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Though I have moved away from the self-help genre, the following six decidedly New Agey books did resonate with me greatly at the time that I read them.
Thanks to cutting class one afternoon in my sophomore year of college, I caught author Gary Zukav on Oprah and immediately ran out and bought his book. That said, I have found that there is value in vocalizing intentions and setting reasonable personal goals. A wise old gas station attendant named Socrates coaches confused young Dan Millman in this bestselling spiritual saga. I met both Dan Millman and Shakti Gawain when I heard them speak at an event called the New Living Expo in San Francisco in 2004. I bought the Spanish edition of this book when I was teaching bilingual third grade in an Austin public school. Your last note about what book was not included caught my attention and brought a smile to my face… Because, ah, I know.
I would love to read your comments on the books by Neale Donald Walsch, author of Conversations with God.
Loved the article, one book that has resonated with me for years now and I do re-read once a year or so is The Mandala of Being by Richard Moss, MD. Waves of Change – Unleash The Power of The Natural Self by Bartholomeus Nicolaas Engelbertus. I finally had to tone down my prejudice against The Secret, but for me the best New Thought book remains The Game of Life, and How to Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn. For me, this book put into words what I’ve felt about life, religion and relationships my entire life but was unable to express it in my Christian up bringing. I respect your opinion on self help being unnecessary although I must respectfully disagree. Highly recommend Buddhist Boot Camp by Timber Hawkeye for great storytelling lessons in life. Since you include Eastern spirituality in your definition of new age, I highly recommend How to be Sick and How to Wake Up by Toni Bernhard. Although The Secret may seem rubbish, it’s about how you interpret the information provided in it. Overview - A threat to the Himalayan Kingdom of Nhala unites Army Captain Mike Shafer and Lucy Merritt, an expert restorer of manuscripts.

Jennings takes the tried-and-true romantic formula of two strangers pretending to be engaged and spices it up with spies and biological weapons.
If you were raised on candy, you wouldn’t truly understand how sweet it is unless you also tasted bitter and sour (you would also likely get diabetes and die young).
The sky, the clouds, the weather, the breath of the Earth hasn’t been, and will not be, EXACTLY like today.
A fictionalized memoir, it is admittedly a little cheesy, but its message of finding peace and happiness within resonate. I appreciated his non-dogmatic, clear language and examples from diverse spiritual sources.
Her words can also be found on The Tattooed Buddha, Rebelle Society, LeanPub, and her ever-evolving site, Love Education. I look forward to reading your future article as my own personal journey has led me to see the fallacies within some of the self-help material too. The same grace that helped me wake back up is also the same grace guiding a deeper, knowing, life. We are challenging ourselves to read your selections and then we will give you our feedback. I learned why I make the choices that I do based on conditioning as a child and learning how to live in the now. I love how its set in a fictional story, allowing the reader to feel connected and not necessarily preached at. Intuition has always been my gift and when that book came out I got a very unsettling feeling about it and choose not to read it.
Out of the list of six books you listed I have only read one which was the Eckhart Tolle book. Of course we cannot control the Universe, of course we cannot win the lottery (visualize it all day if you want to), you have to be a bit delusional to think you can understand physics because of auto-suggestion (as the author states she does). A deadly ancient prophecy of the world's end is manifesting-and so is their attraction to each other. Feeling joy for something should compel you to be grateful for that which brings you joy, but it’s important to remember that joy is not only in the big things. She was in shock and crying when she called to give me the news, and as she told me what happened,  I was struck by the fact that it was exactly what she wanted.

All these trips that we lay on ourselves—the heavy-duty fearing that we’re bad and hoping that we’re good, the identities that we so dearly cling to, the rage, the jealousy and the addictions of all kinds—never touch our basic wealth. She adores life at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, where she shares a tiny cabin with her partner, daughter, cat and dog. The secret is one of those books sitting… I agree not worth picking up and we only read bits of it. I am not into self-help books per se, but I find it helps my self when I read new age books.
To me, if you're reading anything on any sort of spiritual growth topic then you are doing so to improve yourself in one way or another.
I began a gratitude jar in mid-January thanks to a friend who posted the idea on social media. Related posts: Gift Yourself with Gratitude Gift Yourself With Happiness Happiness Every Day! In the previous two years, I have lived a relatively comfortable material life from a good-paying job as a travel agent. It’s all about getting in touch with your authentic power versus playing the victim when external powers that be get you down.
The ten lovely suggestions are based off of an book he wrote for adults called 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace. After I laughed out loud countess times before I got halfway through it, I couldn't even force myself to finish it.
Serving as her faux fiancé and protection, Army captain Mike Shafer is immediately drawn to her.
To their attraction, add a dying king, a trapped princess, a pending coup, and terrorist plots aimed at the United States, India, Israel, and a tribe in Africa, and the recipe for disaster is complete.
Eight viewpoint characters bog down this plot-driven novel, but the suspenseful ending makes up for the slow trip.

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