at her.
According to her friends (and Discord), the first vision she saw was bad enough to force her into uncontrollable sobbing. During that breakdown, Luna ends up smashing a stone arch and screaming "There can only be one princess in Equestria!
When Nightmare Moon lands a direct magical blow on Celestia that knocks her to the ground, Celestia doesn't just go "oof", she screams in pain. That cragodile that almost chomps down Twilight is pretty threatening; it's a big scary monster that, unlike the Hydra or King Timberwolf, doesn't have any cartoony aspects to soften its scariness.
The fact that this whole mess was Discord's fault really hammers home just how powerful he is and how much damage he can do without even trying. He does indeed lapse back to being a temporary villain in the finale, but makes a permanent Heel?Face Turn by the end.
To top things off even further, it immediately follows with Rainbow Dash and Applejack covering themselves with bees. This episode greatly expands on the Everfree Castle, which is very disturbing, to say the least. Not to mention this all comes from the minds of Celestia and Luna, who turn out to have had some pretty dark humour in their younger years.
This is probably the first time we see some of the Mane Six with absolute fright in their eyes, especially since the animators are now working with the new animation style. The organ which not only fills the castle with its spooky music but it is also responsible for most of the booby traps in the castle. Fluttershy spends most of the episode worrying about Angel after she and Rarity become separated from him. While Ahuizotl is too Laughably Evil to be scary, the fact that hired thugs Only in It for the Money exist in Equestria is a sobering thought.
Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon seem to be almost sadistic here, even more so than their normal bullying selves. Even her very first appearance in the episode (when she climbs out of the vat) is a bit disturbing. The fact that the rest of the Mane Six more or less strong-armed Fluttershy into going along with Applejack's plan is a bit unnerving. Unintentional or not, the way Twilight said "Nopony leaves the orchard until we solve this." was pretty ominous (and Harsher in Hindsight).
Rarity having the misfortune of seeing a Vampire Fruit Bat up close and licking the apple juices off her visor. Seeing Fluttershy cower while the rest of the Mane Six marched around her, chanting "Stop the bats! Everything with Goldie Delicious is either this or a Crowning Moment of Funny, or a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment. Although some people think it was actually just dust shaped like a cat, like a "dust bunny".
The Apple family plunging over the waterfall, complete with an Eat the Camera take from Applejack as they all scream. The fact that Fleetfoot and Spitfire quickly leave Soarin in the hospital and don't visit him is kind of creepy. Pinkie's Game Face (bordering on Nightmare Face) when she challenges Cheese Sandwich to the Goof-Off. In a display of extreme Toon Physics, Pinkie gets so worked up that her head inflates like a balloon and she floats away on it. This has enough resemblance to the way the clones in "Too Many Pinkie Pies" blew up when Twilight zapped them (see above) to make it just that little bit worse. Rarity's descent into insanity as she tries more and more to be like Applejack, even going so far as to leap into a mud puddle. YMMV for some, but Trenderhoof's mannerisms towards Applejack as the episode goes along turns more from 'absolutely gobsmacked' to 'borderline stalkerism'. Fluttershy, against a plain black background, cowering as ghostly, disembodied pony heads glare down at her, spotlights shining down from their eyes onto her. Pinkie really comes off as creepy this episode what with her trying to "help" Fluttershy with her advice and compliments while also getting in her face about it.
The foals acting like zombies when Diamond Tiara invites the CMC to her house for a pool party. Seabreeze's attempt to get home on his own, making clear why them staying in Ponyville is a very bad idea.
Seabreeze's urgency to get home is in itself a good dose of Adult Fear, since he has family waiting for him and the others don't even seem to see the dire-ness of the situation they're in. The fact that Seabreeze was about to get attacked by an army of bees does not help quell the situation on how vulnerable he was at the moment. Applejack's over compulsive need to help care and baby Applebloom throughout the episode is mixed with Adult Fear, Control Freak tendencies and a hint of Super OCD to the mix. The sequence of Sweetie Belle falling head first into a weeping Rarity's mouth was pretty surprising. The introduction of Sweetie Belle revisiting her fifth birthday party is accompanied by her falling down a long flight of stairs, much like what one would experience in a real nightmare.
Or, Luna knows about it from Rarity's perspective because Rarity has bad dreams about it, perhaps feeling guilty about unintentionally upstaging her younger sibling during what should have been a happy once-in-a-lifetime event in a way she knows hurt Sweetie's feelings at a vulnerable time in her development.
