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The powerful energy of the MG meets significant resisting barriers when mentally initiated.
Full Sacral energy is not available to an MG who has decided to initiate action based upon a mental decision.
MG’s are designed to work their energy, in a personally satisfying way, by becoming unique creative builders guided by their Inner Authority.
MG’s need to wind-down and exhaust the final fuel in their sacral center whilst lying down before they go to sleep. Manifesting Generators (MG’s) have the same core genetic design as the Generator type. Both types are designed to respond to life through their Sacral Center before initiating energy.
Responding naturally to the flow of life coming to you as a Manifesting Generator is ultimately the most efficient and satisfying way that your energy can be used.
The essence of true spirituality for a Manifesting Generator is to trust that life itself has its plan for you and that it will unfold in its own natural timing as something that you are uniquely equipped to respond to.
The difference between Generators and Manifesting Generators is that Manifesting Generators are design to move to initiation very quickly after responding (unless they are emotional manifesting generators). If they can, then all forms of frustrations are eliminated from their lives and are replaced with a deep feeling of satisfaction.
Generators usually initiate action because they are fearful that nothing will happen otherwise. The endless life force energy that the Generator holds within their Sacral center is a like a super powerful magnet that draws opportunities to it through their enveloping aura. When the Generator waits for life to present itself, they become like a magnetic black hole that attracts everyone and everything to them automatically. Generators are designed to flow in the “now” with the current of life, taking their cues for action as they appear. One big sign that Generators should watch out for as an indication that they are responding and operating correctly is “synchronicity”. It is entirely possible that those Generators who have gone out and manifested without reference to their Sacral Center may in fact have been successful but they are rarely happy, satisfied or feel fulfilled. Often, Generators find themselves involved in projects or are committed to someone or something that does not really hold their interest or bring them fulfilment. The simple but profound lesson for all Generators is to know from within themselves to whom and to what they are going to commit themselves.
The Generators job is to start to notice these sacral grunts and realise that they are your response mechanism.
Some Generators become confused about the word “wait”, but when you are awake and noticing all that is going on around you, waiting simply means listening to your sacral response before you act.
For all Generators this is the key to changing their entire life, so that you live just who you are, without wasting the precious power of the Sacral Center. When the Generator finds their sacral response, they can get the “yes” or “no” that is necessary for them to move forward with their life.

Generators are the workers and can become slaves if they do not listen to their Sacral Center. So, Generators must remember to check with their Sacral Center before they consent to just “do” what the Manifestor, Projector or any other type suggests. Most Generators are living a repetitive toil of “the daily grind”; just trudging on with making a living.
Manifesting GeneratorThis chart's Authority is the Sacral and it responds in the moment to yes & no questions with an uh-ha or an uh-uh.
Projector1 of 5 types of Projectors, this Splenic Authority Projector has an in-the-now response for intuition and physical awareness. ReflectorReflectors have no definition in their chart and their authority is the 28-day cycle of the moon. The Rave BodyGraph™ and Rave Mandala™ are registered trademarks of Jovian Archive Media Inc.
For example, you are a Generator, your work is a workshop facilitator and you want to teach a workshop.
Generators are the great workers of the world and are at their best when they are not investing their lives away at grueling work they despise day after day. SATISFACTION is the key word for Generators.  You need to be all about self-satisfaction and feeling good. If you initiate, if you don’t respond and enter into things incorrectly, you  will get frustrated and will quit resulting in exhaustion or more frustration.
Your mind will actively guide you towards a life that ultimately will prove to be unsatisfying.
By responding from within themselves to whatever life sends their way life becomes a joyful and satisfying experience for all Generators. Other people crave access to that huge energy resource and the Generator does not have to wait long before other people start asking for access to this resource.
All things will come to the Generator in their own timing – they do not need to initiate action to try and make things happen. They are just doing it because it seems like someone has to do it and they are the one with the energy! It has to be stressed, that Generators need to know right from the start of any activity if they are going to commit or not because once they have committed their considerable energy to something or someone, there is no turning back without considerable frustration and inconvenience. If they find out after a few minutes that who or what they have just committed to does not actually suit them, it is too late to stop.
Their strategy for living life correctly comes from how this Sacral Center is really designed to work. This response may come in the form of a grunt, “uhuh”, or “unhuh” or it may just be a feeling, a lifting or a deflation. But they always have a gnawing discontentment and frustration within them that they are here for another purpose. What's it all about and how might understanding your Type, Aura & Strategy help you in life.

The full version lasts an hour and a half and can be downloaded to your computer as an mp3 audio file plus images. They are the only Types with a special energy providing center called the Sacral Center.  Generators represent 34% of the population.
If you decide to initiate this workshop without anything to respond to other than your own mental prompting or desire,  you will most likely find that the workshop turnout may be low.
It creates the vital life-force energy required for action, living life, doing and creating.
If the Generator has the courage to wait they will learn very quickly that this fear is unfounded. Their correct future will come automatically if they respond in the “now” to what life gives to them. Of course, they get intensely frustrated, being the slave for someone else, giving away their power wholesale to whoever asks. The Generator needs to be very familiar with their sacral response, and they need time to check in with it.
If you have responded correctly then it is important for you to push through this barrier so that you can get to the next level.
Understanding the depth of who you are and how to navigate the world by making the best decisions for your self is deeply empowering. When you find the correct work, your Sacral Center supplies you with an inexhaustible source of energy. Waiting for something to respond to is crucial for ensuring your success in life and avoiding burn out from committing to the wrong work.
Your energy, like a powerful magnet, brings to you everything you need to fulfill your purpose. Your life is all about doing what you love and only that allows you to be free in who you are and blesses you with unbounded happiness. But if the Generator is desperate to stop and does quit they usually find themselves in turmoil. These sounds are like grunts or growls which, when you can interpret this “yes” or “no” sound, leads the Generator to make correct decisions for their life.
It is almost as if it is a test, so that you have the chance to ask your Sacral Center, again, if this is what you really want.
They sleep walk into giving their energy away to everyone else, instead of listening to their inner wisdom; their Sacral Center.
A few key pieces can begin your journey of experimenting, awakening and transforming with your Human Design.

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