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This beautiful 4-CD collection by Marianne Williamson is based on "A Course in Miracles." It will uplift, enlighten, and bring healing energy into your life. The need for change as we get older--an emotional pressure for one phase of our lives to transition into another--is a human phenomenon, neither male nor female.
Helps you honour your need to cultivate quiet and become grounded in deeper serenity by practicing customized meditations for different aspects of your daily life: work, finances, health, relationships, and more. From the "New York Times" bestselling author of "Illuminata" comes a book about everyday peace, everyday purpose, everyday hope, everyday love, and everyday grace. A beautiful volume of prayers and meditative writings by the acclaimed author of A Return to Love and A Woman's Worth.

This work guides and inspires you to bring your healing spirit to bear as you release stress, anger, and pain; and find fulfilment. Author and lecturer Marianne Williamson acts as a guide back to the spiritual source, exploring the ways to nurture a thriving soul in a harsh world.
Prayer is practical, says Williamson, a way to create a sweeter, more abundant life for ourselves and the people for whom we care. It is time to accept your life and to finally, truly live it, as only you and you alone know deep in your heart it was meant to be lived. Leaders in the spiritual community read their books, record guided meditations and hypnotherapy sessions and give talks on any number of exciting subjects related to spirituality and personal growth.Each CD has a number of sound clips so that you can hear samples from each CD before purchasing.

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manifesting abundance marianne williamson knjige

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