Granny Smith's high diving act is terrifying for Applejack, as she's pretty much seeing her beloved mother figure doing something that can hurt her terribly, even probably kill her, with Applejack feeling partially responsible for encouraging Granny to drink the tonic that is giving her the confidence to attempt this. Meta: When Applejack lassoed Granny Smith while she was falling, how many were remembering The Night Gwen Stacy Died? Pinkie Pie gets unnervingly close to Cupcakes mode when she keeps a filly from making a lopsided trade for Twilight's books.
The Orthros Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash have to acquire somehow and then trade for a Daring Do book. Rainbow Dash becoming so desperate to get that Daring Do book that she accidentally trades Fluttershy for it. I know you just heard about manifest…and now we're throwing this at you, so take a minute to really soak this in.
While the Johnnies try and get their brains and hearts calmed down, why don't the rest of us break this down bit by bit. The problem for those of us who love some multiplayer is that the ability is only interesting very early in the game, or at very particular times when the board is clear and you can attack with your only creature.
Then your opponents will know what the two face-down cards are, but not which one is the Jeskai Infiltrator. Manifested cards with morph can be flipped up by paying the casting cost or the morph cost. Jeskai Infiltrator offers extra creatures, but that's not really the upside we are looking at. If you plan on manifesting, you'll really want to know what your destiny (aka the top card of your library) is when attacking with Jeskai Infiltrator. The big part of the fun of Jeskai Infiltrator is leaving your opponents wondering about what the card could be. I asked folks for creatures that do something a little special when they do some combat damage. The deck is mostly ramping and a way to get a land that has been manifested back to your hand using Ninja of the Deep Hours. Normally, I wrap things up with one deck, but as I was putting the finishing touches on the first deck, I realized that Jeskai Infiltrator lets you get around "enters the battlefield" effects. If you work with Goddess energy and you are drawn to this imagery this deck will be a welcome companion on your spiritual journey.
I highly recommend that you get the Dark Goddess Companion book as there is so much rich mythology about each of the Goddesses in there. There is also 5 different Tarot Spreads that have been created around the Goddess Archetypes. I love working with this deck for Goddess work, for Shadow work and any time I feel like I need to be realigned with the sacred feminine. I made a little video on this subject and have added some notes below to tie it all together.
Archetypes – There are archetypes in the Tarot that most of us come into contact with and experience personally.
Symbols – Each Tarot card has a diverse set of symbols in them, which artist have a wonderful time with. Technique of the Tarot Reader – Tarot reading is a skill and many of us spend years honing it.
Connection – Depending on the way that you read the Tarot it can be used to connect to your higher self and to your spirit guides. Mystical appeal – There is something so universally appealing to knowing something that other people do not.
The last part of this blog hop is a Tarot Spread you can use when you are getting to know a new Tarot deck. I am not the first Tarot lovely to use this Tarot Spread or to share it online but I wanted to put it up here for you all. September 7, 2015 By Ethony Leave a Comment Earlier in the Summer I was blessed with a First Edition Copy of the Heart of Stars Tarot deck which I connected with straight away.
The creator of the Tarot deck and another awesome project in the works has taken the time to share his experience creating the deck.
I never had in mind to commercialize this deck when I first started designing it; I only wanted to have fun and create a deck for my own purposes.
September 4, 2015 By Ethony Leave a Comment Welcome to the next instalment of my Moon Phase Tarot Spreads.
It is the perfect time to banish habits that no longer serve you and work magic around releasing. I have included a special position for the Greek Goddess Hecate who is is the Goddess who works her magic and power from afar. September 3, 2015 By Ethony Leave a Comment Learning the Lenormand can be a HUGE task due to the large number of combinations.
For all of those lovelies who have their own Prince Lenormand Oracle deck make sure you check page 27 for your 30% discount on the Tarot Readers Academy – Learn the Lenormand Oracle Course. August 28, 2015 By Ethony Leave a Comment As I mentioned in my review of this wonderful deck, the Spirit Speak Tarot has been a huge gift to my Tarot practice.

A fellow creative Gemini Goddess Mary is such an inspiration for deck creators, mystics and tarot readers. I’m originally from Franklin, Tennessee, a beautiful and quiet town about 30 minutes from Nashville. Additionally, teaching, which I started after the Spirit Speak deck debuted, is something I am passionate about.
