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Re: If you feel like you have something special to offer the world, and want your PURPOSE to now become your main income stream, 'How to Make Money while Manifesting Miracles' Webinar Series is for you! If you'd like to unearth the best-kept secrets of Famous Spiritual Teachers, New-Age Authors, Motivational Coaches and even Celebrity Psychics, keep your eyes glued to this page.
FOR LESS THAN $100 YOU WILL BE SENT EXPERT & PROVEN BUSINESS COACHING ADVICE THAT IS USUALLY HUNDREDS OF $$$'S AN HOUR! There's a reason why you have clicked on this page link today, and it may have something to do with the level of frustration you have with 'where to start' when running a 'purpose-inspired' business. MIRACLE COACH FACT #1: Over the past decade I have invested HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF $$$'s on creating my purpose-based business, media profile and attracting a regular coaching clientele.
MIRACLE COACH FACT #2: I truly believe this is UNNECESSARY for anyone else to do now as I have learnt countless lessons and made BIG 'COSTLY' MISTAKES.
MIRACLE COACH FACT #3:When I was starting out there was no-one who I knew that could help me with my type of purpose-based business, who had 'been there and done that' AND who was WILLING TO SHARE how they became successful!
MIRACLE COACH FACT #4: The best thing about all of the above is that I was forced to work out for myself how to 'Make Money while Manifesting Miracles' - and no it wasn't easy, but I did it! Over the years I have conducted countless business coaching sessions with people who want to have a profitable 'purpose-based' business. With this in mind, I decided recently that it's time to HELP MORE PEOPLE become 'On Purpose, With Purpose' Superstars, hence creating a 'Miracle Coaching' Purpose-Based-Business Program - which includes ALL my professional, spiritual, COACHING, marketing, MEDIA and business experience. I've also kept the price right down (so EVERYONE can attend) and it will cost you less than $100, and can be done right at home, even in your pyjamas .. Truly, I know 100% if I had someone HOLD MY HAND in those early years (just like I'm offering to do with you now) it wouldn't have been such an expensive, sometimes very stressful journey where I wanted to give up on so many times.
This is exactly the sort of information I was desperate to discover myself when I first started out. Paul S - Enrepreneur & Australian Institute of Management "Young Manager of the Year" Award winner 2003 & ‘Management of Excellence’ Award winner 2009. Through easily revealing her own life’s challenges and failures – not just successes - Maria Elita is a refreshing inspirational speaker, amongst the world of hyped up motivational speakers saturating the speaking market.
I have recently had the privilege of having some Miracle Coaching sessions with Maria Elita to help with my spiritual business.  Maria’s insight and advice was spot on and practical, it has caused a real shift inside me and my business.
Looking at it that way you really can't afford not to invest in this 'How to Make Money while Manifesting Miracles' Miracle Coaching Webinar Series (with OVER 4 hours of LIVE recordings), because it is my job as your 'Miracle Coach' to steer you in a purposeful AND profitable direction. 100% Money Back Guarantee I am so completely convinced that this is the best investment you could ever make for your 'purpose-based business' that I am going to take all the risk away from you, at this very moment. What I'm offering to you is the easiest, most risk-free way to create a 'profitable' business that is ALSO 'purpose-filled'. The Keys on How To Manifest Miracles and Feel Good - Turn Yourself into a Manifestation Magnet and Start Creating Your Dream Life Today! If You Want to Become a Wealthier Family Using the Law of Attraction, Does the Whole Family Have to Use the Techniques for Manifesting Such Things? In these tough economic times, there’s hardly one of us that couldn’t use some extra cash flow in their families.
If everyone in the family can pool their collective efforts and focus on one goal together – wealth, in this example – then the results will be more dramatic and immediate. But what if you are the only one in your family willing to give the law of attraction a try? So the answer is yes, you can manifest family wealth, even if the rest of the family doesn’t want to try it.
People who are just beginning to learn about the law of attraction can easily become confused. In the law of attraction, your subconscious is sending out a signal, like a powerful radio wave. But unlike prayer in the strictly religious sense of the world, the law of attraction is about shaping your own destiny and not discovering the destiny that someone has determined for you already.
In fact, you don’t even have to believe in any sort of deity to use the law of attraction – although religious people can use the law of attraction with every bit of success as non-religious people.
The uniquely wonderful thing about the law of attraction is that no one else controls our destiny. When we focus our conscious and subconscious energy on manifesting our deepest desires for wealth, money, love, or success, it inevitably flows to us. The law of attraction is like spiritual communion with the universe, but can’t strictly be compared to religious prayer. If you’re paying attention, you’ve probably noticed a pattern in life by now: miserable people seem to attract hard luck like flies, but positive people seem to be rolling in good luck. Feeling good equals giving off good energy, and good energy is the key to attracting good things.
So if you want to manifest better relationships, be open to the possibility of a fabulous new relationship in your life.
