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When to Jump is a curated community featuring the ideas and stories of people who have made the decision to leave something comfortable and chase a passion. Two weeks ago, I made the huge life decision to quit my corporate job in the field I've been in and pretty successful at for 15 years to pursue writing, teaching yoga, and whatever else comes.
I didn't wake up and decide one day; it's been a series of leaps every day for the past several years and a great deal of sweat, tears, late nights and early mornings, soul searching and asking and receiving. This is one of the core principles from A Course in Miracles and it is first on the list for a reason. Most of us who want to make a big shift in our lives can't fathom how it'll happen, and these words take the pressure off needing--or even thinking it's possible--to know how it'll all unfold. The challenges and obstacles we all face on the path to change, including the most common scarcities of time, money, power, and resources, don't register as difficult to the Universe.
One misconception I had for a long time was that I needed more time, space, energy, money--something--to move things forward. We've all heard Sheryl Sandberg say, "Done is better than perfect," but what about "Done is better than good?" by Elizabeth Gilbert's mom?
What keeps so many from doing so many things is this idea that if it's not good enough, it can't be seen.
This is a phrase that famous author Anne Lamott quoted in her book Bird by Bird: Instructions on Writing and Life. Countless times in the past two years when I've been stuck on writing a piece, struggling to solve a creative problem, or crashing under the weight of too many competing priorities, I've paced around my house repeating these words: bird by bird, bird by bird, bird by bird. When you're working toward anything, do the next thing right in front of you, and then the next, and the next , and so on.

Another benefit of the Panchagni mantra is that it can help with promotion within a company and can also help with relationships with your colleagues.
Some say that the Panchagni mantra is also beneficial outside of work in areas relating to jobs. The realm of infinite possibility (or miracles, or supercomputer-level problem-solving skills, if you will) always exists, whether we recognize it or not. This mantra serves as a reminder to recognize a larger force at play, and one that is always conspiring on your behalf (particularly when you're doing the work!). In my own case, at the age of 37, I thought because I had been a Marketing Person for the past 15 years, I couldn't become a Writer.
The origin is that her brother was late in starting a report on birds for school and, when he finally sat down to do it, was overwhelmed with the enormous bulk of work in front of him. A universe in which, when you take a slice of pie, the pie fills in and becomes whole again. You can follow When to Jump on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and learn more about the Jump Curve framework here.
If, for instance, you have been having troubles with your boss and you feel that you are not getting the recognition your deserve, then the Panchagni mantra can help you to achieve the promotion that you have earned. For instance, if you have been working hard to get your home sorted out then the panchagni mantra can help here too. In each subsequent piece in this series, I will more deeply explore each mantra and provide my favorite resources and tools.
When we see a child born, witness uncommon bravery, or even see a dramatic comeback at a sporting event, we often recognize it as a miracle.

When I made my first earnest step toward what would eventually turn into changing my career, I was just doing something that filled me up--writing--because I couldn't stand to not do it any longer. Fear is always going to be along for the ride, so we have to work to change our relationship to it by continually doing in the face of it. For days, months, weeks, years, we don't start--or we start but don't see anything through. Set aside all the information you've collected about first-mover advantage, trade-offs, economic principles of scarcity and other constructs that appeal to your rational mind and make perfectly logical sense. We all wish to have a better job, a more comfortable job, a more important job, a higher paying job or, perhaps, just A job!
Or perhaps you have been working on some aspect of yourself but have not seen the payoff, in which case this mantra could also help. But many of us believe that kind of thing is only reserved for special moments, occasions, or people. We are afraid of leaving our tribes, failing, being judged, not being qualified enough, abandoning our old selves and the people in our lives by becoming something new. I was freshly divorced, newly sober, and a single-mom with a full-time job and money, space, energy, time were in the shortest supply.
Step into the possibility that there's enough for everyone, and that if you have a gift, a treasure inside you, a purpose that is meant to come forth, your boat will stay docked until you are ready.

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