At the moment, I work as a teacher, artist, tarot reader, and part-time metalsmith for a local jewelry company.
Currently, I am working on a jewelry collaboration with Lise Silva, an incredibly talented fiber artist. At the same time, I have been developing my own Fall collection of jewelry called Mystic Moon. I’m also working on a calendar of herbal drawings and writings with magical herbalist, teacher, and dear friend, Liz Migliorelli, and a new deck! Favorite flavor of ice-cream? – Moose Tracks, it’s an ice cream with peanut butter cups, caramel, and chunks of chocolate, I am really bad about digging out all the good stuff and leaving the vanilla ice cream…. What book are you currently reading? – Currently I am reading You are Psychic by Debra Lynne Katz, I just boughtYou Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay and I am super excited to start it!
Thank you so much for sharing your journey and all of you exciting projects with the Tarot Tribe.
I am so pleased to be able to offer this beautiful Oracle Deck to my Tarot Tribe members outside Australia. If you are interested in multiple decks or would like to buy a copy of the Prince Lenormand Oracle or the Money Magic Manifestation Cardsalong with your order please contact Ethony here to place your custom order.
If you pre-order your deck between the 24th of August and the 29th of August you go into the draw to win your deck and postage to anywhere in the world FREE.
August 20, 2015 By Ethony Leave a Comment The Artistic talent behind The Fountain Tarot is Jonathan Saiz. I’ve been a full time painter for about 10 years now- constantly searching for THE next painting series to invest everything I have into- traveling around the world as much as I can in the meantime.
The Eight of Coins in our deck is so meaningful to me in so many ways- not just the quality of the painting, which i’m quite proud of, but the way it mirrors for me the journey of being a painter. I think of my inner life like a haunted house with many closed doors and hallways that I rarely visit- The Tarot, and specifically the way I interact with our Fountain Tarot daily, forces me to enter random parts of my haunted house and confront ghosts regularly. Figure out first who and what you definitely are NOT when it comes to the style of your ideal imagined tarot deck or project.
August 20, 2015 By Ethony Leave a Comment I would love to welcome the second member of The Fountain Tarot team, Andi Todaro to share her story about creating the Fountain Tarot. Pretty long story now, almost 2 years in the making, but it has been hard work the whole time. My favorite card is probably The Tower, mostly in our deck, it speaks to me in such a profound way, that things are a construct, even if everything falls to pieces, there was never really a structure at all. The Spirit Speak Tarot holds a special place in my Tarot collection as it is one of the very few black and white decks that I own. These differences include the appearance of the flames, the power of the flames, the creation of the flames, and the way the flames move. At first, when most see it, they believe it to be nothing but Fire Magic done in a different way. We don't see what happens, we only hear Celestia crying out in shock, then the scene cuts back to an unsuspecting Twilight (with zero indication of what happened to her). When her friends finally arrive, she's gone unconscious, and one of the flytraps starts moving in for the kill. To elaborate, before he was first turned to stone by Celestia and Luna, he planted seeds called Plunderseeds that would grow into vines that would ensnare the princesses due to lack of magic.
Because the girls had to give up the Elements of Harmony to save the Tree of Harmony, they've lost their only means of keeping Discord in check. For a moment, she has a shocked look, and gives a little cry before the shadow transforms her into Nightmare Moon.
Not helping matters is Rainbow Dash and Applejack believing that they still could be alive after the former unknowingly comes in contact with Rarity's foreleg. Then she sees a pillar falling on what she thinks is Angel (it's really two leaves and a rock shaped like Angel) and tries in vain to remove the debris.
It isn't mentioned, but the way you hear an audible "snap" and she crumples to the floor immediately after leaves no doubt.
Their teasing of Scootaloo over her about inability to fly must have stirred up a lot of uncomfortable stuff for fans, especially for those who have handicaps themselves. The fangs, the eyes, the wings, the expressions, the hissing, the complete change in her usual demeanor to that resembling a feral beast, and even the subtly transformed cutie mark from 3 butterflies to bats, made all the creepier by the fact that she still very much resembles Fluttershy.
Unlike their normal cute and cuddly counterparts,they have a more monstrous and feral appearance.