This is so inspirational we couldn’t resist sharing it here wih our Manifest Miracle Friends. Have you ever had a hard time focusing on a better life, prosperity or anything and find yourself struggling with negative thoughts and thought habits? So, negative affirmations like these will be worse than none at all, and in this case you will feel fat. An remember The FAITH and PURPOSE are the difference between the scientist and the dreamer. Hi!I'm MarieYou have gifts to share with the world and my job is to help you get them out there. Everyone is staying together at a pretty sweet lil’ beach house (can you say PAJAMA partaay?!?) and I am SO darn excited to spend quality time with my girls.
So the next few days are dedicated to connection, having fun, and dreaming up new creative ideas to help YOU create a life you love. If you’re game to deepen your spiritual practice and learn how to consciously bring more miracles into your life, you’re gonna love today’s show. Click here to get your free audio training thisget startedClick here to get your free audio training now. Remember, the first step in creating miracles is to witness to what is not working in your life and be willing for it to shift.
Right now, take an inventory of your life to see what you are done with and ready to let go. Thank you as always, for reading, watching and sharing yourself in this beautiful community.

I am willing to make the shift to putting myself out there in front instead of being the wing woman.
I’ve already pre-ordered May Cause Miracles and am patiently waiting for it to pop up in my letterbox. Comparing myself to others is the recurring theme in my life which keeps me stuck in self pity and frozen in my insecurities. I love what you said about authenticity, its the second time I’ve heard it in the last few days so I’m taking note! I’m willing to look at my old patterns of thinking and make the shift to be authentic. I just want to say that I LOVE that idea of responding with gratitude when jealousy rises up. I am definitely going to start using gratitude as a form of healing my way out of jealousy rather than getting angry at myself and then punishing myself for feeling that way. I also just read a really awesome affirmation by Denide Duffield-Thomas, “Good things are happening for me too. I also believe that when you become fixated on what someone else is doing, you lose sight of what it is you want and what you’re doing – even though you already know what it is you wanna do! Ready to recognize all of the potential that I know I have inside and manifesting that into reality.
What I need to do is be less focused on trying SO hard to please her and be more focused on the positive things I am doing. So I am ready to shift from a mindset of lack, unworthiness, and self-pity (in not having an intimate relationship for myself).
We have been in a relationship for 16yrs and still going strong even when times get tough we can still have a laugh. Maybe I think I want one thing, but the truth of my heart vibrates something else, and what do you think has stronger manifesting power…? The reason I take a hard stance on this issue is because I am a freelance web developer and I totally frown on the whole pop up give me your email address or connect with me in your face experience.
Sorry for the rant, but she sounds promising and someone needs to give her the flip-side perspective on those pop ups so she can make a better informed decision. But it feels great and opens our minds into possibilities that we could have otherwise missed! Thanks Gabby, I so believe “a miracle is a shift in perspective” Love how you said that! Over the pass year he has been so supportive with everything I do, now it’s my turn to give back to him. Over the years I have learnt what are the easiest & least expensive ways to promote myself, how to attract and keep clients that 'get me', while creating media connections to enhance my profile.
I will SHARE WITH YOU all I know, because it is time for YOU to live the life you always wanted, and help people live theirs, while 'MAKING MONEY AND MANIFESTING MIRACLES'! In the early years I lost HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF $$$'s (and nearly my mind) as I did it the hard way because I did it on my own - there wasn't a coach out there that could tell me what to do, and had actually experienced success in similar work to me!
Forget "The Secret", forget Anthony Robbins, you will be amazed how much wisdom Maria has accumulated in her life.
It was exactly what I needed at this stage of my journey.   Thank you Maria – you really are a Miracle Worker. Remember I am 'The Miracle Coach' and I'm here for you, with REAL-LIFE experience with running a purpose-filled business, creating a media profile and staying strong in an industry that is highly competitive and fickle.
But many people want to know: if you want to manifest a wealthier family, does everybody in the family have to use manifestation techniques?
Manifesting is a simple cause-and-effect process whereby you become a magnet to draw things to you.
The power of many people joining together in a common purpose, sending out their requests for family prosperity to the universe, will be answered more quickly and with more force. If your family doesn’t stand behind you or support you, then focus your energies not on trying to change them but on manifesting your wish for a wealthier family. Approach it the same way you would approach using the law of attraction to get anything else you desire: focus on your desire, try to become one with it, and project it out to the universe. Once your family sees the results of one person manifesting, they may completely change their tune and become your strongest supporters. You’ll see faster results if everyone uses manifestation techniques, but it’s not necessary for success. They usually search for some metaphor or analogy that can help them to understand it better – but truthfully, there is nothing quite like the law of attraction. This wave radiates outward into the void of the universe, where it is picked up and reflected back to you in reverse form. If you think prayer is a way of communing and harmonizing yourself with the universe, becoming at peace with yourself so that you can get what you want out of life, then yes – the law of attraction is a lot like that. Instead of conforming to the universe’s will, the law of attraction is about acting on your own will. That’s the great thing about truth – it works for everyone, regardless of who you are or where you come from.
