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Action – My most important action was that I kept holding the feeling of what it would be like to be with the woman of my dreams.  Looking back I am shocked that this was the big “action” that I took! After holding this “action” for awhile,  things collapsed with the girlfriend at that time, a very nice girl but just wasn’t the one for me. Consequences- The women of my dreams came rushing in and I would run into her almost daily by coincidence.  We met on the elevator, having lived in the same building only one floor apart for 7 months, but never met until about two weeks after I started this intention. We’re married, have a daughter, and are pregnant again.  I have learned new levels of love and new dimensions of myself. Reaction – My reaction to meeting the woman of my dreams was to ask her out!  Also, instead of dating 3-5 women at once as I had been known to, I stayed conscious and aware that I could really screw things up if I tried that approach with her.  So I became committed way before I thought I would.
Its not clear enough.  What is the work I am doing?  What does that feel like?  How much am I making? Action – Kept doing a flurry of things without truly being present to how they were working, and was it the most important thing I should be doing?  I was trying to do 10,000 things at once plus listened to a marketing lady that was clueless (that I manifested through bad intention) and did not listen to my own instincts.   Launched joint ventures with major spiritual authors and needed to refine my offer but I stuck with it. Consequence – I failed in that I had to go back having an employer again.  But I really didn’t have an intention that was clear enough to determine failure or success.

This goal has so far “failed” and is no longer a goal.  For growth from this intention, I ask myself, “Where is the growth?” (this is great advice from my channeled intuitive reading). For growth, I can now look at the fact I have 10,000 people a month coming to the site.  I can also see that a crystal clear intention is a key factor in success.
This expectation did constrict the universe’s options for delivering my intention to database development since that is what I thought it would be.  In hindsight I shouldn’t have added that constraint. Action – Called a few business contacts and posted my resume on 2 job boards.  Hung tough on my quoted hourly rate when initially there was resistance from recruiters. It’s a win for me as a writer and as a spiritual teacher, it’s a win for the publisher, and it’s a win for the audience.  But my expectations now could get in the way by telling me that it wasn’t worthwhile to write the book because it wasn’t a New York Times Best Seller.
The best thing that I can do to move forward on the idea of publishing a book is writing on a daily basis. How to supercharge your energy level and feel great on a day-to-day basis.
How to work with the power of your subconscious mind to move you toward what would really truly fulfil you in your life.

How am I helping?  To think I quit a full-time job at Motorola on this intention and faith! Even if it’s not related to a particular book process, even If it’s just an emptying out of thoughts or ideas.  At some point, something may gel or crystallize, something may show up that’s worth pursuing or developing, and then a new set of steps develops that may involve research and casting the project into form. When I read Part 1, I was really confused, but now that I have read Part 2 with your examples, it all makes a lot of sense. I have found that, like you, it is very important to communicate clearly with my guides ( like waiters in a restaurant)what I need help with and letting them and the universe bring to me what they do with very little expectation, just some hopes, and lots of thanks with any outcome-prefered or not. Even though it might be a bit technical for American New Agers it would really work well for the structured German New Age mind.
If you are looking for a subject to write a book on, I would read a book that tells of your experiences with manifesting, like this post, except in more depth.

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