Her hoarding is played in a disturbingly realistic way, and her animal abuse is likewise played as such; she's downright neglectful of her cats (not cleaning up after them, leaving one's corpse just sitting by some books), and seems to see them as no different than the items in her house, throwing them outside with junk. It's given a Nothing Is Scarier presentation that lets us imagine any horrific things we want that would leave the Apples so traumatized. Even with the steering wheel broken off, they don't even get enough time to attempt to steer their raft out of the way. It's design is incredibly simplistic, and somehow utterly terrifying at the same time, especially the mouth. While it is funny to see him getting his just deserts, it's not as funny when you start asking yourself what kind of creature could do that to a Reality Warper Mad God?
Between this and the "tunnel of eyes" from Hurricane Fluttershy, the show's certainly doing a good job of making us really feel Fluttershy's raw fear.
And had Fluttershy's attempt to ward them off had been unsuccessful, who knows if they would've attacked her too? At this point in the series, Equestria seems to be less hospitable to life than the surface of Mercury. It's true that AJ is a very hard working character and aspires to make sure that everythings in tip top shape and in order.
When it first appears, all you see is its shadow, but then see a set of glowing eyes and sharp fangs. Her reactions, though extreme, are completely justified when you consider just how absolutely terrified she would be at the thought of losing another family member. As you try to pull it out, you cause the rocks to loosen, and the rock pile starts shaking. It shows that the artists on the show really put some work into their show, making it that lightly jarring. The scenes Luna showed Sweetie Belle at the party were things neither of them could've known about, only Rarity knew since she was actually present for them. Given that Sweetie Belle's troubles hit so close to home, however, she probably decided that such measures were necessary for the situation. These two have been friends for a while and until Rainbow Dash sees the error of her ways, she seems perfectly fine with it! Jeskai Infiltrator encourages you to play your creatures on your second main phase, something you should be doing anyway unless you have a reason not to. You'll be able to add another creature to the battlefield in your second main phase, but I'm always uneasy tapping my only creature to attack. If you put a Planeswalker from the top of your library face-down due to the Infiltrator's ability, you can't flip it over. If your morph card has an ability, like Ponyback Brigade, you get the effect whether you pay the morph cost or the manifest cost to flip the card. If you attack with the Infiltrator and a bunch of creatures and the Infiltrator does combat damage to a player, you exile it and the top card of your library and shuffle them, then manifest them. Assuming Jeskai Infiltrator is face-down with only one other face-down creature, how will your opponents block?
The opponent knows that the face-down creatures are Jeskai Infiltrator and a Pearl Lake Ancient.
If you have a land or sorcery that you desperately need, you'll want to hold back with the Infiltrator, or not turn it face-up if is going to do combat damage to an opponent.
Once your friends have seen your deck a few times, they'll start to get a better idea of what could be face down, making their blocking choices easier and the unknown factor a little less fun. This is normally a downside, since most cards that have an "enters the battlefield" effect are something good that you'd rather not miss. When we do have interactions and experiences with these archetypes it brings a whole new level of understanding and connection to the Tarot.
When I feel things are not right or aligned in my life, but can’t quite put my finger on what it is, I use the Tarot.
Get feedback from people that share the same excitement in your project and stay away from those not offering constructive criticism.
I made a promise to make videos of the two Lenormand Spreads in the Prince Lenormand Oracle deck booklet. I love reading the Grand Tableau it gives a complete overview of a situation for yourself of a Client. It has shifted my perspective on some of the cards and opened up a whole new level of my personal meanings of the Tarot. Being a Gemini, I like to have little bits of everything I love drawing and feel like I always have and always will.
As a tarot teacher I hope to provide my students with not only knowledge, but most of all faith in themselves, to have authority over their cards, to not feel intimidated by the tarot, and to use it as a tool to become closer with the self. However, I held myself back because I felt like I needed to be some kind of “tarot master” to make my own deck.
This is the first project that I can think of where I had to let go of the idea of my drawings being pretty or beautiful. When those nagging voices whisper in your ear that your not good enough, that you will be judged, feeding you fear, try to listen to the light. It has been on hold for a while, so I am excited to come back with new designs and materials!  I am also passionate about expressing myself through fashion and adornment, and hope to incorporate my art with those mediums.
The card stock is nice and thick (you all know how I like good card stock) so it will last a long time and the gild gilded edges are on both sides of the cards, the edges and the box.