Our present circumstances are a direct result of our thoughts and actions in the past, and the circumstances we’ll face in the future will be a direct result of the thoughts we have today. Prayer depends on the deity to whom you are praying, and sometimes the best answer is “have faith and be patient.” But not so with the law of attraction. If you’ve done any research into the phenomenon, you know about the law of attraction, which describes what you’re seeing every day. Due to the phonies out there trying to make a quick buck telling you about the law of attraction, there is a lot of misinformation about the manifestation process that gives you inaccurate expectations about how the law of attraction will work for you.
But when that attitude becomes your permanent mood, you’re letting it stand between you and everything you want.
Think about the things you want from life: money, love, friendship, possessions, or something else. If you want to manifest more money, be receptive and excited for the time when more money finds its way to you! If you repeat them regularly you can begin to reprogram your mind to have and maintain a positive thought pattern which helps attract your desires. Get into that Feel Good place and feel what you would feel like once you actually have the experience you desire. We’re not asking for something outside us to change, but for something inside us to change.

I am gonna move toward love, spreading it around like honey – especially at this one person if my mind decides to wander yet again. I’ve been practicing gratitude over the last year which has definitely made a positive shift. My lucky break is just around the corner.” And as some of you know, she is becoming wildly successful with what she does!
We’re not alone in how we feel and we are totes courageous babes for admitting how we feel. That’s just beautiful and really shows that letting go of pain and hurt and focusing on abundance works! It soon became apparent that I couldn’t see anything except her home page without creating an account or connecting via one my social media accounts. Totally hear you – I will challenge you to witness your judgement right now and see if it is a reflection of something else personal and not about Gabby.
Expecting more and expecting the best for ourselves is something that most of us need training at. Last year for me was about shifting, changing & doing but this year is about putting all I have learnt into action. He is an amazing giving wonderful & truly honest man who deserve the best and see the miracles that are possible. Would you believe me if I said that, for the past few weeks, I was looking for answers about manifesting, and Gabby just answered part of them? I realized that I’ve been avoiding to challenge myself with new situations for YEARS, and at the same been very frustrated with my life. I want to stop avoiding suffer and failure, and I want to break this cocoon and try new things, new books, new experiences. This combination has led me to create a profitable 'purpose-based' business, that is ETHICAL and enjoyable! I have read just about every self-help book on the planet, but no-one has inspired me, or assisted me on my path to true happiness more than Maria Elita!
I want you to immediately let me know, so I can give you a full refund on the entire purchase price. The things you attract are the things you are thinking about and reflecting, both consciously and subconsciously.
The universe will answer your request and match you up for what you ask, even if you are the only one asking for it. You also need to achieve inner balance, which means try to minimize conflict with others – including non-supportive family members. But the law of attraction will work for you, just as it has worked for millions of other people. But it will surely come if we can grasp our desires with the innermost parts of our souls and live with the serenity of knowing that we will receive them. Are those things more likely to come to you if you are unhappy in your own skin and at odds with the universe, or if you are a positive person who is in tune with the universe? The key is sending off energy that is consistent with what you want to manifest for yourself. I continue to untangle this part of myself because it only results in confusion and action-paralysis in my world. My desire is to make every expression of myself authentic and aligned with the core of who I am. I’ve recently started being grateful for all my negative feelings too instead of denying the fact they are there! I realized that me holding myself back from my TRUE potential could possibly be the result of being made to feel as if I am not worthy of all the good things I can create in the world. I want to write so badly and am literally grabbing pieces of paper from anywhere so I can spill my heart out. I’m the same way, and sometimes I find myself having to stop mid-thought and tell the Universe that I take it all back.
I was just thinking that adding the visual of watching the letters fall away as the words are deleted would be a great way to release the thought too. She is a truly radiant woman and maybe if you put your other hang ups aside, you can see the beauty in her teachings.
I have been holding myself back from moving forward faster because I take the less scary route. Some people try to draw an analogy between the law of attraction and prayer, which may be correct on one level but is completely the opposite on another. And by learning how to really use the law of attraction, you can be in control of what comes to you. One shift I have made recently (when I start to compare myself to others and lose perspective) is to thank the person.
For whatever reason my mother will never be pleased or understand anything I do unless it is benefiting her or making her look good.
I feel like that’s a beautiful thing to remember in so many facets of our lives, partners included.
I am going to embrace it and love it and really fall in love with the idea of loving being a successful 2013 lady, enjoying all the world has to throw at me this year. Also, I am very good at manifesting~ I just seem to manifest the wrong things into my life~ advice? I see over the years, I get to where I want to go but at turtle speed sometimes because I will take the safe path. You’ll need to be patient with yourself and with them, but rest assured that you can still manifest the family wealth you desire. It may take patience and continued effort, but before long you will see your efforts rewarded with the answer to your hopes and dreams.
You need to discover a new way of thinking and being that will allow you to regain control of your life through the law of attraction. Funny thing is… I get messages that things will be fine but still the ego gets in and fear pops up then safe becomes better. It’s contrary to the law of attraction to attract good things when you feel miserable all the time – even if you work like a dog trying to achieve more wealth or a better life.

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