I have really enjoyed getting to know The Fountain Tarot through its stunning art and readings have been profound and deep. Now that I found what I was looking for with The Fountain Tarot, AND with Jason Gruhl as my tarot partner and partner in life AND with Andi Todaro as my dearest friend and inspiration compass, I think I might just take a few needed years off while I figure out what to be passionate about next, in addition to all that I have now. There were moments where I felt really spent and burnt out just from having to invest so much artistic, emotional and spiritual energy into really feeling what the individual cards really meant.
The dream of manifesting the spiritual into the physical through art is such a labor of love and focus- This card really captures that. A long-term painting series in progress, made up of literally thousands of miniature oil painting cubes- mini portraits, landscapes, abstracts etc- all mounted in clear lucite specimen cases and clustered together in crystal-grid formations.
When I’m feeling most vulnerable and only want a quiet reflection, it makes time in the day to just sit and think and ponder.

I have so enjoyed getting to know this deck and reading with it for myself and Clients and I know it will be in heavy rotation for active reading decks.
It asks me to look at them from a different perspective and I love that it forces me lovingly out of my comfort zone all the while giving insightful and beautiful readings. Mary Evans has done such a glorious job in her addition to the Tarot and the modern Tarot decks that are coming out now. This is a very rare form of Fire Magic, where users only appear once every few hundred years. Now, consider the effect of something strong enough to knock down a Physical God hitting an ordinary pony. Yes, Fluttershy could simply threaten to not be his friend anymore, but we can't be sure how long that'll last. We've already seen what Nightmare Moon can do, so imagine that power in the hooves of an immortal fragment of magic.
It's full of dark disturbing imagery, not to mention the frightening similarities to an actual real world castle. She quickly splints it and from there on out, it's apparently no big deal, but keep in mind this is a fatal injury when it happens to a real horse. The fact that they awfully resemble Stripe and the mutant bat gremlin certainly does not help matters. Becomes Nightmare Retardant when Pinkie decides to take a picture (and they don't seem to suffer any ill effects afterwards, aside from trauma). His team mates would have hired Rainbow Dash to permanently replace someone who's been their friend from the start. And a particularly jarring scene in Fluttershy's cottage where there's a closeup of her climbing the ladder while trying to comfort Fluttershy in her usual way. The CMC then try to lose the foals by running off to the library but they follow them there.
You hear one of your friends yell at you to watch out, and you turn to see a huge boulder quickly falling towards you, with you unable to run away, and your friends and sister far away from you. That would at least suggest that Luna can access a pony's memories while they're unconscious, and do so without them even realizing it, or even their permission. You can control other creatures when you cast it, but if you want to attack with it and use the ability, you can't control another creature when you attack. Do they assume that both creatures will only do two points of damage, or do they assume the worst, and apply massive overkill? You attack with both, knowing the opponent will block one, but be forced to let the other one through. When you consider how much of an average deck is actually made up of creatures, you'll realize you are not going to get to flip that card as often as you'd like without help.
Naturally, swapping cards in and out of your deck resolves that issue, but it is something to consider. They open up memories, they represent important times in our lives and things that we hold sacred and dear. We ad to our Tarot tool kit through connecting with fantastic Clients and ones that make us want to scream. Sometimes a project can stall with lack of inspiration or not knowing how to solve a certain challenge and it’s where sharing your process with a good friend can get the juice going again. A lot of people shy away from it at the beginning because of it’s size but I say dive in! I am delighted to share my interview with the Spirit Speak Tarot’s creator Mary Evans. In June of 2014, my friend Katie Oly, an amazing embroidery artist, proposed having an art show at a shop in Oakland called Resurrect.
Luckily I have been blessed with friends who are also readers, and frequently trade with them.
I plan on collaborating with a local San Francisco clothing designer next year and I couldn’t be more excited about that. Eventually it just happened- cliche I know, but The Fountain Tarot seemed to pick me, like it’s always been there but it just needed time to convince me to become its slave! Creating the dark cards made me feel heavy and the light cards made me feel manic- it was a real roller-coaster.
Not just a heavy and mysterious mirror either- often times fun and lighthearted like a funhouse mirror! I’m passionate about beautiful curated things, dancing and whiskey, escape the room games and puzzle games and crosswords, and getting to know people on an intimate level. I work for several small businesses branding, I’m working for an acupuncturist right now making her brand, learning a lot about Chinese medicine. Which can really help those people who choose to work with this deck as their first Tarot deck. It is directly connected to the users emotions, so the stronger the mages feelings, the stronger the flames. In other words, even when he's not actively causing chaos, when he's not actively making trouble, even when his plans go awry, he still ends up causing chaos. One of the bees ends up flying into Gummy's nose, squirming around, and coming out the other end. This would mean that absolutely no pony has any privacy in the world, since Luna could willingly show anything to anyone, revealing their deepest, darkest secrets at any time. When I showed everyone Generator Servant, there were a lot of excited people, and the Johnnies all thought it was pretty cool, but it was pretty straightforward. I shuffle them so my opponents don't know which is the Infiltrator and which is the top card, and put them into play, untapped and face-down.
With Jeskai Infiltrator, you are going to want plenty of Scry cards, and other cards that let you see that top card. It is romantic to work with these cards that so many people in different countries and times have also experienced. It is a connection to the divine in each of us and allows for me to get to the heart of the matter and find my centre. I use it also as a meditation tool, by connecting with the energy of certain cards that acts like guides. After I stopped in the middle of a project I was able to pick up pace again with projects many times just by sharing where I was at. It has been such a gift to me and I want to empower others to have similar enlightening experiences, if they so desire. Resurrect, owned by Kate Marrow (a very cool lady), has been one of my earliest supporters here in Oakland. I wanted my drawings to be a tool, and I felt like focusing too much on aesthetics would take away from their meaning. My father and mother are both so strong, each one has overcome so much and built a beautiful life together. Even in the beginning, as the idea formed it was nice to have several perspectives weighing in. Jonathan and Jason lived through a hurricane, I was almost homeless, and a bunch of regular life things that were catastrophic emotionally… and still working on the Fountain at the same time.
The flames are also much smoother, more tame, and the more experienced the user the hotter the flames. Anyone familiar with four-legged animals can immediately recognize that wounded gait, it's more than a little disconcerting. And while their bickering and taste for pie does add a little silliness to them, they're still a powerful and scary creature that would settle for a filly like Apple Bloom if they couldn't get their pie. Brago, King Eternal could be particularly miserable for opponents if you have several face-down creatures on the battlefield. Your ability to see the situation from the point of view of your opponents and determine how they will react will be tested with Jeskai Infiltrator.
For example I picked the Empress card to guide me on my next project and I set her in front of my desk to meditate on.
There are cards in my deck that I would not want to frame and hang on my wall, but when I see them, I understand them, and that was my intention.
I have some work to do before I achieve her angelic way though, my deck still incorporates themes like anxiety and fear, along with love and self care. I have two brothers that I adore, and in each, I see myself and also things that I want to be.
But, it sort of felt like becoming parents together, and figuring it all out as we’ve gone along. Heck, two of the sisters said that they would still go for Apple Bloom even if they did have their pie. You can exile all of them and see them return to the battlefield face-up without having to pay to turn them face-up.
Liliana Vess's ability to search for a card and put it on top of your library becomes just a little more interesting with an active Jeskai Infiltrator. My process was to think of what the card meant to me, and translate that into symbolism that was my own. The Queen of Swords is really important to me, The Empress, The Hermit, 6 of Pentacles, 9 of Pentacles, 10 of Cups, The Magician, The Fool, The Wheel of Fortune.
It helps me have compassion for this world, that we are all trying to make ourselves and our situations better, to be happy. My opponent chooses not to block either of them, and I pay the manifest cost (casting cost) of the face-down Jeskai Infiltrator.
Try a Gatherer search of "combat damage player" for creatures and see the endless array of options.
I thought if I planned my schedule right, it was possible to get all 78 drawings done in time for the show. So many cards have had such an impact on me, and there are so many that I look to, to bring certain things into my life.
He is a Priscilla because he is named after Priscilla Queen of The Desert a movie about some really great drag queens. Assuming the Infiltrator did damage again, I exile it and the new top card of my library and do it all over. Having the deck in the context of artistic expression, versus making a product, allowed me to truly free myself from so much self criticism. Every time I give a reading there is some advice I am giving the client that I should also be giving myself. However, I did learn from The Golden Tarot, a Ryder Waite based deck, whose influence I think you can see throughout tarot.
Once I reached the minor arcana it was like the deck had taken over, like the cards were making themselves.

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